***Hey beautiful people!***

I am not dead! LOL

I hope you all still remember me ha-ha!

16 days it has been since my last post!

I remember when I would write every other

day! WOW… Time goes so fast doesn’t it?

Has it really been that long?! I’m so sorry!

You may remember my last post

before my return, I set a challenge.

Seems like ages ago… I owe my followers

a BIG apology… I see now that I have

changed so much recently… I know

why I became silent… I just want

to be me.  I want a blog about how

I am now, let the past go, re-visit  and

post on this sometimes but I think I need

a new blog. Full of positivity, and

inspiration. My blog, with my face all

over it. ME! I sadly associate this blog

with times I would rather forget…

Times I have written about so much…



I just don’t feel the same anymore.

Now I asked people to go right back

to the start of my blog and look

at older posts and give feedback etc.

Now… I wasn’t sure anyone at all

would do it so I just want to thank

the special loyal people who did this

for me:

Saved in drafts

(I am still working on your guest

blog…  Soph! I pinkied and I meant it

Lol! Please don’t think I have forgotten!)

Enchanted Seashells


Crazy Bunny 66


Broad blogs

Devlin De La Chapa

The Eye Dancers

Sage Doyle

Sarah K

Jesse S. Mitchell

Pat Cegan


Posina Venkata Rayudu


David Dadu


Clark Kent

(My next guest blogger so look out

for Clarkey!)

The Persecution of …

Charles Rowley




Dating in Vegas

Esenga’s voice




If I have forgotten anyone please

tell me off below and I will edit this

and add you in I promise. I think

it’s important to be grateful for

people’s love and care, especially

when they don’t even know you

in person. So if I can help people’s

blogs get more exposure as a

way of saying thanks I god damn will!

That is real loyalty there & you can’t

but loyalty at all, it is a gift.

I have been UP TO MY EYES with work

and various situations and life.

People really shouldn’t worry so much!

I get down at times but I feel little stress

and worry for someone in my situation.

What’s meant to be will be and there is no

stopping that, so there is really no point in

worrying about anything that cannot be controlled.

I just want to get ahead in life and I know

I am onto BIG things so instead of moaning

about what I want to do on here I am

going to start getting it all done instead.

Only you can change your life and

if everyone has that “I can’t do it!” attitude

nobody would have ever amounted to

anything. I have been using Twitter a lot

and in about 3 weeks I have gained just over

700 followers… Just from being me.


I really don’t care much about

anything  at the moment apart from my job and

close friends, God Children and family…

People I love yes!

There problems? NOT SO MUCH…

See my problem has always been caring too

much about others so I decided to stop for a while.

In my life the times I may have been selfish are

very few and far between.

So much has happened recently…

All I know is some of the people I love

and care for have really let me down

AGAIN! When you have really

been there for people and you just

feel like it has all been thrown back

in your face… It’s a terrible thing but hey;

“That’s life…. That’s what people say…

You’re riding high in April, shot down in May!”

When things changes dramatically I

always just want to write a new post.

This time it’s not the things that have

changed… It’s me. I have changed.

The people closest to you are usually

the ones who hurt you the most…

A quote I saw was,

“Sometimes the person you would

take the bullet for is the same person

behind the trigger!”


It’s true… I have had bad trust issues

for ages and now they really are worse.

It’s hard when you feel you’re the only real

trustworthy person you know.

I know there are people I can trust

but I am always a bit wary about it all.

I keep quiet about my problems

these days as sadly most people

don’t really care, some are just

curious and certain people are actually

HAPPY you have the problems LOL.

As it makes them feel better about

their own lives and personal issues.

It’s just how it goes sadly!

When people get used to how kind you

are and what you do for them, they

often take you for granted and it’s

only when you stop doing it they seem

to realize just how much you did for

them and how much you were there

for them before. The impact I have

had in some people’s lives is unreal!

Whether I have helped them gain confidence,

given honest advice to anyone who needed it…

The person that just keeps on giving.

Now it’s time to start giving to me.

This is the best I have felt in myself

maybe ever… I think that when you have

been hurt repeatedly you’re guard

goes up and you find yourself in a

situation where you would have been

devastated before and this time around

you can barely shed a tear.


Pain is strength!

It’s true you know…

I am the living proof of that.

I used to be too emotional…

Now I am barely emotional at all.

There is no point thinking negatively

or worrying so much about anything,

whether you worry and stress or

not it’s not going to change anything,

so you might as well say “Fuck it!” and be

happy right? Do what you want to do!

Well hey, that’s my take on it!

Being positive is easy if you keep the

right company… You’re company

affects you way more than you ever

realize… Sometimes it’s only when

you come out of a bad environment

that you truly realize how the negative

energy around you was really

affecting you and to what extent.

Like now I am just writing because I

feel like it… But I find it harder

to write now as everyone that

regularly checks my blog would know,

I have previously wrote with a lot of emotion off the cuff.

I NEVER plan what I write… I just

write whatever springs to mind.

Hense the title “Mind Typer” it’s a way of

describing how my post’s come direct

from my thoughts… Like a Type Writer

connected directly to my brain.


Anyway… Keep updated! I am not

gonna make promises about what I will

write next anymore as it just can’t be

planned, it really can’t! So I will just say

stick with me! When I create my new

blog and reveal myself as ME! I will

follow you and comment with the key word

VAGENDA... That is how you will

know it is me! Don’t stop following this

as I want to do a lot of guest blogging

from this… I will also revert to this

blog at weaker times so that I can have

an outlet for harder times where I NEED

to express myself anonymously.

I just wanna let the past

go and start again on a great new positive

Blog based on the me I want to share

and who I have become and the changes

that will keep on happening in me.

You guys know more about me then a

lot of my closest friends so I hope when

the new blog is ready you will follow me

there and start the new journey with me.

ALL OF YOU will get a comment and when

you see the key word, you will remember

this post and we can start again.

I am so thankful for my followers and the

interest this stupid little blog of mine has

created… I have received some lovely

comments, comments that have changed

how I felt that day. Comments that have changed

my life! You guys made me believe in myself.


Writing anonymously isn’t easy so to gain

what I have is a blessing of love and

inspiration. If there is one thing I have

learned about blogging it’s that some

very beautiful people are out there and I

am talking inside… Beautiful minds and great

writers… Talented, amazing and

wonderful people who took interest

in me… I love you. Thank you.

Let me give you all some

very valuable advice straight from

the Vixen’s brain…

Food for thought if you will;

“Never underestimate the power of your

words, whether written, spoken, shouted or

whispered… Hurtful, thoughtful, inspirational

or caring… It really does matter!

Sometimes you say things in the heat of the

moment in anger… You can say sorry but

once you’ve said it you can’t take it back.

Even though you may be forgiven, the 

person will not forget how it may have hurt.

The flip side of this is of course when you say

something to someone that is kind, caring or

nice… You never know how a person is feeling

and I have had times when I have been a bit

down and someone has said something to me

so nice and uplifting that it has changed my

whole mood and whole day! NEVER underestimate

the power your words have. Words are powerful

and can easily make and break the people

you love the most. I have heard a lot of

words in the last few weeks that have

changed a lot… When someone’s word’s and actions

really hurt you, it stays with you

doesn’t it? So don’t forget when you do

it… It stays! If you do hurt someone

you should do your very best to

say the kind things that matter

so that you can override the bad

that was previously said… That

way it can be let go of and when

the person see’s the good in

you and can see you didn’t mean

it LOVE conquers all!

In friendships, families, life…

The good can easily outweigh the

bad when meant properly, use your

words to make people happy and not

to hurt them… You will feel better for it.

Act in a way that is so divine that if

someone was to speak badly about you…

NOBODY would believe it!

I just want to make people happy!

I tweeted something the other day…

A quote created by the Vixen herself:

Struggle I’ve been through it! Education I have it!

Failure I’ve felt it! Lessons I’ve learned them.

Hard work I do it! Success I’ll get it!

This was then re-tweeted by a large amount

of people… There it is! That little piece of me

out in the world for people to see.

So there we have it! Little Miss Vixen!

That is all, I will be back soon!

I hope you enjoyed…

And remember! “VAGENDA”

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~



  1. Yaaay you’re back! Love your quote!

    1. 🙂 That is so sweet and welcoming! Thanks hun! Yes I am back and I am not going anywhere! Gonna keep this blog and start a new one which I aim to keep both updated! Glad you liked it huni.

      1. You’re welcome 😀 oh phew you’re one of my favourite blogs to read xD

      2. Aww! 😀 See it’s people like you that motivate my ass to start writing more often again! Thank you so much! I won’t stop don’t worry! X

  2. I’ve missed you, now I realize why I hadn’t been seeing your blog for a while. Welcome back!

    1. I have missed you all too very much! Thank you hun that means a lot! Life just got a bit crazy for a while! I am going to keep on top and when I have made my new blog I will take you all with me! Hope you are well!

  3. Don’t forget me when you open the new blog! Plus I want to say to you that the changes you are making are wonderful! I am so excited for your new perspective. And what you will find out is that the more you blog about beautiful and positive things about life the more you will experience it. So much success and joy I wish for you. Love, Sheri

    1. Sheri my dear how could I EVER forget about you! I admire you, you inspire me, you have always came accross as a happy lovely warm person and you write beautiful poetry! How could I possibly forget you? I am still going to blog on here just not as often thats all… You are right! Positive mind = positive life! Thank you so much for all your support and kind words! It’s very much appreciated! I can’t wait to start my blog and share it with you guys! Lots of love V xXx

  4. We did pinky promise…and we dont mess with those do we lol. I told you there is no rush for it, just when youre feeling up to it – and it sounds like youre doing better so…yaaay! 🙂 xx

    1. I am doing much better thanks sweetie! great in fact! 🙂 I hope you are well? I will do your post soon and I will make it worth the very long wait! We do NOT mess with pinkies around here! Thanks for the comment sweetie X

  5. What a beautiful post. I really liked the bullet quote as I am often saying before you say, I do ask yourself the question would you take a bullet for that person. Quite profound your quote.

    thank you–

    1. Hi Yvonne! Thank you so much I am lad you enjoyed my post! Yes I find that a lot of the quotes I love are very true and they mean something to everyone in a way… Thanks for the comment and I hope you are well? x

  6. radaronelson · · Reply

    Glad your back…guess what….I’m back too, I’ve been kinda out for the past 6 months myself only posting here and there. I look forward to your posts as always.

    1. Thanks Rob! i am back properly now… I wasn’t hen though! : ) lad to be back! Writin a post as we speak!

    2. And welcome back yourself! Equally excited to read your posts too! x

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