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My 2nd Guest Blogger, Amazing Sophie (Saved in drafts)

   ***Hey beautiful bloggers!*** Sorry I have been quiet, been very busy with work and I promise to make it up to you guys ASAP… I want to introduce my 2nd guest blogger, the ever so lovely Sophie over at: Saved in drafts here to share a lovely little rant about boredom. Images courtesy of […]


***Hey beautiful bloggers!*** I recently did a guest blog called SHIT for the lovely Rob over at Seasons of Insanity. So as he was my very first ask to guest blog, it was only right I let him take my “Guest blogging virginity!”. Now the thing I love about Robs blog most is just like me there are NO real limits. He […]

Originally posted on Seasons Of Insanity:
It’s that time again for my next guest celebrity blogger.  Next up is Vagenda Vixen and like myself she is no holds barred when it comes to what she posts.  No topic is off limits as you will see with this post.  So read, enjoy, then check her blog…