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*20 tips on how to create success & happiness*

LOVE YOURSELF! You cannot expect anyone else to fall in love with you if you don’t even love yourself! Look after your body! You only get one, be careful of what you put inside it, eat healthy, get fit, you have nothing to lose! Disrespect your body, eat badly and never exercise you could wind up […]


***My beautiful bloggers!*** This is probably my most personal post to date… I am not sure what you will make of it but let’s just say I am in a very strange mood today… SO…. Without any further hesitation… Let’s talk about the differences between: LOVE & LUST DO NOT confuse LOVE with LUST! These […]

*15 powerful ways to create a good mood and transform your life*

1.  Move, Dance & Spasm The number one tip experts give for changing your mood is to exercise. Choose something you enjoy doing, running, walking, aerobics, swimming or a dance video workout. Me and my girl friends created a crazy dance move called the “spasm” and we all do this move very differently but very […]

*Blogging, Social Media a tired rant & Tips*

*CONNECTING MY BLOG TO TWITTER & FACEBOOK RANT* Hey beautiful bloggers… So I have decided to stop using my normal Facebook as much and have created a new one for my blog, close friends and family only. My reasons for this are simple, I rarely see anything of real value on there apart from blogs […]