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Hey Beautiful blog faces! ***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013*** I hope you all had a GREAT New Years Eve! Mine was eventful to say the least… I really did enjoy myself, well for the beginning of the night I did…  Being with my lover his lil bro, friends, parents and their friends was pretty fun… It was […]

*Vagenda Vixen the poet feat Tupac Shakur*

I exist in the depths of solitude pondering my true goal . Trying to find peace of mind and still preserve my soul. Constantly yearning to be accepted and from all receive respect. Never comprising but sometimes risky and that is my only regret. A young heart with an old soul how can there be […]

*Confessions part 1… Ozone, shoes, weirdness and Turkey…*

Ok… confession time! so like, I just came home from being with the girls and having more to drink then planned but not enough that I have to squint or close an eye to stop the double vision and so I thought, why not post a blog? I have been a fan of this song since […]

*Blogging tips, Inspiration, Thanks, Followers, Facebook rant & Vagenda Vixen*

Good Afternoon beautiful people, I hope everyone is as well as I am? You know what? I actually tried to post this yesterday but I did SUCH a shit job, so I trashed it and started again! = ] So, I follow this fascinating blog by a great writer called: Cristian Mihai I actually cannot believe […]

*The meaning of Vagenda Vixen*

Meaning of “Vagenda Vixen” Understanding the word Vagenda: A hybrid of vagina and agenda. Meaning either a woman’s to do list OR a list of daily tasks for her partner to complete to ensure her happiness. Husband: “Hey hun. What’s on the vagenda today?” Wife: “I’m going to the gym, then to meet the girls […]