*Natures Make-up! A poem about Snow*


***Natures make-up***

 Dressed all in white, angelic and clean.

 Changes all surroundings as if never been seen.

 Cold and soft as fine as a splinter.

 The most wonderful, beautiful thing about winter.

Just like us it ages and changes 

Just like the seasons, their make-up has ranges. 

Rainy is a wet look, it’s peaceful and calming,

Sun is so vibrant, so fun and alarming,


Fog the mysterious look, quite cloudy and dull

Snow is most beautiful, most renewing and whole. 

It covers all mistakes even paint work and trash. 

It falls from the sky’s like a bright, soft, cold ash.

 A childs biggest dream, an adults worst fear.

 Where I live, it comes only once a year.

 It covers imperfections, it brightens the dark.

 Laying white velvet carpets, over every field and park


Lovely when its new, the tread is still safe.

Until it gets icy and becomes more a waste.

It’s like all things really, it has it’s good and bad.

Like the snow is the happiness and the ice is the sad.

Easy on the eye, but can be hard on the skin.

Just like the make-up we wear, just one of those things.

When we are out in it demands less speed and more haste.

Otherwise your likely to slip…

And fall STRAIGHT on your face! 🙂 LOL


 Well I inspired myself in yesterday’s post about

walking in the snow so I thought I would share

the outcome of the Poem whilst fresh on

my mind… Just a cute silly little poem from

the Vixen…All this snow down here has

got me feeling a little inspired, so I will share

the inspiration while I have it! 🙂

Look out for my next post

inspired by a very special person!

A funny silly one…

This has been demanded

by someone very special so how

could I ever refuse!

Stay tuned!

For now that is all.

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. There’s something magical about snow. There’s nothing quite like it in nature. Nice poem 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, glad you like! I agree love the snow and nature! 🙂

  2. Nature’s makeup. Thanks for letting me see it that way.

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