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* Labels – Prince Ea – Must watch!*

I wanted to reach out to you all when I saw this video earlier today. This is something I have thought about my entire life. Who am I? I am me. you are you. Labels should not exist they are merely put there to separate us and to make us think we are unequal but […]

*Who am I? …who are you? …what is our purpose?*

 *WHO AM I?* Hey fellow bloggers, sorry I keep going quiet. I lack inspiration sometimes and things have been quite hectic recently. I had five days off from work after 11 days straight with no break or time off. I strongly recommend never doing this yourself where avoidable. It is not good for your health, […]

*Vagenda Vixen the poet feat Tupac Shakur*

I exist in the depths of solitude pondering my true goal . Trying to find peace of mind and still preserve my soul. Constantly yearning to be accepted and from all receive respect. Never comprising but sometimes risky and that is my only regret. A young heart with an old soul how can there be […]