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*Nailed it… Check this out, totally adorable!*

If this doesn’t make you smile you have no soul I TELL YOU!!!     = ) Take a second to be inspired by these talented kids. The message in this video is practice makes perfect… If it’s working for them it will work for you too! How many times do you think they watched […]

*Ibiza & Life*

Hey beautiful people! I’ve missed you more than you’ll ever know! So I know I have like totally neglected my blog but I am back now & will do my best to post regularly! I’m really sorry guys, NAUGHTY VIXEN AWARD! So… What has the Vixen been up to one might ask? Well to be […]

*My Top 10 best of the worst funny’s X Factor… Lil x-mas present to my followers*

This dude had me ON THE FLOOR… He sounds like he’s in pain doesn’t he? He always makes my day when I watch this! LMMFAS= Laughing my mother fucking ass off Duffy- Mercy- Even though this woman totally annihilated a song I love I couldn’t help but fall in love with this lil mental patient, too […]

*Loyalty & Special Thanks in 2012*

Hey guys… So, yesterday was my 3rd house move in 3 months… I try not to dwell too much on the negatives in my life but to be totally honest with you guys this year has been so shit for me…  LOL dear-oh-dear! How was it for you? I know many people close to me […]

*A little too ironic… life is a funny thing!*

Hey girls & guys! = ] So my Mum was in East Surrey Hospital in the UK about to have an operation… I find this in the Surgery Admissions Lounge library! A place where people are scared already! A place they are supposed to be relaxing in. Is this messed up or what? I had to take pictures didn’t I, […]

*Naughty VS Nice… Do what makes YOU happy!*

Hey beautiful bloggers! So… I am back again with my latest brain wave… Have you ever just had quite a tough time in life and throughout it been really nice, sweet, kind, considerate and thoughtful of others and then realized despite it all, it really has not paid off at all?! Started to wonder why […]

*Vagenda is back after a whole lot of bullshit… special thanks to Nick*

Hey my loyal and beautiful followers, I am sorry I have been away so long. I am going to catch up with this but first I should break it down and explain a little as to where the HELL I have been… Ok, so in the last month I had a very nasty break-up, a house change, […]