* Labels – Prince Ea – Must watch!*

I wanted to reach out to you all when I saw this video earlier today. This is something I have thought about my entire life. Who am I? I am me. you are you. Labels should not exist they are merely put there to separate us and to make us think we are unequal but we’re not. We’re all the same colour in a dark room. We all bleed red blood. What’s the need for labels? seriously…

As a mixed race woman (which is what I call myself… because I am mixed race) I find it hard sometimes reaching out to people and trying to speak about such sensitive subjects and that’s because a lot of the time the words are falling on deaf ears. Or worse, people are so closed-minded and “conditioned” by society and the media that they actually try to make you think that you are crazy or stupid for thinking that way. But it’s so not the case, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Never let people shut you down!

Never be scared to stand alone to be yourself, to be heard, to be understood, to be  mocked, to be praised… To be YOU!

Never be scared to be “weird” the best people in the world usually are and it’s what makes them different. Weird is fears way of saying different, well that’s my opinion. The majority of people have been called weird in their lifetime by someone and it doesn’t matter who said it or why they said it, how you react is the only thing that matters and how you view yourself. That’s what separates you from others.

I found a little inspiration today from this awesome dude Prince Ea and it made me want to share this with you all.

Check out his YouTube channel in the link above.

I love to see people keeping it real and uniting, it’s beautiful.

Enjoy the video.

~Vagenda Vixen~

One comment

  1. love this! thanks for sharing! (a good video to watch on race is the south african comedian trevor noah 🙂 ) x

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