*20 tips on how to create success & happiness*

  1. LOVE YOURSELF! You cannot expect anyone else to fall in love with you if you don’t even love yourself! Look after your body! You only get one, be careful of what you put inside it, eat healthy, get fit, you have nothing to lose! Disrespect your body, eat badly and never exercise you could wind up losing your life! #JustSaying Try losing some pounds instead, been there, just stop! It’s not a good look! Love your body & look after yourself!
  2. STOP RELYING ON OTHERS! Make YOURSELF happy, try not to forget things YOU love to do and enjoy doing alone, enjoy your own company! If you don’t want to be around you, why should anyone else?! Try not to talk to yourself in public, there’s no escaping that one! there is at peace, like random people who eat alone in Restaurants and then there is plain crazy, they call you Mad Mary behind your back because you sit on the local park bench talking to your imaginary friends. This is REALLY not a good look. Read a paper or something…
  3. CREATE YOUR HAPPINESS! It is NOT just going to fall into your lap you need to try hard to remember that NOTHING in life is worth walking around with a constant frown! There is someone out there in a situation much worse and they are still smiling! That alone should be enough to make you smile if you’re down right now. Yeah… You’re smiling.
  4. HAPPY PEOPLE ATTRACT HAPPINESS! The chances are if you are a good, HAPPY (not over the top happy) kind of person, happy people will WANT to be around you! If you are crazily enraged, rude, violent and aggressive, people are likely to run for the hills, or strongly dislike you. be kind, smile more, while you still have teeth! Smiling and trying to be happy often ends up MAKING you happy anyway. Plus, you never know just who might be falling in love with your smile.
  5. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY! sometimes by making someone else happy whether its just a compliment or helping someone, making someone laugh, when you know YOU have made a difference in someones day it’s rewarding and hard not to be happy about that yourself.
  6. STOP LOOKING FOR MR/MRS RIGHT! They DO NOT exist! Nobody is perfect so I suggest you open your mind and lower your standards and expectations! The chances are, you may have already found them, you’re just not ready to accept they might be the one for you. Relationships are about compromise, understanding, loyalty, happiness and trust! NOBODY HAS TO BE IN LOVE TO HAVE A HAPPY SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP! TRUST ME… I know! Love may come with time, it may not but if you have a partner that you can call your best friend, go with the flow, it’s far less complicated! Trust and loyalty is everything. Love can be dangerous so let’s not get too emotionally attached where possible. The mistake people often make is confusing happiness with love. If someone makes you happier than anyone else and you them, you should probably do something about it, otherwise they will always be; “The one that got away!” May not work out, it’s better you try then be unhappy. There is no failure, only experiences. Don’t ignore the signs. Have your guard up a tad, protect your heart, not everyone is as nice as you may be. If it’s meant to be it will be!
  7. LET THEM FIND YOU! When you really want to move on, meet someone new, you might and like me meet all the wrong people, concentrate on your goals and your own self-development, the better person you become, the happier you are, the better people you attract. When you really want it, it is unlikely to happen, it usually happens when you LEAST expect it…
  8. STOP MAKING EXCUSES! You can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it! Plan, prepare and be focused! Sometimes if you can spend a couple of years living life like most people don’t want to, you are more likely to spend the rest of it living how most people can’t! Success does NOT land in your lap, or come to those who wait! It comes to people who work their damn asses off and never give up! People give up far too easily on themselves! If you fail at plan A, SO WHAT! You got 25 more letters of the alphabet and plans to use to get it right! If you have dreams, goals, ambitions work HARD to get as close to what you want as possible! YOU are the only one who can change your future, you are the key to your happiness, you either block it or create it! People can lead you to a door but it is YOU alone who must walk through!
  9. DON’T TAKE YOURSELF SO SERIOUSLY! Try to enjoy the small things in life, like banter, acting silly, playing with children as if your still a child too, the inner child can be a beautiful thing, we were ALL children once, let not forget that! (NOT RANDOM CHILDREN YOU DON’T KNOW OBVIOUSLY, FAMILY. GOD CHILDREN ETC LOL) sharing the best jokes you know when an atmosphere is awkward and quiet. Make the whole room laugh, change the day, make a difference! You will thank yourself in the long run.
  10. GET RID OF NEGATIVE PEOPLE & BAD ATMOSPHERES! Negative people drag you down, don’t kick your friends to the curb if they’re having a bad time! Never that, just encourage them to be happy, inspire them and make them realise that it is all IN OUR HEADS! Avoid uncomfortable situations and bad vibes, trust your instincts, you feel like that for a reason, probably best to leave. Happiness is a state of mind, a journey, not a destination. A happy mind is a happy heart which leads me to the next one.
  11. DON’T JUDGE PEOPLE TOO QUICK, HATE, REGRET OR HOLD GRUDGES! Judging someone especially people you don’t know, doesn’t define them, it defines YOU! Regret nothing as EVERYTHING whether good bad or terrible SHOULD have taught you something valuable for the future! Hate is a form of care, if you hate someone you are actually giving them power over your emotions, HATE is ugly, it shapes you, it’s unpleasant! Don’t be bitter, get better! Forget revenge unless you aim to do it with success! There is nothing that will upset someone more that doesn’t like you, then you being successful, happy and living a good life. Let Karma deal with them. You’re just pumping toxins around your body, it’s all linked to stress, avoid the emotion, overcome it! Hate is a very unnecessary evil! It is extremely destructive! #StayCalmAndLoveMyBlog
  12. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Not everyone in the world that is successful and rich is well-educated or has qualifications coming out of their behinds! Whether you think you can do something or not is down to you! The people who make it are the ones that were laughed at, called crazy and foolish for believing they COULD make it! Let me tell you, those people are now thinking; “Who’s laughing now BITCH!” And good for them too!
  13. LET GO OF THE PAST! Don’t let your past shape your future, negative pasts can often ruin futures if not addressed properly, most people don’t create all their problems themselves but we are given problems because we are the only ones that can solve them! Learn from your past, let go of the hurt, take what you’ve learned, apply it to the future! Create it the way it’s supposed to be the best way we can. There will be hurt, everybody has been hurt but most people have felt happiness too, it’s much nicer, try to be more caring & understanding of others needs. The guy you called a stupid c**t really didn’t mean to cut you up on the road this morning. You’re alive, be more thankful about that and your undamaged car, you were so angry at him you almost crashed yourself from the lack of concentration, a dumb situation.
  14. BECOME WHO YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE! It doesn’t matter where you came from, it’s about where your going! Be the best person you can be! In a world full of chaos, don’t you want to be able to look back and know you made a good contribution? Not everyone has the ability and brain capacity to embrace happiness, change and kindness, my advice is to be around those who can! Everyday is a new start! Tomorrow is not promised! So take everyday however you feel will make you happy, to become a better YOU! 
  15. BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT/WHO YOU HAVE! Not everyone has as much as you do! No matter what we go through, there is always someone out there who is stronger who has been through worse and they are still smiling and being happy around others, seeing past the pain and being grateful for the people and things that matter. To see it would shut you up, I’m sure. You’re shoes not arriving before Saturday’s night out partying isn’t that big a deal! But you’re pacing your room enraged arguing and shouting at Fed Ex on the phone! PLEASE… Or you’re playing a game and you lose! That really wasn’t worth smashing the T.V over… See dumbass, no more games, no T.V (This stuff happens for real) These are not people who have stress! THESE are people who create stress, stop caring about things that don’t matter and pay attention to the people and things that do. Or in possibly the best way of putting it, grow the f**k up! Good relationships are rare, whether friends or family, you cannot buy loyalty, trust or love! People let go and move on, grow apart… ETC Don’t let the good ones go, keep your eye on who is real or fake. Who really cares about you and who doesn’t. Use your instincts. Letting go of good people is pretty dumb. Don’t take it for granted if it’s beautiful. People can be assholes at times. Don’t be to naive or assuming. Spread positivity and happiness, try to avoid aggressive & negative environments, don’t let small things that don’t matter break your spirits! #NotWorthIt
  16. THE WORLD IS A CRUEL PLACE! Don’t let the world change your smile, let your smile change the world! The world is a crazy place! There has to be balance, see all the beauty still left in the world and use it to transform your life. The News will always be a terrible thing to watch, I suppose if we can make the world that little bit better, shouldn’t we just do that instead? Yes? Agreed, moving on.
  17. BE PATIENT! PATIENCE STOPS BAD DECISIONS! If you think before you speak and sometimes pause before you respond, you are far more likely to make more rational decisions in life. Even if you need days to think sometimes, think carefully before you have a knee jerk reaction. The effects of your anger fit can be devastating when you then become calm. Take a time out before you smash a bottle in someones face because your football team lost! It’s like really?! Is it really that necessary? I think the prison cell says not!
  18. DON’T LET PEOPLE’S NONSENSE GET YOU DOWN! Laugh at those people, the “HATERS!” there is no point you worrying about immaturity, they’ll get there! There growing up is still in progress. Not all people have the ability to control themselves as well as us. Some people take way longer to grow and learn in life. It comes with experiences. You should feel sorry for them, plus they really don’t matter. People that judge others are only defining themselves. It doesn’t define a person when you judge them, it only defines who you are! People can talk a lot of crap if they want to hurt you, try not to rise too much, people sometimes enjoy it if you’re a wind up that gets mad too quick.  See the signs when people are laughing at you. Not with you.
  19. LAUGH AT YOURSELF! It’s healthy, this ties in with number 9. You are probably funnier then you think! Have you ever done something really embarassing by accident and just cringed and wanted the world to swallow you whole?! We all have! try laughing about it as if you were watching someone else do it, make fun of yourself, this is an example of people laughing WITH you… It’s way more fun! I laugh and make fun of myself often because I do some funny things sometimes, my friends laugh with me, not at me! See the difference?
  20. DON’T OVER THINK THINGS! We often get irrational with misunderstanding people and more so the opposite sex, don’t worry about things that are not facts, sometimes people dream up the worst from not getting a response from someone. No response is sometimes good, don’t push people, if you let them open up when they’ve calmed down it is likely to be a good outcome and a rational one. try to understand people more then over think about them or general situations, move on until it’s ready to be addressed, let it go for now. Sometimes people are really just saying exactlywhat they have said, no hidden agendas or messages just black and white logic.


I hope this helps you look at happiness differently, as it did me, you can create it, so do it! You’re the master of your happiness!

Take control of your life, don’t let life control you!

it’s nice to be back looking at the reader seeing the same great bloggers all over it.

I’ve missed writing! It’s been 4 months since I posted, I owed my followers this!

If you made it this far, you are truly a loyal follower! That is quite a read… But who knows when I will be back next!


That is all…

Love always



  1. Ajaytao2010 · · Reply

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  2. But what if you rely on talking to yourself because you are the only decent conversation in town? Therefore, would you not be justified in your schizophrenia? Just kidding. How have you been?

    1. LOL that is a good point! Maybe just talk to yourself in your head or when nobody is looking! I am great and have been good and yourself? Thanks for the like and comment and thanks to anyone else that has liked this post, truly appreciated! : )

      1. oh I’m okay, you seem happy in spirit these days. I apologize I haven’t been around lately, I’ve always loved your stuff because it is real, an underrated quality these days. Keep speaking about your heartbeat!

    2. I agree, I love talking to myself and Iam proud to admit that LOL I have been grea and hope you have too! x

  3. That is a very lovely comment! Thank you so much I am so happy you like nmy posts! It is people like you and all the people that bother to read that keep me coming back! Yes things are much better if I am honest, I have my rare days but hey, we all do! On the whole life is very good, thanks again and I hope you’re equally as well as me! = ] X

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