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***10 WHOLE days later*** WOW WOAH WOO WAH! “Guess who’s back? Back again… Vixen’s back… Tell a friend!” Ok so where do I start, A new peace in my heart, Fuck the feelings & care A new sound to my fart! A little bubble & squeak a new hat with a peak! I had a […]

*Natures Make-up! A poem about Snow*

***Natures make-up***  Dressed all in white, angelic and clean.  Changes all surroundings as if never been seen.  Cold and soft as fine as a splinter.  The most wonderful, beautiful thing about winter. Just like us it ages and changes  Just like the seasons, their make-up has ranges.  Rainy is a wet look, it’s peaceful and […]


The love of nature I am on a mountain, It’s so high I cannot see a soul. To jump off and fly is my only real goal. I am dressed all in white, in a long flowing dress. My thoughts melt away, along with my stress. I feel like this mountain is where I belong. […]


Moments of growing up Toddlers to teens, teens to adults. Where did all our time go? Girl to woman, woman to Mum. How we got this old I just don’t know. Tricycle to Bike, Barbie’s to make-up. Do you remember how fun it once was? Make-up to boys, Cinema to sex. Our favorite word was […]


***Hey beautiful Bloggers!*** I have been writing a lot of poetry recently. I guess you could say I have been thinking a lot… I have also been way more emotional since giving up smoking and I guess that has reflected in my thoughts too. This is like a lot of short poems about some of […]

*The hardest goodbye… I will never forget you*

My Darling….   How can I describe to you what you’ve meant to me these many years?   From my teens to my twenties, here we are and I cannot believe I will soon be saying Goodbye. We both knew this day would come and as much as it hurts. IT IS ONLY FOR THE […]

*Vagenda Vixen the poet feat Tupac Shakur*

I exist in the depths of solitude pondering my true goal . Trying to find peace of mind and still preserve my soul. Constantly yearning to be accepted and from all receive respect. Never comprising but sometimes risky and that is my only regret. A young heart with an old soul how can there be […]