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*Nailed it… Check this out, totally adorable!*

If this doesn’t make you smile you have no soul I TELL YOU!!!     = ) Take a second to be inspired by these talented kids. The message in this video is practice makes perfect… If it’s working for them it will work for you too! How many times do you think they watched […]


      ***Hey beautiful people!*** I am not dead! LOL I hope you all still remember me ha-ha! 16 days it has been since my last post! I remember when I would write every other day! WOW… Time goes so fast doesn’t it? Has it really been that long?! I’m so sorry! You may remember my […]


***Hello beautiful bloggers!*** I am so sorry I have been away so much recently… I have had a hell of a lot going on and on my mind so bare with me… Ok… So it’s that time again in the UK. A time where everything comes to a halt… Where life as we know it […]

*My Top 10 best of the worst funny’s X Factor… Lil x-mas present to my followers*

This dude had me ON THE FLOOR… He sounds like he’s in pain doesn’t he? He always makes my day when I watch this! LMMFAS= Laughing my mother fucking ass off Duffy- Mercy- Even though this woman totally annihilated a song I love I couldn’t help but fall in love with this lil mental patient, too […]