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***Hey beautiful Bloggers!*** I have been writing a lot of poetry recently. I guess you could say I have been thinking a lot… I have also been way more emotional since giving up smoking and I guess that has reflected in my thoughts too. This is like a lot of short poems about some of […]


Hey Beautiful blog faces! ***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013*** I hope you all had a GREAT New Years Eve! Mine was eventful to say the least… I really did enjoy myself, well for the beginning of the night I did…  Being with my lover his lil bro, friends, parents and their friends was pretty fun… It was […]


Hey beautiful people and… men! Again… I wish you Seasons greetings from Santa’s little Slut… (After that poem, I don’t think I will ever be called anything else by my friends at Christmas… Those fuckers! You would have thought they would have stopped me and sat me down and told me to shut up… BUT […]

*Seasons Greetings from Santa’s Little Slut*

  Seasons Greetings  my Beautiful Bloggers I thought I would treat you with a little X-Mas Filth, written by yours truly… Everyone has to make themselves look like a prick sometimes… it’s fun! 🙂 The only reason I have the below poem/song… Is because I performed it on a Tube for strangers and my friends […]


You know when you have a serious problem with your job, when you feel the way I do. When every day you are fighting to hold back your true feelings about your colleagues… When you find yourself unable to concentrate because you would rather be writing about what absolute assholes the majority of them are […]

*Ups and Downs, smiles and frowns… A Half happy rant if you will!*

Peter Griffin… if he was a real person I would really love to meet him. Gotta love Family Guy right? Do you wanna know what really grinds my gears? (clears throat)  RACISM EVIL DUMB PEOPLE PUBLIC TRANSPORT POLITICS IGNORANCE ARROGANCE TECHNOLOGY TRENDS TAX IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS PEOPLE WHO LACK COMMON SENSE BAD SENSE OF HUMOR OR […]

*Dick heads, Pride and Improper Behaviour! R.I.P to the girl you used to see!*

There are many, many, things in life that you eventually look back on and question for various reasons and I am pretty sure this reflection never ends, until our lives do. When I was really down I felt helpless, like I had to just sit listen, agree, plead, hate myself, worry… It seems I have […]

*True Love and how to keep it*

Have you ever been so in love with someone who you literally lose yourself totally? Well I have. Everyone has waves in life where periods you’re unhappier/happier due to whatever reasons. An important thing people need to know is firstly to be even more self-aware at these times and secondly to rise above it and […]