***Hello my beautiful blog faces!***

I said to my girl’s the other day that all I wanted was 100 Blog followers

by x-mas day! Fuck the presents… Anything I really want, I can buy myself!

BUT... Money CANNOT buy followers to my blog…

Well unless your famous in which case you could just put

“I AM A CUNT!” on Facebook and get 100,000 likes in 1 day!

In the real world… You need to do much more to get these rewards!

By x-mas day I had 93 followers… I just hit 100 + baby!



As a reward and to show my gratitude,

I will tell you 50 interesting facts about MOI!

Ok… So they might not all be interesting…

More like 50 random facts as I am a pretty random person

as my blog should tell you, my writing is never planned its sparked!

But facts about me UNKNOWN in the blogging world none the less!


So here we go…

Number 1. I have 5 tattoos and plan to get more

Number 2. I actually designed 4 of these tattoos myself

Number 3. I like to design clothes, in particular dresses for the “Red Carpet Celebs”

Number 4. I once threw up in a baby’s Cott at  NYE party(Of course the baby was not there)

I was smashed and about 16!”

Number 5. I am obsessed with high heels but only wear my heels in a club for 3 hours

before going to the cloak room to grab my flats

Number 6. I used to be a gymnast and I loved it until a little spoilt brat’s

Mum was my only transport to get there

Number 7. I can sing and I am also a song writer and love writing music and singing

Number 8. I have MAJOR stage fright and that is why I backed out of my 2nd

Audition for X-Factor last year

Number 9. My 5 tattoo locations are: Thigh, wrist,

lower back, shoulder and right foot

Number 10. I once ran around a big block of  streets in north London

naked in a truth or dare (FACE PALM MOMENT)


Number 11. I have never really ever gotten over

my Mum and Dad’s divorce

Number 12. The first time I ever got really drunk I was 13,

drinking Archers straight

Number 13. I once threw up all over a guy I really liked as I was so

nervous to meet up with him I got wasted beforehand

Number 14.I am not a strong swimmer and tried to learn how to swim

when I was seriously drunk in Aya Napa when I was 19

Number 15. I have a sharp memory and somewhat photographic,

I am pretty good at memorizing numbers and addresses

Number 16. I am NOT a Hit Woman (Just incase number 15 had you thinking) LOL

Number 17. I don’t have a best friend, I have 7, including my Mum

Number 18. From 13-18 years old my Dad was never really there for me.

Number 19. I was Daddy’s little girl once and from born – 9 years old,

he was my Superman

Number 20. I have a crazy fear of any “big-ish” spiders


Number 21. When I was 19 there was a spider on my bed so big

I thought it was fake and tried to pick it up, I almost had a heart attack!

Number 22. I once had a Daddy long legs squashed between my neck

and shoulder for 15 minutes through sheer fear of moving

Number 23. My right knee used to dislocate whenever I sat like …


THIS… It happened 4 times in my life… My knee cap actually twisted round to the back of my leg… TOTALLY fucked…

Number 24. My left thumb only is double jointed and I

can bend it all the way back…

Number 25.  My little brother is an intelligent rap artist genius

and I hope to see him blow up in the next year or 2

Number 26. It took me 18 years of my life to realise I didn’t need to

be surrounded by people who love me to be happy. 

Number 27. I climbed to the top of Dunn’s River Falls  

(Waterfall) in Jamaica with little guidance

Number 28. I miss School more than anything and

if I could go back tomorrow I would

Number 29. I have quite serious trust issues that I am working on

Number 30. I am totally scared of thunder and lightning


Number 31. I was once on a bus with my whole bra out,

for god knows how long, after running for the bus

Number 32. I love children’s food even though I am 24

I  still love Potato Smileys and Chicken Dinosaurs as a dinner today

Number 33. I miss the days when me and my brother

were kids and can’t get over how fast our childhood went

Number 34. I became the most popular girl in my year group

at School for standing up to the Bullies in the years above

Number 35. I couldn’t go to my Grandad’s funeral.

As a muslim he had to be buried within 24 hours and died in Kenya on holiday

Number 36.  I am NOT muslim, some of My Dad’s side are,

I was raised a catholic, lost my path through the pain of life = Unsure of faith

Number 37. I am heavily convinced the reason I am a party girl

at heart is because I was born on a Friday night

Number 38. I only have 1 blood sibling,

my little brother and 3 step brothers by marriage

Number 39. I would die for my little brother or Mum,

they are the closest people to my heart

Number 40. I bite the inside of my mouth badly when I am nervous…

Sometimes until it bleeds (WORST HABIT)


Number 41. I have never really gotten over my Grandad’s death

Number 42. The first death I ever knew was my good friend Jack

during first school he died at 5 years old from meningitis

Number 43. The first funeral I attended was when I was 9,

it was an open coffin funeral and it was my Nan’s

Number 44. I love Music more than life itself,

I no longer rely on people to make me feel better, I rely on Music

Number 45. I have always dreamed of being a

Street Dance teacher for bored, troubled kids

Number 46. I don’t really have a favorite color,

I just love all bright and pretty, colorful things!

Number 47. I always have a pretty pattern on my fourth finger nail,

when I get my nails done

Number 48. I was bullied badly in my first year of secondary school

Number 49. Since I lost my temper at the Bullies,

I have NEVER been bullied since, all the kids feared me after that day 🙂

Number 50. I am the most fussy and indecisive person

people know when it comes to food


So there you have it…

You know 50 things about me that you didn’t before!

I am not going to be posting again now until around the 2nd of Jan,

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY next few days… 🙂

So I want to take this opportunity to say A MASSIVE…


to everyone and I wish everyone a fantastic New Years eve and New Years day!

I will be a NON-SMOKER by the time I next post…

Lets see how that shit goes down…

I am a bit nervous about it…

If you are not aware please see my post:

The hardest goodbye…

When it hits 12:00am and I am drunk and partying in style at this

nice hotel dance I am going to with a very special person,

I will raise my glass for you guys too, if I can even drink anymore by that point!

No doubt I will be SUPER hung-over on New Years day!

I look forward to posting again soon and thanks again to everyone that

has shown interest in my Blog. It is very much appreciated!


Be safe, have fun, smile, be happy and to anyone that has

had a shitty year… We will MAKE next year

the BEST year yet… Hey, the world didn’t end!

Let us be happy about that until the next stupid

prediction arises and we have a new date!

The only thing that will change the next year…

is YOU!

Believe in yourself, follow your dreams and remember…

YOLO- So choose wisely and make it count!

I will leave you with my favorite song of 2012…

Miss Carly Rae Jepson

Call Me Maybe

If I hear this song on NYE I will be a happy girl and lose all control!

My FEEL GOOD song of the year…

That is all…

Love always

~Vagenda Vixen~



  1. Because I find your blog so amazing I nominated you for an award. I would love to see you accept it 🙂 http://seefurtherblog.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/your-much-deserved-awards/

    1. Wow! Thank you so much sweetie! I am so grateful that is so lovely! 🙂 I am so behind with my blog but this is my 6th award and you guys have motivated me so much! I will be working on my blog over the weekend and making it up to everyone! 🙂 Aww

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