“The time is now on everything…

Took my heart away from money

Aint interested in fame…

But I pray that never change

Ambition is priceless

It’s something that’s in your veins

And I put that on my name!” – Wale



***Hey beautiful blog faces!***

I am a bit ill at the moment and at

times I get a little troubled like most people…

We all have those times when things

just don’t seem to go our way!

I often find myself troubled when I focus too much

on how unsatisfying life can be

at times… But I can change all that so I am!

While I stay positive most of the time, I know

I am destined for so much more and there are no

two ways about it… Some people just know…

But there is no way in HELL I will get anywhere unless

I try… I don’t even mind so much if I fail the

first time, I can live with trial and error…

What I can’t live with is “what if’s?” and regret!


I said to my best friend;

One day my life is gonna flash

before my eyes… I sure as shit want to

make it something worth watching!”

She said to me;

“You can do anything you want, I have

always believed in you, you inspire me more

then anybody I know and I love you!”

To be honest I wasn’t even expecting all

she said after that… I love the way my closest

friends make me believe in myself when

I am feeling a little weak… It’s so nice and despite

it all the changes I have made in my life are

really paying off and cutting  negative

people out has really made a BIG difference

in my life! I have no negative friends around me!

It is a great feeling! Happy people = A happy me!

I just want to be happy and make

the people I love the most happy too!

It seems when I very

least expect it the people I want to

hear from most just pop up out of

nowhere… It’s like we are connected.

I was on my way home

when 2 of my favorite people I

have been missing contacted me

at the same time… It was the light at

the end of my ten-mile shit tunnel!


*Perks of a single life – Motivation*

If there is one great thing about being

single, it’s that I have the TIME and

total focus and care to concentrate on myself only,

to plan and succeed at whatever I want

to attempt and do it all! I have started

drawing up a business plan and I

am really excited for the future.

My best friend is going to be my business

partner and I am so excited and so is

she! I am very pleased because she is

one of the ever decreasing people I trust!

I can’t say much about it though as I

don’t want to jinx it! I just see it as

I don’t want to work for anyone

so if that’s the case I need to have

my own business… Watch this

space it’s very early day’s yet…

BUT I have a very good feeling about

what I am doing and it is very

unique and original, practical

and relatively easy…

So let me see what happens!

*Tough luck*


I do have my not so good days though…

Like the last week…

Let me give you a run down of last

Thursday up to today just so you get an

idea of the down phase and how it all went!

Thursday I fell down the stairs so

come Friday I could barely walk!

Saturday night I dropped my white

Blackberry Bold 9900 DOWN THE


It’s quite a sexy little phone actually…

Bold-9900-White-HandsOn2 (1)

Then Sunday I came down with Flu,

a very painful cough, sweating and

freezing and body ache!

So Monday I went to work crippled

AND ill and by yesterday I was

sent home ill as I was in no shape

for work… I couldn’t even breathe

out of my nose I just felt like a HUGE

bag of SNOT! It’s like where the shit does

all that snot come from anyway? It’s

like a snot tap just appears out of thin

air and doesn’t stop until it feels like it?!

Snot bubbles, snot streams, snot face!

YEP!!! Snot face… It was disgusting!

Thank GOD that has calmed down…


I am not a very good patient, I don’t enjoy

being ill at all… I don’t like that I am

no longer in control of my body!

But if we were talking about sex…

That would NOT be a complaint! Ha-ha

I don’t know what I would have done

without my Mum the last few days…

I am so HAPPY I fell ill whilst visiting

Mumzy as whenever I am ill that is

the place I want to be…

Aww she has been a GEM!!!

Home-made soup! All the Ibuprofen and tea

a lady could want and she even gave

me her fluffy dressing gown to keep

my ill, snotty ass warm! I am lucky!

I am so very grateful to have her!

THEN TODAY!!! In my super medicated

drugged up state I somehow managed

to convert about 76 quotes to orders by

mistake at work like the super clumsy

prick I am at the moment… I NEVER

make mistakes like that at work!? WTF LOL

That is why I should have been in bed resting!

I really hate it when I mess up… I can be so

hard on myself at times… Fuck it!

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

THEN at the end of today I came on

my period!!! WHHAAAYYYYYY!!!



Seems like that is all the bad luck a woman

can have for now TOUCH WOOD so the

future looks bright and at least my

mistake didn’t cost the company any

money or cause any real problems, and

my phone is ensured so I can remain

calm and a new sexy phone will arrive soon!

I had such a shit day today

but now I am home and

laughing at just what the hell has been

going on recently!

So back to the shitting phone!

My poor phone is super

fucked… It wont even turn on!

So I lost a whole bunch of BB pin’s

and telephone numbers but

somehow I don’t really care!

What is funny though is I can’t remember

how to use the Blackberry Curve anymore

and I keep trying to touch the non

touch screen, screen… Like a freak

because I am so used to my Bold now!

I must look like a crack pot in public!


Speaking of which a close friend of mine

has the new HTC phone and he was

texting me and used his voice to text…

7 messages later I finally understood

the first one as the messages kept

coming out wrong?! MAJOR flaw in

the phone as this in NO WAY saves

any time for anyone! My advice to the

HTC phone users and fans is;

Learn how to fucking type like a normal

person and stop showing off! NOW THEN!


*Things to DO!*

I have been to too many funerals

for someone of my age… So if there is anything

I have truly learned it’s that life is

too short and we are not here for a long time,

we are here for a good time! Make it count!

Life can end at any moment… That is why

people often say live every day as if it’s your

last… Although at times it isn’t possible…

So make it so that it is possible!

So far I have but I want it to be

even better… I have a bucket

list of things to do before I die and

god DAMN it I am going to do them!

At some point this year I am going to

do a sky dive for charity for 2 good

reasons, 1. To make money for a charity

I think needs it most and 2. To conquer

my fear of heights! Fight fear with fear!

If of course I succeed without plummeting

from a great height to my death…

Hey, it would probably be the most

exciting way to die though…

“Thrill seeking young lady dies in charity

sky dive in attempt to conquer

her terrifying fear of height’s!”

LOL … Come on… I’m not going to die!


My new blog is in

progress and it is going to be linked to my Twitter too!


Did you think of that too?

Or am I just really weird… Anyway!

Here I am doing me myself and I!

I like to do what I want, when I

want to do it with no questions

asked and no answers given!

This is just the beginning!!!

There are so many things I am

doing this year and this weekend

I am booking a 2 week holiday in

IBIZA with the girls!!! It will probably be my last

party holiday as im 25 this year I am

getting old! This will be my first holiday EVER

going away as a single lady… I am quite excited and

hoping secretly it stays that way! But what is meant

to be will be… I want to settle down and start

a family in the next few years but for now it’s

just me time as I have no kids and no

man to worry about so fuck it YOLO! I am single, sexy

and free to do as I please… For now!

Why is it that when you are not really

looking guys be like; “What?! Your

single now?! Why didn’t you tell me!”

Well dumbass maybe because I am;

“Just not that into you!”

I am not looking for Mr Right…

I am just doing me, if he is out there I

am sure I will bump into him at some

point… I could have already met him,

he could walk past me every day giving me

a smile while I scowl back at him with hate

Ha-ha! That is why it is so important to smile

as you seriously don’t know who is watching

you thinking it is the most beautiful smile

they have ever seen! Isn’t life weird, you can plan the future

but you cannot predict a thing!  Who knows…

*Getting fit!*

I start all my exercise classes next

week when I stop snotting and coughing everywhere

and I am additionally jumping

on the Insanity Workout courtesy of my friend

Alex… IT IS CRAZY!!! He lost half

a stone in 1 week… Check it out!

I will do before and after pics in

the new blog… IF I get brave enough…

Yeah don’t count on that one!

I am going for 2 stone and a sexy flat toned tummy so

wish me luck and if you don’t hear from

me that workout has probably killed me!

I am so excited to get fitter! I just want to

get CRAZY fit now… I have to! I love who I

am inside, now it’s time to love who I am

outside too… So there you have it!

An update on my crazy ass little life!

A song I heard before I changed that got

me thinking… Have a listen!

Remember to appreciate your life and

all the special people in it that love and

care for you… You have one life!


That is all.

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. I LOVE your writing style 🙂

    1. Thank you so much… What a lovely comment!

  2. Hope you get better soon, sucks about he phone crapping out on you.

    1. Thanks sweetie! Yes I hate being ill… How are you? I hope you are well? Yes… I need to sort my new phone out! ha-ha…

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