*Soul mates, connections & happiness*

Hey people… oh how I have missed you and blogging!  I have been so busy recently I just couldn’t find the time to post!

Anyway… I have something i want to share with you.  I hope this post inspires you as much as a single person has inspired me to write this.  *WHAT IS A SOUL MATE?*  A soul mate… someone who is there for you, like nobody else.  Someone YOU are there for equally like nobody else.  Someone who truly understands you in ways nobody else does.

Someone you instantly connect with on the biggest scale…  from shared interests to the way you think.  Someone that shares your heart whether you are happy or sad.  Someone who feels your pain and happiness as if it were their own.  Someone who is there for the whole ride and not just when it suits them.  The most loyal, the most beautiful, (inside as well as out)  the most kind, trustworthy, honest, true, interesting and selfless of people.  The person that tells you exactly what you need to hear…  whether you like it or not.

The person that inspires you to be the very best person you can.  The ONE person who truly brings out the very best in you.  The person who inspires you to face your biggest fears…  May even offer to face them with you!  The one person you have met, that you truly know in your heart, you couldn’t live without.  The person you talk to for hours on end…  whilst never having an awkward silence or dull moment.

It is not until you meet your real soul mate that you understand…  what the term truly means.  It is not a term to throw around casually,  nor is it a term to describe someone you like a lot or even love.  It is not a term that describes being in love…  you can love many throughout life BUT…  only one will be your soul mate.  *NEVER LET THIS PERSON GO!*  Even if it doesn’t work out with your soul mate…  you will know in your heart that no matter who you meet  in life, not a person on earth can compare to this one individual…  although in all honesty, your soul mate will fight for you with  everything they have as they will know inside that they never want to: 1. Give up on you     2. Live without you                                                        3. Lose you to somebody else that does NOT deserve you So if the person leaves you… it probably means that they were never your soul mate to begin with.


It is a term to describe the most beautiful, unique, intense and purest

of connections between two people.


I recently met someone I can honestly call my soul mate…
I have waited 24 years to meet this person.
I had reached a point in my life where I believed the words
“soul mate” were just a myth… like I would never find mine.
That person just didn’t exist…
Well I was very wrong!
On the scale of things 24 years isn’t so long…
Sometimes, people wait much, much longer.
Statistics prove that it was near impossible for us to have ever met.
Our instincts and care brought us together.
The rest is history.
Some people find theirs much quicker…
some much longer,
But I say, I found him at the right time.
For all the right reasons…
I cannot explain how lucky I feel.
It is a feeling I have never felt before…
I guess it must be similar to the feeling you get,
when you win the lottery… except the beauty of it
is money cannot buy what I have found.
Money can not give you anything a person can.

I feel like I am rich...  just from finding one of life’s many treasures  This person is very special to me.  Talk is cheap and words can never express enough  about what I feel for and towards this person.  I just wanted to share my thoughts with you guys…  He is the one person that I can share anything with.

The one person I will never let go of.  Whether we are happy or sad…  the connection is always strong.   Whether I am laughing or crying he is equally interested  in anything I have to say, as am I with anything he has to say.  Everything is mutual between us.  There are no hidden agendas.  There are no lies…  Just us, I hope this never changes.

We talk honestly and open about everything.  Communication is the key in all relationships.  I have never found it so easy and effortless to talk to someone.  I hope that everyone can feel what I feel and find what I have found.  Don’t lose hope, they are out there I can assure you.  Patience… a few months ago I thought I would never be happy again.  Now I am happier then I have ever been.  Never give up hope and never be afraid to take a risk.  When all the signs are there and that thing happens.  When life as you know it changes again…  DON’T let it pass you by…  “YOLO!”… it is true.  You only live once.  This is what life is all about… living!   *SO LIVE!*

Mr Aquarius…  I did not know all the things I wanted in another until I met him.  I would settle for half of what this man possesses  and still feel happy and blessed…  Everything other than the main things people look for  and want in someone else are all just very big bonuses.  Someone so like me, yet so perfectly different at the same time.  See your soul mate is not your double.  It is the closest person you can connect to yourself.  To your soul… hence “soul mate”.  Someone who shares the same values as you.  Who understands, without much effort or judgement.

I don’t know where the future will take us, I imagine great places… whether this is true or not I don’t care as I am still just grateful to have met someone so like-minded and amazing… This person has done more for me in the last couple of months then I could ever ask for… My Angel, he saved me when I needed saving… I intend to save him right back too and always be there when he needs me…

“I see myself as a very complex book about life.  Many people may try to read me  but very few people truly understand me.  Even when people understand me, they might not finish the book.  See some people are just too scared…    or too impatient to  find out what happens at the end…  This is a shame,   as I can tell you this book has  the most beautiful ending…    = ]

It takes a very intelligent person to love this book.  Now the book is with someone who won’t treat it carelessly.  So nobody else may get the chance to read the book now, who knows!  What I do know is that for now, the book is safe.  Where it belongs…  In the library of owned by my best friend Mr Aquarius.  On the shelf titled “soul mates”.  I hope you enjoyed…

For now that is all…   ~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. Congratulations on meeting your Soul-mate. I know just how you feel as I have met mine recently too. It makes everything you have been through worthwhile doesn’t it? 🙂

    1. Thank you for your congratulations and same to you! It really does… I am happy for you! I am now looking forward to the future way more then I was before which is amazing… 🙂 When and how did you 2 meet?

  2. Beautiful my friend.. I found my twin flame.. and have experienced soul mates.. I never stopped believing in more.. It goes far beyond anything I could go into here. But this is beautiful and I wish you much love! With love, Clark

    1. I am so happy for you I really am! There is nothing quite like it is there? I would love for you to be a guest blogger for me and write a litle on soul mates for me… Would you? That would be amazing… I am interested in what you have to say on the subject. Thank you so much for your kind words, love always! V 🙂

      1. I most certainly would… you can go to my gravatar and email me what you would like to do.. I am all in. I have a couple of post soulmate answers and soulmate questions in my archive if you would like to see what we have found prior it has evolved considerably since I wrote those.

      2. Great! I am a little fraile and hung over today so I will get an email over to you tomorrow with everything. Great, your blog is amazing I love the way you think. I want you to do a part 2 to what I have done… Like the male perspective I guess. Thanks again 🙂

      3. Sounds wonderful… talk to you soon! 😉

  3. That is wonderful! I can tell by the tone of your blog that you are supremely happy and fulfilled at this momnent in time. I envy you so much that pure sense of joy. Of course, you could only find such a person because you are such a good person also.

    Anyway, I share in your joy and happiness.

    1. What a lovely lovely comment! This touched me quite deeply… Thank you so much for your kind feedback. What a nice comment, I wish you the most joy and happiness I really do!

  4. This is lovely. So many of the quotes are exactly how I feel about my hubs,
    PS I stopped receiving your blog so I signed up again! Don’t know how that happens.

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