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“The time is now on everything… Took my heart away from money Aint interested in fame… But I pray that never change Ambition is priceless It’s something that’s in your veins And I put that on my name!” – Wale *Ambition* ***Hey beautiful blog faces!*** I am a bit ill at the moment and at times […]


***10 WHOLE days later*** WOW WOAH WOO WAH! “Guess who’s back? Back again… Vixen’s back… Tell a friend!” Ok so where do I start, A new peace in my heart, Fuck the feelings & care A new sound to my fart! A little bubble & squeak a new hat with a peak! I had a […]


***Hello my beautiful blog faces!*** I said to my girl’s the other day that all I wanted was 100 Blog followers by x-mas day! Fuck the presents… Anything I really want, I can buy myself! BUT… Money CANNOT buy followers to my blog… Well unless your famous in which case you could just put “I […]

*Soul mates, connections & happiness*

Hey people… oh how I have missed you and blogging!  I have been so busy recently I just couldn’t find the time to post! Anyway… I have something i want to share with you.  I hope this post inspires you as much as a single person has inspired me to write this.  *WHAT IS A SOUL MATE?*  A soul […]