My first guest blogging post! 🙂 Thanks Rob… It made me laugh when reading it back, hope it made others LOL too!

Seasons Of Insanity

It’s that time again for my next guest celebrity blogger.  Next up is Vagenda Vixen and like myself she is no holds barred when it comes to what she posts.  No topic is off limits as you will see with this post.  So read, enjoy, then check her blog out, I know you like it.


***Hey beautiful Bloggers!***

So I have had my first Guest Blog ask from the lovely Rob over at

Seasons Of Insanity, a great blogger and like me he just speaks his

mind about anything and everything… Which I love and admire!

So my post for Rob will be about…



Yes you read that correctly.

Just little me here discussing my weird ways…

I have covered many topics in the last 3 months,

But never shit…

So lets “Crack on!” shall we!


I know you were hoping for something


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  1. I MAY have read this while On the loo … And it MAY have improved my experience lol 🙂

    1. Well that’s great news! I MAY have wrote it whilst on the loo to! But I also MAY not have… Lol it touches me that I improved your shit experience with my shit post! That is SHIT hot! Thanks for the comment I enjoyed writing that post, it was fun!

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