*About Vagenda Vixen*


The Facts:

Star sign: Libra *It is a well known fact that Libra is the best star sign in the entire Zodiac…

Anyone who violates this fact will be shot and survivors, shot again* = ]

Marital Status: Single

Height: 5ft 2

Body Type: Voluptuous, thick and busty-licious

Shoe Size: 3

Race: Mixed Black & White- African, English, Jamaican and Irish

Religion: I was raised a Catholic… I am still unsure what I believe in to be honest…

Regrets: NONE… every single downfall in my life has taught me valid and valuable lessons, some much harder then others but lessons none the less.

I hope to pass these on to you and help you see yourself through my eyes in order to straighten out the creases in your life as I did/am currently doing in mine.

Worst Traits: Over excitable (I guess this is annoying sometimes), mild anger issues (when pushed), sometimes moody (within reason), impatient, impulsive, sometimes loud, although I am starting to wonder if I am a bit deaf from constant music blasting full volume directly into my ears causing severe ear drum damage from ear phone abuse, too kind at times.

Best Traits: Confident, Friendly, Great at listening and giving advice, understanding, forgiving, Good memory, Hard working, organized, honest, confident, loyal, not easily embarrassed. I would do anything however stupid or crazy I might look just to make the people I care about most laugh.

Loves: My stupid laugh which seems to be infectious, girl power, I was heavily influenced by the spice girls as a child so it is inevitable, slightly giving away my age a bit and I know it’s sad but… leave it yeah! People who speak their mind however appropriate/inappropriate it may be, laughing until I can barely breathe, being in love, music, poetry, clothes, shoes, originality, sunsets, movies & cartoons, Chinese astrology, psychology, money, whether that’s wrong or right of me, I like feeling secure plus this swag of mine doesn’t happen magically, which is very unfortunate but I am just being honest. My biggest loves are my family, friends and my god children.

Hates: Bullies, spiders, heights, although I am considering a sky dive for charity to help conquer my fear, It will either be amazing once the vomit and shit dries from the g-force or I will die in which case you will probably all guess when I haven’t updated this in a while. People with no sense of originality, stupid/dumb people and the orange chicks, yeah you know them they are everywhere… the Crayola gang banged your face type chicks that think too much make up is somehow just not enough, they should think of all the things there makeup has ruined… tut tut pat yourself on the back tango face! Bummy. waste of space type people with no focus/goals or ambition in life.

I will touch down on every aspect of life I have learned so far from men from happiness to anger issues,

to the bastard colleague you secretly wish you could stab LOL.

My blog is about Life as a whole, motivation, inspiration, love, relationships, communication and every day life and world issues…

It will be a long ride but as I work through all the different topics that spring to mind, I hope you can learn and relate with an open mind the way I have with others.

Have faith in me as much as I have faith in you supporting me the way I will you.

*A little Therapy*

Repeat the below to yourself whenever you feel weak:

(It easily puts things into perspective in a strengthening manner in a way that anyone can understand… Give it a try)

I am strong because I know my weaknesses;

I am beautiful because I am aware of my flaws,

I am fearless because I learned to recognize illusion from real…

I am wise because I learn from my mistakes,

I am a lover because I have felt hate and I can laugh because I have known true sadness.

Did it help?

Everything happens for a reason, it is what you do with the knowledge you gain that is most important.

NEVER give up on yourself.

So smile = ]

The one person you can always rely on is you, don’t let it get to you when people let you down, it will happen again and again, just get to know who you are and once you have unconditional love for YOU, things change automatically.

My words are just a guide but at the end of the day it is you that needs to walk the path and as much as people can support you change starts from within and will only ever happen if YOU are willing to help yourself.


Don’t take yourself too seriously be serious when it is needed (obviously) but sometimes when you fuck up, just say FISH! (Fuck it shit happens) YOLO! (You only live once) Laugh at yourself and remember nobody is perfect, we all fuck up!

If we didn’t fuck up we wouldn’t learn would we?!

In my opinion to become old and wise, you must start off young and wild.

Two important sayings my Mum taught me from a young age:

We fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.


If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.


Expect the best, prepare for the worst, fuck what others think about you, do your own thing.

*Very valuable sayings in life, very true as obvious if you don’t change your route, you are not going to see different scenery are you?*

The hardest and most rewarding lesson in life is *CHANGE*

YOLO elaborated: You only live once (This isn’t a way of me telling you to drink, smoke, act a fool and piss your life away doing fuck all productive, YOLO means to go out and do something special with your life that matters and makes you happy, YOLO (Chose wisely)

I wish girls ruled the world and if every female used Vagenda wisely instead of being a moany bitch at times (we are all guilty) maybe I wouldn’t cringe so much when I hear Beyonce singing: “Who runs the world!? GIRLS!”

For the meaning of Vagenda Vixen, please see my first entry.

Well I bet you feel like you know me a bit better now don’t you? Which is how it should be, would you listen and trust somebody you don’t know? Well then! I can’t stand those selfish assholes that put one boring or even witty, shitty sentence in the “about me section”.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. I would love to read your first entry, but it’s nowhere to be seen! Perhaps include a link in your about page? Also, is it hard for you to find shoes? Coming from the land of big feet myself, I understand that struggle all too well :/

    1. LOL erm… thanks for the comment. I am a size 3 so i don’t know your big feet land well I am afraid = ] I hope you locate the rest of my blog ok on your travels…

      1. I know you’re a size 3 (I read the page), that’s why I asked if it’s hard for you to find shoes. Big feet and small feet always seem to get pushed to the side in shoe stores. Anyway, just something random that I picked up on.

      2. Ahh I see and YES it is not fair on us I agree with you totally on that… It sucks and yes I am quite tired today… it is truly showing haha

  2. sagedoyle · · Reply

    Love this ‘about’ And, I’m a libra too 😉

    1. Thank you! 😀 I love Libra’s! My Mums a Libra too, Libra’s are the best… welcome dear Libran friend to my Blog!

      1. sagedoyle · ·

        Thank you, and thank you for visiting mine!

  3. I have nominated you for “Blogger of the Year 2012” award, please go here for all the info: http://wp.me/p2Ce06-hy

  4. all I gotta say is that LIBRAS are the Shit…thus the name I have…oh and btw our ethnic backgrounds are much the same…or damn near close enough!

    1. They certainly are the shit! I was even raised by one and I am one too so I am an extra special Libra woman! Ahh clever I now like your name even more then previous! So whats your ethnic background?

      1. look at my about page you will see my ethnic background

  5. Hey, Just to let you know I have nominated you for ‘The Liebster Award’ here http://savedindrafts.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/the-liebster-award/ (if that link works lol) 🙂 Happy New Year

    1. Aww wow thank you so much I am so grateful! I have had 2 awards in last few days, need to do my nominations in nx couple days, been a bit ill! Happy New Year to you too hun 🙂

  6. Hello there, what a positively enthusiastic and upbeat “about.” I love it! Of course you’re a Libra. *Great sign.* I wanted to see who you are cuz I’m always trying to climb inside people’s heads and I was trying to take a away so insight around the boob thing from your guest blogger but I still don’t understand. I’m sort of busty, but it’s not the part I’m proudest of – though it will get me a level of reaction (???). I’ve noticed men of color tend though (black/Latin/Asian) tend toward to like butt or legs or hair (??) and the critical thinking variety of caucasian male (er..smarter *coughs*). Anyways, nice to meet ya Libra lady.

    1. Hey Miss! I am glad you like it never mind love it… Libra’s are the best! Well I personally like my eyes my lips and my legs but my bum and boobs seem to get a lot of attention… Robbie my guest blogger, he is great! SO is his wife Shan! Always nice to see a new pretty face! Thanks hun

      1. Yes, Libra’s are the best! And what time did I post that? I re-read my comment and wow…you understood that thing? Haha. *Sorry for the typos!!!*

        I know we like different things than the onlooker (you’re almost like….okay but….what’s really hot about me is… haha….they wouldn’t care). That’s cool that you have guest bloggers. Cool that they have a blog together!!!! Most times you don’t meet the partner. Anyway have a great week! xo

      2. I am glad you agree lol! I am not sure…You have a great week too hun, not sure I am following your last comment though lol, thanks anyway you’re sweet! 🙂 x

      3. 🙂 Not an issue concerning the first comment (it was just written out poorly). Have a good one..

  7. Thank you for stopping and following my blog today. I look forward to following your blog and finding out more about you. This was quite an introductory page.

    Take care,


    1. You are more then welcome and many thanks for following mine too! I am glad you like my page and I look forward to seeing more from you also. have a great day and take care! V

  8. Hey you, I have nominated you for another award ( http://savedindrafts.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/one-lovely-blog-award/ )
    Congrats 🙂 I know i nominated you for another one not too long ago so I dont mind if you ignore it as long as you know i think your blog is rather beautiful 🙂

    1. Thank you so much.. I am beginning to fall in love with you, making me blush all the time he-he! You are so sweet and I am so grateful! Thanks for being so kind to me and my blog… I am honored beyond what you will ever know… 🙂 I know I am being really shit but I WILL respond to all my awards soon just as I have given up smoking I need to do what I want which is write poetry and express myself but you have no idea how touched I am about my recent awards and comments from everyone… It is amazing… My blog is really starting to take off! All because of you guys x

    2. Hey you! I would like to ask if you would do me the honor of being a guest blogger for me? Topic of your choice… Something funny if poss! I hope you are very well and I look forward to hearing from you x

      1. Course I would – I would love to, Ive just done a few drafts actually so let me have a think about which one and I will send it over 🙂 x

      2. Lovely! Thanks sweetie… vagendavixen@hotmail.co.uk I look forward to it x

      3. Jinx!!! What a word… Ah you make me giggle Sophie! i used to say that all the time, made me smile! 🙂

      4. lol email has been emailed…enjoy (please ha ha)

      5. Whats your email address hun? I cant seem to find it (not enough coffee today)

  9. me again – Just wanted to check if you got my email? (SophieSteward@hotmail.co.uk) -just in case its gone into junkmail or something 😉

    1. Hey sweetie! Yes I did sorry been away from my blog been in a lot of pain so just been resting, will be back to blogging tomorrow once I am feeling better and will post yours in nx couple of days and write one for you as well xXx

      1. brilliant thanks hun, sorry, didnt mean to rush you -take your time I just didnt know whether you had got it or not, hope youre feeling rested 🙂 xx

      2. Hey sugar! Go check your post out! 🙂 Hope you are well X

  10. Thanka sweetie! I will be right as rain soon enough, just working on your post now then will do one of my own for you and one of my own for me too lol 🙂 X

  11. Is your shoe size really a 3??? I thought I had a small foot at a size 5. Nice to learn so much about you!

    1. Lol yes it really is it’s super lame my friends make fun of me but the best bit is I have the best shoes and none of my irl’s can borrow them coz my feet are too small ha-ha jokes on them! 😀 Thanks for reading my blog!

  12. I would love to see pix of your shoes! I looove shoes!

    1. Well lucky for you I am going to write a post about my shoes in confessions part 2 so defo look out for that post! Shoes are my guilty pleasure lol I am baaad I have spent sooo much on shoes over the years and most just sit there looking pretty gathering dust lol

  13. I am so anticipating that post! They do gather dust just like seashells! ha ha

    1. You know this! 🙂 Yes I love shoes so much… So I will share a top 4 pairs with everyone soon… or maybe more! Lol

  14. Thank you for stopping by.

  15. Hey there again VV!

    I’m commenting back as you are one of my earliest followers, just to say thanks for still being here (Thanks!) and to let you know that I’m on now also on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/tbtalks) and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PostsOfHypnoticSuggestion in case you fancy ‘liking’ the page or seeing what I Tweet. You’d be most welcome.
    Wishing you all the best

    PS if you’re already there – thanks again.

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