*If you NEED to laugh… Read this! #GuarenteedComedy #BestVines!*

If there is anything I want everyone to know it’s this!

Taking yourself too seriously is SHIT!

It’s dead, it’s boring, you’re not fun, nobody really wants

to invite you to places because you DO NOT know how to


I believe I am everything a person is supposed to be,

emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually but I

am only serious/sensible/wise when I need to be. We are here for a

good time not a long time and it’s so important

to enjoy the crazy moments without any embarrassment

or shame! Life can be pretty intense at times, sometimes

dull, you need balance! Where there is pain there should be

happiness and where there are tears there HAS to be laughter!

Be as stupid as you possibly can whenever you get

the chance, nobody can take away your wrinkly skin,

sagging boobies & grey pubic hair, so NEVER let ANYONE

take away your inner child & fun!

“Not me I am 25 with fantastic boobies

a baby face & no grey hairs for me yet SUCKERS!” = ]


Every day I try to do something stupid, I call it

my hyper half hour, what better way to burn calories

and have so much fun then by acting like a total freak!

Dance like you have lost your mind to your favorite song.

Walk into the shop and yell “What time is it?! Then run out

yelling “It worked, it worked my time machine actually works!”

Sure people will think your crazy but you will feel so free inside!

Freak out with your friends OR EVEN by yourself,

record it, put it on YouTube and  you

could even become famous overnight!

I find inspiration in everything,

especially people who think like me and do things

that I could see myself doing! Check out the BEST PIZZA

DELIVERY VIDEO of all time!

Those boy’s will never forget that moment and

neither will that Pizza delivery guy… I salute them!

You can even do silly dances while you’re waiting

to go to the toilet, then you’re having fun AND it can

distract you from needing to pee… In this guy’s case I’m not so

sure it worked out…

During the dreaded House work you hate so much,

do a little dancing while you vacuum clean the carpets, lose

yourself, have fun with it, try not to get caught on camera like

this lady. You can clearly tell she had no idea she was being

recorded but look how much fun she is having!

I think we can all learn something from this lady!

Even at School, College, or University!

Have fun while you’re in class, try not to get caught though,

I suspect this kind of behaviour will get you into A LOT

of trouble, for very obvious reasons, check it out!

As long as you’re polite about it and know

your rights you can even have a little fun with

the Police, at the end of the day they’re just people

like us anyways…

Play Video Games, get engrossed, enjoy it!

But don’t be acting like a little bitch when you’re friend,

partner or family member takes away your GTA 5 like this little dude!

There is no need for such seriousness, have you

ever needed to go outside real quick but found your

shoes were somewhere else when in a rush?

DO NOT FEAR! There is always going to be someones

shoes available even if they are not quite what you’re used to!

You can get hyper when you’re eating, my friend

once thought it was a good idea to see how many Skittles (sweets)

she could fit up her nose… She ended up in A & E but

before shit got real, it was a disgustingly funny moment!

I suggest something a bit more safe… Like this!

Go to a Night Club with your friends,

get up on that stage, forget your fear of stage fright!

Just go for it! If you’re dancing is anything like THIS when the

beat drops, people are more likely to be way more scared of

you, then you are of getting up on that stage! Just do it!

OR if none of that appeals to you, just find something you’re good at,

perfect it and travel the world impressing people!

Take that shit to the next level BITCH!

Have fun with your pet’s even,

Listen to Music and try to teach them how

to dance and then take them on International Talent Shows

and make a complete prick out of yourself and your pet!

But this is NOT what I mean at all…

WTF?! #Horny

I hope you enjoyed this post…

For the Finale I will treat you to a compilation of the BEST VINES clips I found!

A must watch HILARIOUS video, do not miss out!

The point I am trying to make is that these people in all

these video clips are Heroe’s! Great people, far from boring

and enjoying life! (Well most of them) and they

took a peice of their life and shared it with us

just so that we could laugh at them!


You don’t have to win a war to be a Hero!

You just need to make people laugh & laugh with them!

That is all…

Hashtag.  Selfie. Vagenda Vixen


    1. Ha-ha! Good! I really enjoyed creating this post so I want people to enjoy reading & watching just as much! Glad I made you laugh! = ]

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