*Go on girls! Feminism FUCK HATE! Haha Watch this…*

Ok, so there’s a lot on controversy about this video but me personally, I think it’s fine. So what?! It’s true, what’s worse? A child swearing or what’s going on in the world day-to-day??? The way women and people in general are abused and treated unfairly isn’t right and I say fuck the haters, stand up tall ladies (and gents) and don’t let anybody or anything ever bring you down. I was raised to believe you can do whatever you want in life and that’s what I am doing. Nothing in life worth having is easy, it’s just eventually worth it. If you do it right. If you can live a few years like most people wont to get ahead, you could wind up living the rest of your life like most people can’t. Success is worth the struggle.

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When people look at me and see big boobs (real) and the fact that I take pride in my appearance, hair done, nails done, nice clothes and smelling good and then ask what I do for a living? I say “Nunya” “Oh Nunya what’s that?!” “Nunya business!” Ok, just playing in all seriousness I never say that ha-ha… I say that I am a Project Manager selling IT and Computer Network Equipment on a large scale. It’s that look I get like people (mainly men) are  so surprised I have such a techy, geeky kind of job and have already assumed I am some type of stupid bimbo simply based on my looks and the fact that I am always happy and positive??? What is this legally blonde world I am living in??? FUCK THAT SHIT! I am a hot geek, deal with it.


I seriously cannot take it when someone realises you’re actually pretty smart and serious about your life, they change towards you, all of a sudden I am their future wife, I just dropped from heaven did I bump my head? Oh do your feet hurt baby, you been running through my mind all day… PLEASE SAVE IT! Like they all of a sudden need you in their life?! HELLO?! NO… GO! AWAY!

Nobody should bring you down and I take pride in who I am, how intelligent I am and how easy it is to make someone look stupid just because they first assumed you was. Listen, I have no problem holding my own and have never found it difficult to express myself.

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Not that it matters but I am earning more money than a lot of men that I know and that’s because I work my ass off, continue to learn and grow and never give up. If you can do what you need to do even when you don’t feel like it all of the time, it will change your life. It’s called discipline. Start changing your life one day at a time because whether you think you can do something or not, you’re right!

The choice is yours.

That is all beautiful blog faces…

~Vagenda Vixen~

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