My 2nd Guest Blogger, Amazing Sophie (Saved in drafts)


 ***Hey beautiful bloggers!***

Sorry I have been quiet, been very busy with work and

I promise to make it up to you guys ASAP…

I want to introduce my 2nd guest blogger, the

ever so lovely Sophie over at: Saved in drafts

here to share a lovely little rant about boredom.

Images courtesy of yours truly… 🙂

I will be back blogging soon I promise but

for now it’s not about me. It’s about this lovely lady!

I love this little piece as she like me is happy to

talk about having a poo, a lovely person with a

lovely little blog, interesting/true opinions

and from what I can see an amazing Mummy!

You be sure to follow her!

A blogger I am honred to have recieved

2 awards from… Such a sweetie!



How can anyone be bored these days?


I have a few people on Facebook and all they

ever have as their status is how bored they are…

What a boring fucking status for one but aside

from that what they hell do they want me/the rest

of the Facebook world to do about it? If they aren’t

self-sufficient enough to step away from the laptop/phone

for long enough to find something entertaining or even

remotely interesting for them to do by themselves

then do they really expect us to feel comfortable suggesting things?

If you did …would you feel confident enough that they would be

able to do it without accidentally killing themselves or someone else in the process? 

Bungee jumping would be out the window for a start!

I don’t understand it at all, I really don’t.


What’s even more shocking (to me) is that the people moaning on

fb are the ones with kids… I have a 4yr old, as you probably know

by now and at the moment he is home with me most days except

for every other weekend when he goes to his Dads.

Having a child with you 24/7 is hard, the simplest of tasks take 5

times as long because you have to consider them at all times,

you have to think about when they will be hungry and when they

will need help in the toilet, how they will be entertained while you’re

cooking dinner and what they can play on their own safely while you

have a bath or take out the bins…


Having a poo on your own is near

impossible with kids in the house and silent sex is a fine art so I can

honestly say I’m not bored when he’s around…I would love to be

bored for once but even if I had that chance I would find something

else that could be done.

With kids and I guess it’s probably the same with work you build up

a mental list of the things you want to do when he goes away/when the

weekend comes around and you finally get a break… Leisurely poos included.


The people I am talking about have actually been bored while their child

was away! How is that even possible?! Why don’t they have a list of things

to do in their free time? Even simple things that childless people wouldn’t

get that excited about? Things they can do on their own? Are these people

really sitting around twiddling their thumbs and missing their kids during

their short period of freedom?


I LOVE time to myself and I think it’s sad when people can’t stand their

own company! Ok so I blog which you could say is something I do to fill

a lonely void but its something I enjoy doing. I would or I do in fact

class blogging as a reward, a bit of ‘me time’ If I didn’t…

Well I wouldn’t do it would I? It’s something I can do while in my pyjamas

if I want, I can pick it up and leave it as I want, I don’t have to cook for

my blog or clean the house, it actually prefers it when I neglect those

things because I have more time to give it attention. Besides, I don’t

think I am lonely, I just have a lot of thoughts and live with 2 people who

are either too young to understand them or too tired to take in deep and

meaningful as soon as he gets home every night.


After a day with Tyler

and repetitive ‘mummy mummy mummy….’ I relish in the peace and

quiet of blogging…. Just the light tapping of the keyboard, its nice to be

able to let loose and get my thoughts typed up as and when I want to.

I am assuming these people don’t blog and to be honest I bloody

hope they don’t because I can only imagine the posts…



They would be as boring as this one lol (I know the bored status is

a lot less boring than a blog post about boring statuses but shh,

I’m blogging this out of annoyance rather than boredom) . Anyway,

they can obviously read and write! They have Facebook for gods sake so

the only thing stopping them must be the lack of imagination

and again I find that sad. If you don’t have imagination then you use

experiences and talk about them. But if these people are that bored

all the time I’m assuming they don’t have many interesting

experiences to re-live either.


I just don’t get it! If you’re bored… fucking DO something!

Stop moaning about it, pick up a book, listen to some music, draw,

paint, invite someone over, call someone for a chat, catch up on all the

shit TV you couldn’t watch while your kid was around demanding

cartoon network! Heck if you’re that bored, go and have a w*nk

or something! That would kill some time surely?  And that’s just stuff

inside the house! There are literally unlimited amounts of things these

people could do both in and out of the house regardless of money or

lack of… If they really were that bored. *Note: I am not suggesting

you go and w*nk in public or start a life of crime*


 Get a fucking hobby, go bird watching, do an online course,

watch a TV series on demand, have an hour-long bath with no

distractions and take your time with that poo! Even have a nap if you

want! Because you can! It’s called the weekend/a break/you time/relaxing…

How can you get to a point of having nothing to do? And how can you

find that boring? Like I said, I would love to have nothing to do and

on the rare occasion the house is spotless, we have no plans AND

Tyler is away at the same time… I still have plenty to do because I’ve

waited 2 weeks to do them! Therefore, not only is it stuff to do but

it’s something I’ve (sadly) looked forward to doing.


Am I alone on this one? Am I missing something? I genuinely don’t

understand it. Why don’t people do something to make themselves

happier? Is that it? Are they sad and lonely and depressed…

Is it an attention thing?

I feel bad for them, I really do but me responding to them is only

going to spur them on to do more ‘bored’ statuses in the future because

Well they got what they wanted didn’t they? Someone’s attention.

Well, next time I find myself even close to being bored do you know

what I’m gonna do? Hide these bored status writers from my news

feed… lol At least its something to do. 🙂



  1. Reblogged this on saved in drafts and commented:
    I guest blogged for Vagenda Vixen….its a pretty BORING post really 😉 -its not…its just…oh just SHHH and get reading, you’ll see what I mean- and make sure to pop over to her blog too! 🙂

    1. You really are one of the sweetest bloggers ever! I really agree with your post though… I don’t have kids yet but when I do I KNOW I will LOVE every second of free time I have to read and write… Mmm bliss! I am going to enjoy every second of free time I have! 🙂 I am always busy… I would pay someone to be bored… I sometimes get bored of being too busy and just want to do nothing and I will NOT find it boring… 🙂 MwAh xXx

  2. Love it, Thanks for having me – and for making it all Vixen-ish 😉

    1. You are more then welcome! Anytime! 😀 Now I have to start the one for you! The post was blessed by the Vixen… I love that Soph! Vixen-ish… 🙂 Thanks for doing it for me!

      1. Yes please 🙂 No rush as I have a few lined up so whenever youre ready, can you please comment somewhere once youve emailed it as my email has died today and I am currently trying to revive it – or to be safe you could send it to byt let me know either way pleases and thank yous x

  3. I totally agree with this — if you’re “bored” you’re “boring”! I honestly don’t think I was bored since I was a kid stuck in school 🙂

  4. AMooreOn · · Reply

    Having two kids, ages 3 and 1, myself I COMPLETELY agree with this!! I can think of a million things to do, especially when they’re gone. I’m rarely bored. Exhausted, but never actually bored. Although, I’ve always enjoyed being alone and never had a problem with it. Maybe because my own parents were raising 5 kids and expected me to be able to entertain myself! Great post!

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