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*15 powerful ways to create a good mood and transform your life*

1.  Move, Dance & Spasm The number one tip experts give for changing your mood is to exercise. Choose something you enjoy doing, running, walking, aerobics, swimming or a dance video workout. Me and my girl friends created a crazy dance move called the “spasm” and we all do this move very differently but very […]

*Ups and Downs, smiles and frowns… A Half happy rant if you will!*

Peter Griffin… if he was a real person I would really love to meet him. Gotta love Family Guy right? Do you wanna know what really grinds my gears? (clears throat)  RACISM EVIL DUMB PEOPLE PUBLIC TRANSPORT POLITICS IGNORANCE ARROGANCE TECHNOLOGY TRENDS TAX IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTS PEOPLE WHO LACK COMMON SENSE BAD SENSE OF HUMOR OR […]

*Naughty VS Nice… Do what makes YOU happy!*

Hey beautiful bloggers! So… I am back again with my latest brain wave… Have you ever just had quite a tough time in life and throughout it been really nice, sweet, kind, considerate and thoughtful of others and then realized despite it all, it really has not paid off at all?! Started to wonder why […]

*My first blogging award… YAY, I am honored Nick, thank you VERY much!*

Hey guys, so guess what? I was having such a shitty day today when I get a lovely little surprise from my favorite blogger Nick who is just pretty much awesome! So I am at work when I get this comment: Get your ass over to http://shittalkinnick.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/the-booker-award/ and get your AWARD!!!!! I am like what the […]

*Detox your ego, or prepare for self-damage!*

The ego is not really real, it has never been photographed or x-rayed, no autopsy has ever found an ego, no faxes, e-mails or photocopies of an ego exist anywhere. Clearly the ego is just an idea created to give people the extra confidence they need. An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit or  appropriate/Inappropriate pride […]

*What are you waiting for?*

There was once an old woman I used to know as a child  and no this is actually a real story, (adopted Nan if you will) who waited her whole life to be happy, the last I heard before she passed was she was still waiting. Do you ever find yourself kind of sitting in […]