***10 WHOLE days later***


“Guess who’s back?

Back again…

Vixen’s back…

Tell a friend!”

Ok so where do I start,

A new peace in my heart,

Fuck the feelings & care

A new sound to my fart!

A little bubble & squeak

a new hat with a peak!

I had a thought today,

I sleep less than I tweet!

So hold on to your seat

and buckle up for the ride!

Coz the Vixen is back,

and she lost all her pride,

I’m a little bit crazy

but you love all that!

Call me a dick…

But I call you a twat!

I’m shameless not aimless,

my thoughts can be tasteless,

I’m amazing im facing

more than you came with!!!



Hey my beautiful blog faces!

Ok… Guess I have a little

explaining to do…

So in the last 10 days…

Chaos outbreak has occurred!

It has been an outrage!



In all areas of my life…

AHH… AHH… Motherfucking AHH!

And breathe…

Even work, some people are just

evil. They can hide it for a while…

But eventually as always,


On the plus side…

Karma’s a bitch called…

~Vagenda Vixen~


So basically…

I no longer give a fuck about

pretty much anything… I have

little emotion right now and haven’t been this

free since I was in my teens…

I am just not taking much seriously

anymore to spell it out.

Apart from things that matter.

I am sick of letting other people’s

shit drag me down, even family.

I am at that zero tolerance point now.

This goes with everyone and everything.

It has given me a new high!

I can honestly say it’s refreshing!

The difference between now and

then is I feel no negativity or

destruction… Just a detachment from

my normal oh so #Emosh self!

Yes… Hash tag… Emosh!

Just to spell it out that

much clearer that I recently ditched

word press for twitter…

3 days 450 followers on my

personal Twitter…

I feel like I am famous and I

didn’t even need to get naked!



So yes I am in a new little world

of my own… Negativity is a

new foreign thing to me.

Forget that badness…

BUT… It was only because

I hit breaking point last

Thursday when someone

decided to push my every button

I had left on my keypad of calm…

It’s weird how an act of destruction

from one person can make someone

else so much stronger and happier.

I almost feel to hug that wanker!

Then of course like Jay…

Shake him real hard and say;

“Hey!!! You’re acting like a nut!!!”

BUT HEY! Karma’s a bitch so fuck

that immature piece of shit right?


So what have I been doing whilst

I have been away?

I have been doing ME!

The oh so exclusive me, myself and I!

I can honestly say I have never felt better!

Doing me in many ways…

Having fun, being silly,

being childish, causing laughter

fits all round and inflicting my

laughter virus upon whoever comes

my way… To the point where I cannot

breathe…  We cannot breathe!

With my girls and with my brothers!

I love making people laugh, it makes

me feel so good inside… I love it!

The best thing I did recently was

pretend it was my friend’s birthday in

TGI’S and we had a fucking ball

while the whole Restaurant team

clapped and shouted Happy birthday

to my friend who of course has no

birthday until this September.

They were banging on the table

and stamping their feet!

Ha-ha… It was EMOTIONAL! 🙂

But it was so cool the way I

did it and we got a free hot fudge

caramel cake…


The REAL picture of our madness…

Which we didn’t eat

as we were too full… Instead we

mixed it with some onion rings and

lots of salt and pepper and

had ourselves a TGI MUD PIE!

It was disgusting and childish…


YOLO bitches…

It’s good to act like a kid sometimes!

We werent always an adult…

The inner child is a beautiful gift!

Dont let life’s pressures make you

lose that inner innocence.


I just started living life in a way

that makes YOLO a real thing!

A way that separates who I am

inside the work place to who I

am on the street… I was becoming way

too old inside and I am only 24!!!

I thought FUCK THIS! I just wanna

work, get paid, live life and be happy!

I mean people are always going to

judge you whether you live by the

bible or not! So I say we should all

just do what we want! Whatever makes

us happy… We will be judged anyway so

we may as well do what we want right?

So let me talk about me… Yes…

ME, ME, ME… The many

faces of  The one and ONLY Vixen…

Good, bad,happy, sad, funny, sweet,

charming, cold, caring, innocent,

naughty, lovable, loving, disgusting,

shameless, FUN, crazy, wild, mature

and of course immature…


I have been doing a lot! I have even been

going to clubs a bit more often and

let me tell you… My ego is doing just fine

after the amount of guys that asked for

my number last weekend… I counted

16! Yes.. 16! BUT there is only one guy

for me so nobody got my number…

All I need is my number 1 in life…

My soul mate, the other half of me.

My superior and most handsome!

My baby! My life, my fun & happiness…

My future, my… Well me I guess?!

My bestest ever and that is just

what my baby represents… OK!?

I have seen lot’s friends recently!

Even some of the girls I was out

of touch with like Sharnie & Em

who are cousins…


I have known them

beautiful girls for 21 years! That is only 3

years short of my whole life and BOY did we have fun

last night… Tonight I had the pleasure

of my little sister Tigga… My younger double!

Ahh… How I love her and the way she,

like me will do anything stupid to

see me completely LOL!!!

I have spent a lot more time with

my God children as well!

I have had more fun then I would usually…

And I have had a new mind

frame change… A dramatic one!

Let’s just say I got tired of being

“Miss Nice” and decided to become

“Miss Spice” instead…

You see Miss nice is always

being taken for a prick…

People WILL & DO take your kindness

for weakness at times… But “Miss Spice”

is not as nice, doesn’t care half

as much about anything

and she will certainly not let

anyone take her for a dick head.

So here I am… Free minded,

unable to care about ANYTHING

unless of course it really matters.

I feel GOOD! I feel GREAT!

Like I don’t care about all

the stupid little things I would

usually care about… But what

does it take? I want to tell you

all I have been through recently…

It’s a lot but there is no point

telling you all about that shit!

I no longer care to talk about it.

Now… I could never become a

totally cold person… It’s just not me!

But to a certain degree yes it is good.

I spent a whole lot of time caring

too much…  About everyone and

sometimes others DO NOT care about

you or things the way you do…

So you may as well quit it!

So eventually it takes

its toll like all things in life…

Best way to be if you ask  me?

What do you do?

I will TELL you what you do…

You say; “Hey, this is me! I don’t give

a fuck what anyone thinks!

Happiness is a choice and I have

chose it! You can’t take away

my pain so I will be damned if I let you

take away my happiness! I will only

feel what I wanna feel and if anyone

has a problem with it?


Kiss my ass dude-01

***Confessions part 2 coming soon!***

Sorry for the swearing guy’s I was

pretty drunk when I wrote this.


That is all.

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. Glad you’re back! PS: I nominated you for a blogger award 🙂

    1. How lovely of you sweetie! How have I only just seen this now?! Thank you so much! I am working on a few posts atm and will be back soon as i miss writing xx

    2. I am still catching up with comments but I just wanted to say a massive thank you incase I havn’t I am truly grateful, I love the love my little blog gets, thanks again! x

  2. I just love to read your messages, especially when you are drunk. You are such a lovable, happy person. Your joy spills over to all of us who read your columns.

    Just to read your writing is to fall in love with you.

    1. That is the sweetest comment I have ever recieved! You have me sitting here at my work desk smiling from ear to ear like my childhood crush just asked me to marry him! See this is what inspires me! I will post something with you in mind very soon, thank you so much for your kind words they really have lifted me! I send lot’s of love X

  3. I shall really look forward to reading your post. I feel warm just to know that my comment brought a smile to your face. Lots of love right back to you X

  4. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com · · Reply

    Thank you for liking my post (The Arab Women…)Warm regards.jalal

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