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***Hey my beautiful bloggers*** I need a little inspiration and motivation and I need, well want you guys to help me! I want all my loyal followers to go right back to my first post on September 3rd 2012 and let me know of all unseen favorites like my good blogging friend Kitt did for me. I didn’t even […]

*Blogging, Social Media a tired rant & Tips*

*CONNECTING MY BLOG TO TWITTER & FACEBOOK RANT* Hey beautiful bloggers… So I have decided to stop using my normal Facebook as much and have created a new one for my blog, close friends and family only. My reasons for this are simple, I rarely see anything of real value on there apart from blogs […]

*Rising above it, true friendship, karma, happiness and YOU!*

Hi people… hope everyone is well, I had such a great birthday and so much so I am still recovering. It really is not about HOW MANY people come out with you, it’s about the quality of who you have with you and my girls made the effort to make me feel like I didn’t want […]

*Vagenda is back after a whole lot of bullshit… special thanks to Nick*

Hey my loyal and beautiful followers, I am sorry I have been away so long. I am going to catch up with this but first I should break it down and explain a little as to where the HELL I have been… Ok, so in the last month I had a very nasty break-up, a house change, […]