***Hello beautiful bloggers!***

I am so sorry I have been away so much

recently… I have had a hell of a lot

going on and on my mind so bare with me…

Ok… So it’s that time again in the UK.

A time where everything comes to

a halt… Where life as we know it ends.

Chaos everywhere, Schools are

closing early, businesses are closing

early, public transport has completely

stopped… No deliveries in Super

Market’s so people are stocking

up on food like never before!

What is going on everyone

is asking! Why the excitement?!


That’s it… Just a bit of snow!

People act like it’s the end of the

world WTF!!! I mean we had the

weather warning way ahead of time

but NO that didn’t mean the roads and

paths would be gritted on time…

No! Chaos everywhere!

I love the snow though, it

reminds me of a happier time.

When I was young, before Mum

& Dad got divorced… It always

reminds me of my very first

sledge experience. Who knows how

I remember it but I do… It is one

of my favorite memories ever.

Me in a little all in one snow suit!

My little baby pink fluffy Flinstones

Wellington boots, sitting on Mums

lap at the top of a big hill about

to feel my first little thrill of

excitement! What a lovely life it

was back then for me… A baby!

I think I was about 2!

Things were so simple back then!

Anyway… I just took a photo

of the back garden…


Dad’s back garden…


Dad’s back garden a couple of hours later…

So as you can see…

Not that much snow and not much to

much to shout about… You can see it

is a little deeper in the second pic

but it really is not that big a deal!

Even I was sent home 2 hours early on

Friday because there were 80

minute delays on buses because

of the snow… Really?!

It’s a joke if you ask me… Unbelievable!

I seriously don’t understand the UK

people act like snow is ACID RAIN

for crying out loud, must get inside,

must stock up on food, must not walk

anywhere as I will slip over and die?


Get a GRIP people!

I just want to grab everyone

by the shoulders…  Look lovingly

into their eyes and shake them

all really hard and yell;


I learned that from Jay from

My Wife & Kids… 🙂

Sometimes people need to be shaken!


I am not a bad little photographer actually am I?

I just want to go outside and play!

I want to run around like a child

and frolic like a happy little

lamb in a field Lol I want to be

SUPER GAY <<< It means super

happy people relax…

I am going to go out soon too!

It appears my begging friends

act on Facebook has paid off!

Last year me and my lil bro had

so much fun in the snow, God I miss him

so much right now! See where I am

at my Dad’s I don’t know anyone

round here really, so I have to post

to everyone to see who is near and who

can join me in my playtime:

The post was this:

Anyone in or near My Daddy’s area wants to
come out and play in the snow with me inbox
me! I’m weally bored and I
have nobody to play with! Lol : ( ♥

I like being childish sometimes

it relaxes me… As strange as that sounds

it’s true! BUT it’s a bit weird playing outside

by yourself as a child… Never mind

as an adult…  If I was at my Mum’s I

would be dragging my lil bro and his friends

out for some snow fun but since

I can’t… As he is not around to

come out and play I must use the Wastebook

to sound the alarm of the playtime bell.

Last year me and my bro

had some epic fun while

our Mum watched… It was so fun!

I really did love it! We just had

a mad half hour together and I loved

every second of it… It was a truly precious

half hour! My Mum got to see her 2

adult children act like kids for a bit…

Together and I suspect she misses the

days when we would play together

as kids… I miss those days all the time!

It’s good to remember we weren’t always

adults… It’s nice to act silly sometimes!

It is good for the soul I TELL YOU! 🙂

So while everyone is trying

to avoid the little snow we have

and acting like the world is about to

end I just want to have fun! Ok so let me

show you  something that made me want

to slap all these stupid people in

the UK, Just look below…





These people are obviously not bothered about

the cold? SO why is everyone so

against it here??? It’s not such a big deal

and there isn’t even much snow compared

to some places where it snows constantly…

Why can’t we all just have fun like them?

Hey it’s just a bit of icy water?!

We go to foam parties… Why can’t we

go to snow parties! Imagine a club

full of snow… Ok so you would need to

wrap up warm or just drink enough

alcohol to keep you warm but

can you imagine how fun it

would be… Well I would love it!

Life DOES NOT STOP just because snow

is falling… It is seriously retarded how

retarded the UK really is…

See it seems everyone can deal with the

snow apart from us.

People seriously need to man up!

It is truly pathetic, I am ashamed to say

I am born and bred in the UK.

You wouldn’t think so would you?

Because I do actually have a brain…


Please watch the video below.

Only Peckham & only London could

create a video like this…

Yes London where the Queen

lives… Yes… the REAL Queen

of England, this is not too far from

her beautiful home in Buckingham

Palace… SHAMBLES!!! 🙂

I do love this video though, I

rate them all for their bravery and

I would have joined in if I was there!

Looks like fun…

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. You are one excellent communicator and ever so funny! I love the snow. In San Diego, people have the same reaction when it rains! Go figure.

    1. Thank you so much your opinions are always appreciated and valued over here! 🙂 I am glad you think so and even happier it made you laugh! Yes the snow is amazing… I hope to get some night shots shortly as it is getting dark here even though its 17:24pm… X

  2. Lol, you are so right, we don’t get time of work just because of the snow, seriously considering moving to UK 😉

    1. LOL really? NO don’t do that! I want OUT and you wanna move here? LOL hey let’s swap! Ha ha but yes believe it or not 2 hours early I got to go home and todays snow was way worse then Fridays… Maybe I get the week off who knows! 🙂 it’s pretty retarded x

  3. africanyouthness · · Reply

    You are so funny, i liked your post!

    1. Am I? Aww that’s so sweet of you to say! I love making people laugh it’s the best so thank you for your lovely compliment! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

      1. africanyouthness · ·

        You’re welcome!

  4. Its not just the UK where people act crazy about a little snow, a lot of places I have lived in here in the US act the same way.

    1. It is sooo dumb don’t you think? I just don’t get it myself to be honest I find the whole thing quite pathetic… Now eathquake, fair enough but snow? C’mon people! 😦

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