Hey Beautiful blog faces!

***HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013***

I hope you all had a GREAT New Years Eve!

Mine was eventful to say the least…

I really did enjoy myself, well for the beginning of the

night I did…  Being with my lover his lil bro, friends, parents and their

friends was pretty fun… It was only when our evening was

diverted to budgetparty.com/chavcentral that I was

becoming a little erm… Let’s say irate! 🙂

We were supposed to be going to a classy

event in a lovely posh hotel… BUT NO!

I ended up paying £80.00 instead of £30.00

for a vomit covered cab ride at the end of the night!

I have never seen so much vomit…

I was honestly unsure if It would ever stop!

So we walked in to the party around 1am,

I looked around and straight away

knew we were way to nicely dressed to

be in a shit-hole like this…

But we were already there so it was like;


Plus that was SO last year! 🙂


New Years Resolutions:

I HAVE given up smoking and I am

very much replacing unhealthy foods with

healthy ones and replacing cigarettes for exercise…

I am actually going to read my own posts:

Miss Motivator & 15 Powerful Ways to create a good mood

to help me prepare and get my shit together.

I strongly believe in practising what you preach!

I will elaborate more on this in the coming weeks.

Lets see how I am doing by then…

I am sure I will better in the next few days!

To be honest the last few days of non-smoking

have been easy… It’s only when I started feeling a little

better from being ill that I started to crave smoking.

All I have to do is not beat the living shit

out of my colleagues when I return to work

tomorrow after being off sick…


For those who don’t know how I feel about

my work colleagues please see my post:

Dumbass Colleague Infuriation Rant

In the last few days I have SUCCESSFULLY given up smoking

DEATH OF CIGARETTE 1:15am Tuesday Morning,

I met my future hubby’s parents and little bro,

was projectile vomited on by the 16-year-old little bro,

slept, rested, talked, watched dvd’s and just been super lazy and ill,

received 2 blogging awards, the Liebster Blog Award from the lovely:

Saved in Drafts and the Reality Blog Award from the lovely

Tuttacronaca both amazing blogs, please have a gander!

Some funny and interesting stuff!

What touches me most is that these are new

followers of mine and it means more when

they have been following me such a short time.

I am nothing without people like this and people

like NickKitt, FrontRangeScribblesSageDoyle, & Journeyman1977

Plus anyone else that has been quite active on my blog  recently

that did not show up on my report as much…

Thank you people… Honestly!

You make me so happy!

I will sort out the Award posts soon and nominate

my own choices etc so please don’t think I am

being rude, I am just getting over being ill and

not in the right frame of mind

to post properly yet… Bare with me!

So, on the on the 29th of December I hit

100 followers, this was my last post and I just hit 115…

so that’s like 15 new followers in 5/6 days?


Fucking cool if you ask me!

Thanks people… While I have been away I have been

seriously tired, heartbroken about my vomit covered

beautiful brand new new baby pink studded suede wedges

and brand new vomit covered beautiful little black dress.

(Yeah! Thanks Lil Man) hung-over too, Trying to

figure out how to use my new Kindle like

a mildly retarded fool and I have been seriously ill

and missed the last 2 days back at work!

I had a disgusting case of:

 Norovirus (Click here to find out what it is)

So please know that I will be back soon and I

miss writing and all of you guys!

Just writing this took me ages and great concentration.

We all know that Vagenda Vixen can talk for England.

Most of the time if anything, I try to shorten my posts…

Because I simply talk too damn much sometimes! 🙂

Anyway… I THINK this post makes sense…

Sorry if that is not true.

So moving on…

The WordPress.com stats helper dudes prepared a 2012

annual report for lil Miss Vagenda VixenHOW COOL!

Check it out, it has actual moving fireworks and everything…

I found it somewhat entertaining… Is that sad?

In fact I fucking loved it and I don’t care if that is sad!

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012.

This blog got about 3,000 views in 2012.

(In 3 months)

If every person who reached the top of Mt.

Everest viewed this blog,

it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.


Click here to see the complete report.

From September 3rd- today this blog has been active…

77 countries it has been viewed in!


I just wanted to say thanks and BRB homies!

Love always… Best wishes for 2013!

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. I think you are so genuine that it simply makes me smile!

    1. Well thank you I really am and always try to show that so I am glad it comes accross, you seem genuine too and I love reading your posts! Thanks… Sweet comment

  2. Vomit covered cab ride, man that had to be fun.

    1. No it really was not LOL but I had to keep it together as this 16 year old vomit machine was left in our hands n we shouldn’t have left him with irresponsible young men that were giving him straight spirit mixed shots… Idiots! My poor dress and shoes… They must think I don’t love them anymore 😦

  3. Feel better soon, my friend! As for vomit…it’s the only thing that really squicks me out. I see, hear, smell that stuff and I’m running…fast…in the opposite direction. (Sad, but true, fact.)

    1. Thanks Kitt! Just got my new Kindle so starting to search out some of these books! Some of which my Mum has read… Kinda weird! LOL Anyway I usually deal badly with sick to be honest but I was so concerned about this boys health/life something motherly took over and I knew his safety was more important then how sick the smell was making me feel etc… It was weird… Dunno how I got through it but I did! Feeling much better now… Just getting my head together for my posts! How was your New Years?

      1. Went quite well. My sister and her husband flew down from Chicago. We had a fondue party and played games…4 couples in all. New Year’s Day, I stayed home & relaxed with my guy while my sis & hers went to my mom’s for dinner with the relatives. Hubby and I needed a break plus he worked early the following day (and mom lives more than an hour away).

      2. Aww sounds lovely hun I am pleased you enjoyed it! Sounds yummy and sweet!? Well I would tell you about mine but you can read and already know it was a bit shite! The only good thing was being with the mans family and the man at the beginning of the night and the end after my shower when I had cuddles in bed after all the drama with my Mr: (

      3. It was both… Glad you at least got to end the night well. Your mum had some of my recommendations already? What did she think?

      4. Sounds good! Yes it ended well after the sick episode LOL and yes she said they were good and has read em! Some she didn’t like and a couple she hadn’t read but on the whole I am excited to get em going soon as I finish 50 shades… I bet I have a lot to look forward too!

      5. LOL! I think so. 🙂

  4. lol ‘what the shit’ great post and I hope you feel better soon, I’ve had a lovely cold and cough for the past…well..YEAR now 😉 Happy new year (how long can we say that for?) and well done again on your awards

    1. They are my three favorite words at the moment LOL WHAT THE SHIT!!! Ha-Ha 🙂 Thanks I am glad you like it and many thanks about my rewards huni! Really a year??? You should def see a doctor! Happy New Year… Lets just keep saying it til the end of Jan… Fuck it! : ) I mean WHAT THE SHIT!!! Your words made me smile so thanks

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