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*Natures Make-up! A poem about Snow*

***Natures make-up***  Dressed all in white, angelic and clean.  Changes all surroundings as if never been seen.  Cold and soft as fine as a splinter.  The most wonderful, beautiful thing about winter. Just like us it ages and changes  Just like the seasons, their make-up has ranges.  Rainy is a wet look, it’s peaceful and […]


***Hey beautiful bloggers!*** 2 posts in one day from the Vixen… I bet you lot feel RICH… I better calm down before some of you start to click the un-follow button for this silly little blog of mine! So what did you think of the photos? Not too bad for a Blackberry Bold 9900 ay? […]


***Hello beautiful bloggers!*** I am so sorry I have been away so much recently… I have had a hell of a lot going on and on my mind so bare with me… Ok… So it’s that time again in the UK. A time where everything comes to a halt… Where life as we know it […]