*Ibiza & Life*

Hey beautiful people!

I’ve missed you more than you’ll ever know!

So I know I have like totally neglected my blog but

I am back now & will do my best to post regularly!

I’m really sorry guys, NAUGHTY VIXEN AWARD!



What has the Vixen been up to one might ask?

Well to be honest life is pretty damn good!

My Mum started her new job and was promoted after a month,

my little brother is about to

start his first full-time job and even though I have my

bad days, I must admit my job can be pretty

awesome at times! I will tell you why!

4 years ago I was wishing I could afford to dine

in 5 star Restaurants & party in the same clubs

as the celebs do when in London…

4 years later, I now have a couple of celebrity

chef clients and get to eat in 5 star restaurants and

attend high-profile events for free!


This is where I had breakfast on Friday:


The Roof Garden, Kensington, West London.

Obviously it was day time but sadly I didn’t get a photo,

it was a tour of the place but still business, I think it is a bit

rude if I just pull out my camera like;

“Hold that thought about something to do

with work and stuff but I just need to get a quick snap!”


They are my client and business is business.

Not just the restaurants & clubs though,

I got to o to Ascot Racecourse for

free too and had premier admission which was pretty cool!

Good experience, however not really my thing!

None the less I pretended to care

about horse racing even though I slightly regretted

the small £10.00 bet I made just for the hell of it!

But I did enjoy getting dressed up sexy & sophisticated

in my stiletto heels and LBD (Little black dress) for the occasion!

Ascot Racecourse

Ascot Racecourse

It’s not just the perks, I am good at what I do and I enjoy

working in Sales, our products sell themselves plus I am

very good at business networking and I work hard!

Life is GOOD! My family & closest friends are well and I AM HAPPY!

My life now is so much different now to when I first started

this blog, I mean I keep saying I will create

a new blog but my life is pretty fast paced and I rarely have free time

these days, so why not continue my journey here!


So I went to the Ibiza closing parties in September, yes #Ibiza 1 week &

I lived to tell the tale so another BIG HI 5 to me! No, seriously though

Ibiza was amazing! Very tiring though…

By day 4 I had no voice, was super exhausted

extremely sick of Vodka & noise & just wanted my own bed!

This is how I know I am getting old, well that and

the fact that I turned 25 on the 7th of October and I keep

being reminded that I am now a quarter of a century!


So, Ibiza, I thought I would get some relaxation but NO!

The most I got was a SUPER HANGOVER! And as we all know, when

you wake up still drunk, you’re hardly refreshed let alone

relaxed and you stay in bed not because you want to

but because you literally cannot move…

Despite the hotel neighbors music blasting through the

hotel & the whore next door entertaining a whole bunch

of guys, loudly I might add, I managed to sleep through it all!

My week consisted of:

Hanging by the pool sunbathing,

an occasional dip & dance in the pool, very BIG

English Breakfast, our one main meal of the day at

Pukka Up Cafe, (highly recommended, great English Food)

the House Shuffle, for those unfamiliar with this dance,

please see video below, I went to Ibiza unable to do this dance,

by night 4 after a day of dancing to House Music all day at

Bora Bora Beach, I was a pro, another BIG HI 5 to me for learning this!

Bora Bora Beach Ibiza

Bora Bora Beach Ibiza

The beach parties are truly amazing and the vibe is unreal,

believe me when I say everyone is in their element

if there is anything I have learned about House Music it’s that

it creates good vibes and I lost about a stone

getting lost in House and dancing in 35 degree heat like this:

This guy is a pro, obviously I am not as excited as him but

it makes you feel so good when you know how to shuffle.

If everyone is shuffling and you don’t know how to you stand out!

Pretty much how me and my girls were till day 4!



If you HATE House Music you will not enjoy the Beach Parties.

I fell in love with House Music in Ibiza & everyone shuffles

differently with their own style but once you start

dancing it’s like you can’t stop!

Out of all the “Super clubs”

I mostly enjoyed Soul City which was

just a free club on the strip with great Hip Hop & House Music.

In my opinion it was better than Amnesia, Space, Ocean Club etc…

The vibe was nice and everyone is keeping it real & having fun!

People aren’t there to impress others, they’re there to dance.

The ONLY “Super Club” that was fun to me was


Now that was a great night, we had glitter body paint, I was a leopard,

but even after a night at Zoo Project we still

ended up at Soul City… It became apart of my IBIZA SOUL!

I recommend San Antonio to anyone! It was a great

location and so many hotels to choose from, Ibiza Rocks hotel is

probably the best one to stay in, if you can afford it!

So, Soul City nightclub was more Hip Hop and a little House,

all the other clubs were mainly House Music. I will share my 4

very different but equally excitable favorite Ibiza anthems with you:

Anyway I know some of you will be feeling the songs

others… Hmm, not so much but all the same they

remind me of my best moments of my time in Ibiza!

Literally days after I came home from my holiday it was

my birthday, so obviously me and the homies

had to get ourselves a little VIP table in a top London

club and party like rock stars (Rock stars who

were not as rich of course) I had a really amazing group

of friends with me and the club treated me like royalty!

We had way more drink than needed but the

hang over the next day reminded me that none

of the drinks went to waste and everybody had such

a great time! I could not have had a better birthday!

The table was a few hundred to book plus all

the additional money we all spent on drinks but it

works out so much cheaper when there is a lot of you and when

the bouncer came and told us to stop dancing on the

sofas, HE got into trouble and was told by his management not

to bother us again. HI FRIGGING 5! I know he felt like a punk, poor dude!

I tell you, money is everything in this shitty generation of mine, and you know

that if it was NOT my birthday and we hadn’t spent so much

money they would have thrown us all out of that club, quicker then we could blink!

So that is what I have been doing! I would love to hear what you

guys have been up to so feel free to comment below!

I hope you enjoyed my post!

Love always…

Vagenda Vixen

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