The love of nature

I am on a mountain, It’s so high I cannot see a soul.

To jump off and fly is my only real goal.

I am dressed all in white, in a long flowing dress.

My thoughts melt away, along with my stress.

I feel like this mountain is where I belong.

I feel beautiful, confident, fearless and strong.

The wind is so hard, I can hardly breathe.

But somehow this feeling is setting me free.

I look up to the sky, all I see is the sun.

It’s like the old me is gone. A new me begun.

A sensation of peace a sensation of bliss.

I feel it in the air, like the wind’s first kiss.

A sense of pure pleasure, a sense of pure lust.

I’m at one with nature, in the mountains I trust.

Surrounded by mountains, surrounded by sky.

My dear lovely nature, it’s just you and I.

I whisper in the wind, of secrets from the land.

I feel it speaking back, like a vibration through my hand

I’m smiling at the sun, I’m smiling at the sky.

A happiness so great, I am trying not to cry.

Whatever I want I will try to find a way.

Whatever I need I will get as of today.

I am no longer afraid to fall.

I know that nature will hear my call.

I know you can hear my every thought.

So if I fall I know I will be caught.

I know you feel me, I know your here.

As whenever I am stood with you, my thoughts are always clear.

I’ve missed this special feeling, I know I am in love.

That is why, even at my highest, you are always above.

Where have you been hiding,  you were so far away.

I have never felt anything as extraordinary as today.

Vagenda Vixen


***Hey beautiful bloggers***

I just want to say a big thank you

to a few special people who have

been so kind enough to give me awards

recently and I have not sorted them all

out yet… I am so sorry people!

I will get onto some kind

of combined post that covers all.

But thank you guys… I am so

grateful for all the love and

comments and followers I have

had in the last few days.

Truly amazing… I never knew

my little blog and

sharing of poetry could get

so much attention. 🙂

The people who gave me

these awards have amazing

blogs, hence why I am so

very honored. Please

visit and follow their blogs

and show some love!

Saved in drafts,


 Sheri & Ivonne.

You guys are awesome.

All of you and anyone else

that likes and follows

this little blog is equally



I love writing poetry, I just hadn’t

shared … So I hope you like

the poem above.

Writing poetry comes so

easy and natural to me.

It always has to be honest…

Lucky me I guess! 🙂

So expect much more poetry!

This poem is about falling in love.

Falling in love with a person

and nature combined.

Gathering your thoughts about

it, whilst enduring another love of

mine (nature) and all its

wonderful beauty and places.

When I am frustrated or need to be alone,

I like to go to many different places.

This represents one of the places

and feelings combined.

When you feel as though you can do

anything… Sometimes nature is the

best cure for stress… Just being alone out

in the open somewhere… It gives me

a great sense of peace and control.

The ability to be completely alone with

nothing but my thoughts.

The older I get, the more I enjoy

being alone and the less I ask others

for help etc. I love that escape when

you have a special thinking place or a

place that just effects you like no other.

See for me, it used to be just sitting on the

Seafront and watching the sea.

I would always find a place that I could be

alone on the beach and I loved it.

Stones/Sand… Sunny/Grey.

It never bothered me. As long as I

was alone with the sea, I was completely

satisfied as if just like I say in my poem,

my stresses would just melt away and I

could think clear and rationally without

worry or fear and literally dissect each problem

one at a time. Something very calming

about the sea and the sound of waves

crashing that I am totally

in love with. It makes me appreciate

things we often take for granted.

Sight and hearing.

Without these I would be

simply sitting on sand or

stones and it really wouldn’t

have the same effect at all!

LOL… Whenever I would leave

one of my calm/tranquil thought

sessions I would feel so grateful and

thank nature in my head.

I would have probably ended up being

sectioned if I actually tried to


out loud, by myself…

Lunatic antics right there! 


But I would always be grateful because it

gave me something nobody could ever

give me. Peace, tranquility, space, calm, a

beautiful sight, no judgement and silence.

Do you have a special thinking place?

A place you like to escape?

Maybe like me you have a few…

Well that is all for now…

Love always

~Vagenda Vixen~


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  2. Lovely poem; I envy your poetic abilities! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, that means very much to me! I will keep writing for you guys! 🙂 I love writing poetry

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