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      ***Hey beautiful people!*** I am not dead! LOL I hope you all still remember me ha-ha! 16 days it has been since my last post! I remember when I would write every other day! WOW… Time goes so fast doesn’t it? Has it really been that long?! I’m so sorry! You may remember my […]


The love of nature I am on a mountain, It’s so high I cannot see a soul. To jump off and fly is my only real goal. I am dressed all in white, in a long flowing dress. My thoughts melt away, along with my stress. I feel like this mountain is where I belong. […]


Hey Beautiful blog faces! ***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013*** I hope you all had a GREAT New Years Eve! Mine was eventful to say the least… I really did enjoy myself, well for the beginning of the night I did…  Being with my lover his lil bro, friends, parents and their friends was pretty fun… It was […]


***Hello my beautiful blog faces!*** I said to my girl’s the other day that all I wanted was 100 Blog followers by x-mas day! Fuck the presents… Anything I really want, I can buy myself! BUT… Money CANNOT buy followers to my blog… Well unless your famous in which case you could just put “I […]

*My Top 10 best of the worst funny’s X Factor… Lil x-mas present to my followers*

This dude had me ON THE FLOOR… He sounds like he’s in pain doesn’t he? He always makes my day when I watch this! LMMFAS= Laughing my mother fucking ass off Duffy- Mercy- Even though this woman totally annihilated a song I love I couldn’t help but fall in love with this lil mental patient, too […]

*Seasons Greetings from Santa’s Little Slut*

  Seasons Greetings  my Beautiful Bloggers I thought I would treat you with a little X-Mas Filth, written by yours truly… Everyone has to make themselves look like a prick sometimes… it’s fun! 🙂 The only reason I have the below poem/song… Is because I performed it on a Tube for strangers and my friends […]

*Blog of the year 2012… My 3rd nomination!*

Hey Guys! Guess what?! 🙂  The lovely Front Range Scribbles, Kitt Crescendo and JourneyMan1977 have all nominated me for Blog of the year 2012, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! 3 lovely people and 3 lovely nominations! I am so grateful, honored and quite stunned to be honest!  I always see other people getting awards and nominations… But I didn’t […]

*Loyalty & Special Thanks in 2012*

Hey guys… So, yesterday was my 3rd house move in 3 months… I try not to dwell too much on the negatives in my life but to be totally honest with you guys this year has been so shit for me…  LOL dear-oh-dear! How was it for you? I know many people close to me […]