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      ***Hey beautiful people!*** I am not dead! LOL I hope you all still remember me ha-ha! 16 days it has been since my last post! I remember when I would write every other day! WOW… Time goes so fast doesn’t it? Has it really been that long?! I’m so sorry! You may remember my […]


***Hello my beautiful blog faces!*** I said to my girl’s the other day that all I wanted was 100 Blog followers by x-mas day! Fuck the presents… Anything I really want, I can buy myself! BUT… Money CANNOT buy followers to my blog… Well unless your famous in which case you could just put “I […]

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Good Afternoon beautiful people, I hope everyone is as well as I am? You know what? I actually tried to post this yesterday but I did SUCH a shit job, so I trashed it and started again! = ] So, I follow this fascinating blog by a great writer called: Cristian Mihai I actually cannot believe […]