Moments of growing up

Toddlers to teens, teens to adults.

Where did all our time go?

Girl to woman, woman to Mum.

How we got this old I just don’t know.

Tricycle to Bike, Barbie’s to make-up.

Do you remember how fun it once was?

Make-up to boys, Cinema to sex.

Our favorite word was because.

Minutes to hours, Hours to minutes.

The happiest times pass too quick.

Grins to laughter, laughter to tears,

The best memories always stick.

Pounds to notes, tens to thousands.

We wanted so much to get rich?

Thousands to hundreds, pounds to pennies.

But girl, isn’t life such a bitch!

First love to last love, last love to first.

Falling in love was a dream.

Cuddles to kisses, kisses to love

It weren’t all as bad as it seemed.

Walking to running, running to flying.

Why do we rush oh so much?

Talking to crying, living and dying.

We often become out of touch.

Ideas into actions, actions to thrills.

Some of the most unplanned nights

Screaming and laughing, laughing to smiling

The clothes we would wear were a sight.

Single to married, married to parents

When did life become so grown up?

Wedding to Honeymoon, Honeymoon to house.

I miss our old days very much.

Then to now, now till then.

I could spend my whole life in our moments

What was to what is, What is to what was.

So I give you this poem as a token.

Our hearts to your hearts and your hearts to ours.

I will never let what we have end.

England to Australia, Australia to France.

You will still be my very best friends.

My life to your life, my man to yours.

I’m so proud to see you so happy!

Your child is my child and mine will be yours.

Little Soph will be soon out of nappies!

Your voice to my voice, our voice as one.

Do you remember singing Karaoke to Cher?

Our voice to their ears and there ears to block.

We were bad and we didn’t even care!

My birth to your birth, your life to theirs.

Be sad and gloomy, you never let me.

My hand in your hand, your ears to my secrets.

I hope you will never forget me.

My death to your death, your death to my coffin.

I remember what we used to say.

My heart is your heart and your heart is mine.

We hoped we would die the same day.


A little poem dedicated to a very special

group of girl’s I love and my beautiful little

God Daughter Sophia…


I love you all so much!

That is all…

Love always

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    I like that…. ‘Growing separately without growing apart.’

  2. christinasparxisnotawhore · · Reply

    You have a beautiful way of writing throughout your blog… A way that really captures the heart. Keep it up!

  3. Awe that is so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Sheri 🙂 poetry comes natural to me I am going to share much more!

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