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***Hey beautiful Bloggers!*** I have been writing a lot of poetry recently. I guess you could say I have been thinking a lot… I have also been way more emotional since giving up smoking and I guess that has reflected in my thoughts too. This is like a lot of short poems about some of […]

*Inner beauty and the lack of it…*

I have been thinking a LOT about beauty & inner beauty recently… & the lack of it! How do you personally define beauty? Every day I hear people talk about beauty like anyone that looks good deserved to be called beautiful… Well being honest! (Whether I agree or not)I am grateful, blessed and flattered to say I […]


Hey beautiful bloggers, Welcome to Wasteman Weekly. For those who do not understand UK slang as much it means, jerk, jack-ass, bastard etc So now you have established what a Wasteman is… lets see one Wasteman Crack Head in ACTION! I KNOW that made you laugh, that clip is too funny, such a WASTE! *Anuva […]