Hey beautiful bloggers,

So I just caught MAD BLOGGING DISEASE after watching: Hitch

Amazing film, I could totally connect to this film on a personal level

as I am somewhat a “match maker” myself

and it gave me GREAT inspiration, to write this post

and share an example of my “match making” in action.

I also realise how at ease I am now whilst thinking, writing and

talking about love, I’d like to thank a very special guy for that.

My CPC! He is the BEST!

And of course thanks Will Smith, you are AWESOME!

So let me talk to you guys about LOVE!


I have loved 4 men so far in my life.

The first man I loved was my Dad…

Aww how cute! 🙂

(Such a gay thing to say but it’s true)

But no seriously…

The other 3 were serious relationships.

All 3 of these I thought were the “one”

I put that down to being too young and naive

to actually know what it was that I was really looking for.

What a shambles all that shit turned out to be!

YES we lose the time we spent trying to make it work,

but it is about what it TAUGHT us that is most important.


That is why when it comes to love and relationship regrets, I have none.

I needed to be hurt badly to become as wise and strong as I am today.

Anyone can fling on a pair of rose-tinted glasses and think

that life is oh so wonderful and beautiful when they are in love…

Sometimes it is wonderful and great and other times… Really not the case.


Do not be afraid to take risks, if they pay off it’s amazing,

if they don’t you will be wiser and stronger because of it.

Don’t be so scared to tell someone how you really feel.

We often forget the true value of a moment and only really

remember and appreciate it when it has become a memory…

Sad… But true!


This is totally me when in love, just remember not to say things like this until you trust enough that the feelings are mutual… Don’t be scared to express yourself, just protect your heart a little is all I am saying…

I always mean what I say and have always taken

words and love seriously… I would NEVER say something

I didn’t really mean. Not everyone is the same however…

I can’t compare the loves I have had, I am an all or nothing

kind of girl, so although the relationships were very

different… The LOVE was the same.

Total head over heels, butterfly feelings giddy ass LOVE!

My weakness in the past was falling too deep, too fast and

getting TOTALLY caught up with the feeling

of BEING in love, like almost in love with love…

I really learned the hard way with this one,

but never the less I LEARNED!


LOVE is like beauty and ugliness combined…

It brings out the best and worst in people.

That is why they say there is a very thin line between love and hate.

The beginning, middle and end depends on you.

I say this because it depends entirely on what YOU are

prepared to let happen… Wouldn’t you agree?

NEVER love someone who does NOT deserve your love.

Total fuck up, I have been there and let me tell you ladies and gents

Sometimes we are supposed to love at least ONE asshole

in order to appreciate and be totally grateful for when the right

person does come along. Be wise enough to SEE THE GOOD OR BAD SIGNS EARLY!


As my Mum always taught me and something I

say A LOT throughout my blog:



This is what has saved me, the lucky escapes as it were!

LOVE… Something so beautiful yet so dangerous…


LOVE makes us crazy happy but can also just make us crazy,

when it doesn’t go the way we plan.

Sad, heartbroken etc but the thing people tend to forget

is that if someone can break your heart in the first place,

they never deserved you anyway!


My close friend Lee is with a guy that I actually hooked her up with.

He is a friend I have known since primary School,

great guy, a total catch… He saw her with me one day and

asked about who she was, he was interested.

She is quite guarded  but also a major catch herself,

a beautiful, intelligent kind girl, with a heart of pure gold…

I love her and I wanted her to be with someone GREAT

who could love her even more than I do.

I remember her saying to me that she was losing faith

in men, where she had been hurt etc…

She kept meeting the wrong ones.

Then I set her up with my friend. 🙂

He was out there, she just hadn’t met him yet!

I knew these 2 beautiful people could create a beautiful

relationship and they did… Eventually! Ha-ha…

She is one stubborn lady though and it took several

attempts to get her to agree to a date with him.

So eventually they got together and my magic had worked.

A few weeks ago a troubled Lee came to me for advice.

The signs were there that he loved her, he was just a bit too shy to say it properly.

So he kept hinting about it instead, I know he has been hurt before too.

She wouldn’t accept it when I kept saying:

“Lee, HELLO?!  WAKE UP! Do you not see what he is trying to tell you?!

She just giggled at me with that ” I know your right but im scared!”

school girl kind of look  pasted across her face. 🙂

She waited SO LONG to tell him she loved him… She was petrified bless her heart.

I told her to do it and she did… It set her free.

I told her that she would get the right response and he would

become closer to her after she said it, I was right and they are

happy in love and I am so happy for her.

How did I know it would go the way it did?


Ladies… Please pay attention!


Nobody should settle for less than they truly deserve!

But why is it SO hard for us to say those 3 magical words?




I will tell you why! It is because we are all so scared of rejection!

But why be so scared? You’re only expressing how you feel.

Why wouldn’t the person you’re with be totally thrilled to hear you say you love them?

I remember doing the biggest most ludicrous spasm around my

entire house when I was told those 3 special words for the

first time…




If the guy could have seen me after he told me,

ha-ha…. He may have taken it back.

I looked and acted crazy retarded for a good half hour. 🙂

My smile was so big that day that my face ached for most of the day after!

I look forward to falling in love again it really is an amazing feeling

and who knows, it could be sooner than I expect…

Time will tell!


So don’t be scared to express how you feel and instead of

worrying so much about the future, just embrace and enjoy the moments instead.

You will be much more satisfied this way, I can assure you.

Everything happens for a reason, just be patient!

The generation I live in is broken by media bull shit.

I think Drake is a pretty good artist but the weirdest thing happened tonight.

Before I started writing this post, as I sat and thought about LOVE

the below song came into my head as a sense of hopelessness washed over

me briefly, I wondered just how many people would like this post about love.

Does everyone even still truly believe in love anymore?


The answer is impossible for me to know. I just found it a bit messed up

that when I googled LOVE in images… That shit above came up!

What I will say is that:


It’s not until you meet that one special person like no other

that you even start to truly believe people so amazing even exist!

They are out there I can assure you, I have found one of them myself.

I’m a lucky girl and I know life is better because of him.

This person has had a huge impact on my life.

He truly understands me and he makes me so happy,

without even really having to try.

But it’s not all about the other person as

 it starts with you… Never give up hope and believing in yourself.

truth,wisdom-c03bbdf233da7f39db2a6f44253d4b7e_h (1)

I know what I want. I know where I am going because I

have paid attention to where I have been. There is NO fairy-tale

magic and not every love has a happy ending, so try your best to make good decisions

and look for someone who you can totally be 100% yourself around.

Nobody should have to change who they are to be with someone else.

If you do change and it’s not real, whether you like it or not…


Just because the fairy-tale happily ever after stories aren’t real,

it does NOT mean you can’t re-create your own realist themed fairy-tale… 🙂


To get someone who loves you for everything you are.

Who loves you warts and all, who can say you look beautiful/handsome

even when you might think or feel you look like shit.

Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

So there we have it people…

PART 1 of thoughts on love.

I have much more I want to share about love.

But I had to start somewhere right?


That is all!

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. Without risks, there are few rewards.

    1. Never a truer word my dear, I like that!

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