*Who am I? …who are you? …what is our purpose?*

 *WHO AM I?*

Hey fellow bloggers,

sorry I keep going quiet.

I lack inspiration sometimes and things have been quite hectic recently.

I had five days off from work after 11 days straight with no break or time off.

I strongly recommend never doing this yourself where avoidable.

It is not good for your health, nor your spirit.

Anyway… at long last I feel very refreshed and my mind is clear, it is a great feeling and exactly what I needed…

During my time off I saw friends, shopped but I mostly relaxed and watched films and did the things I call luxuries these days…

Like… doing nothing LOL

I love it when films get you thinking deeply about your life, who you are…

I watched Wanted a couple of days ago for the third time.


The first two times I watched this film I didn’t feel the same as I did the third time.

At the end of this film, I realized just how much I have truly changed in myself during the past 4 years

and since the first two times I watched this film.

What an amazing film right?

If you have not seen it, shame on you!

A must see film so make sure you go and cop that quickly.


It is true though, we are so busy just living in what we let become our lives.

We forget to think about what our hearts desire,

what we are capable of and who we really are or who we really can be…

Who am I?


I have always thought I knew that answer but do I really? …do you know who you are?

Hmm, who am I? The simple answer is:

A daughter, a sister, a hard worker, a lover, a fighter of justice, a great friend and an honest and loyal trustworthy person.

This however does not shed much light on who I really am, or does it?

To me, it is just simply pointing out the obvious.

So again, I ask myself, who am I?

The honest answer is kind of:

A product of my own environment is what I have become and again,

this is not who I am, nor what I want; it’s just where I have let life take me for now.

Elaboration as below:

A caged Animal becomes a product of his environment,

Mankind however builds his environments to suit his needs.

If someone claims that you are a product of your environment,

it means the environment you live in, has become your accepted norm,

and now influences you, rather than you influence it.

No different then saying you are the product of your own thinking.


Do I do what society requires me to do?

Yes and no, I follow rules because I don’t fancy a life of crime,

I don’t want to end up in Jail and because I kind of have to! LOL

I am polite and respectful because I was raised by a Queen.

I fight for justice because I know right from wrong.

Do I let the media cloud my head with bullshit?


Do I believe I am inadequate until I become a size zero?


Do I believe in order to be beautiful I must buy x, y, z, products? …follow x, y, z’s fashion sense? …buy clothes from x, y, z, shops?


Do I aspire to be more like anyone else?

Sometimes…only the people who change the world in big ways, for the better.

Do I honestly care about what others think of me?

NOT REALLY, it depends on what the person means to me, if the answer is nothing, then NO.

I care what my followers and readers think, if I didn’t I would own a diary and not

A blog. Every person that follows me, means something to me though and for every follower I get I am

that little bit more content. So please, never get that twisted.



Something is always missing, like 10 digits.

I have felt like I wanted to do something BIG to change the world ever since I turned 21 and started taking my life a bit more seriously.

I have given many small contributions to the people I love and know, even strangers I have always tried to help people as much as I can.

I help people the most with advice I give.

Contribution list: 

  • Honest advice
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Care
  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Love

I love being able to help people, change lives even, save relationships and help people create new ones

by being able to change the way they come across and so then they are able to attract the right people.

I do believe we attract what we portray.

(not always but in my life, I believe this is true, the better a person I become, the better the people are that surround me)

I like to help people to see, understand, accept and change their flaws where necessary through Self-awareness.

See my old post for reference:


Helping people to think differently, to look at life from a different and more positive angle.

The problem I have now is I want to help people on a much larger scale.

At the moment I am not sure how… I guess for now I will just keep blogging and being me.

Until the big sign comes and life as I know it changes forever…

I will patiently wait for that, I have faith that everything happens at the right time.

Maybe I am not ready yet for that one BIG inspiration… the one that will change everything.

The one that will help answer the question about, who I am in more detail.

I know where I have been but I think it’s time for me to concentrate on where I am going.

The people who change the world… jeez some extremely big shoes to fill…

could I ever do something so amazing?

Who knows… why not?

They are just people like us.

Everyone has to start somewhere right?

Since I was young I have felt my purpose on earth is far more than what I have let it become.

Do you ever feel the same?

Some people genuinely don’t want more.

Some people are happy and content with everything they have.

Well I’m not…I appreciate all I have of course but I crave more every single day since

I got the idea of helping change the world in my head.

There has to be more to my life then this surely?

I know that only I can change this and time will tell if I can live up to my own expectations.

I was put here for a reason beyond what I am living for currently, I am sure of it…

Like a splinter in my mind I feel it more and more every day, slowly working its way out of my skull.

I guess when I discover my real purpose, is when I will discover who I really am.

So for now…stay tuned = ]

That is all…

I hope you enjoyed the read… this is honestly the most inspiration I have felt in a while… does it show? = ]

 ~Vagenda Vixen~



  1. I loved this! Truley inspiring and very artsy (: I’m not sure if it was a response to my “Who am I?” post but it’s brilliant and I love it!

    1. Thank you I am glad you enjoyedr eading this… not at all my dear, great minds think alike! I only found your post once you liked mine! = ] Then I was like, ahh small world! I loved your post too… Thank you for the wonderful feedback.

      1. You’re welcome! And I guess great minds do think alike! 😀 I love commenting and giving feedback, its no big deal! You’re welcome!

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