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* Labels – Prince Ea – Must watch!*

I wanted to reach out to you all when I saw this video earlier today. This is something I have thought about my entire life. Who am I? I am me. you are you. Labels should not exist they are merely put there to separate us and to make us think we are unequal but […]

*Nailed it… Check this out, totally adorable!*

If this doesn’t make you smile you have no soul I TELL YOU!!!     = ) Take a second to be inspired by these talented kids. The message in this video is practice makes perfect… If it’s working for them it will work for you too! How many times do you think they watched […]

*Inner beauty and the lack of it…*

I have been thinking a LOT about beauty & inner beauty recently… & the lack of it! How do you personally define beauty? Every day I hear people talk about beauty like anyone that looks good deserved to be called beautiful… Well being honest! (Whether I agree or not)I am grateful, blessed and flattered to say I […]

*A little too ironic… life is a funny thing!*

Hey girls & guys! = ] So my Mum was in East Surrey Hospital in the UK about to have an operation… I find this in the Surgery Admissions Lounge library! A place where people are scared already! A place they are supposed to be relaxing in. Is this messed up or what? I had to take pictures didn’t I, […]