*My Top 10 best of the worst funny’s X Factor… Lil x-mas present to my followers*

This dude had me ON THE FLOOR…

He sounds like he’s in pain doesn’t he?

He always makes my day when I watch this!

LMMFAS= Laughing my mother fucking ass off

Duffy- Mercy- Even though this woman totally annihilated a song I love

I couldn’t help but fall in love with this lil mental patient, too cute!

It is kind of scary as well but SO funny!

To help you even further … Please look at the proper song below…

Bless her though…

Madonna- Like a prayer Now I am not sure Madonna would

be very happy if she heard this but if her sense of humor

is anything like mine, she would have cracked up.

This woman is jokes and even more funny because she looks

tooooo serious about the whole thing!

These two girls make me ashamed to be from the UK


These “Chavvy” little tramps really made a mockery

of themselves but boy did I have a good time

watching it, they were so rude

but for their courage I rate them!

This boy is also another shameful UK moment.

This guy is from London, he is rude, weird and

a little scary, I think he may be gay to…

What do you reckon?

I used to love this song before he ruined it…

Since this video, this song has not been the same.

Neyo must be SUPER PISSED ha-ha.


I have NEVER heard anyone sing so strangely in my entire life!

He seems so innocent you can’t help but love him, however my ears

did not feel the same… When everyone joins in he thinks he must

sound good, bless his little cottons!

This dude has changed the way I sin this song forever!

I realised that it is MUCH more fun to sing the chorus like he does.

It sounds legally retarded and poor Tiny’s song was murdered right here! LOL

I didn’t know men could sing this high…

To be honest the singing isn’t even the worst bit!

It’s the dancing that had me in fits, what a little superstar!

This guy is so cute bless him, he looks like he’s wearing his Dad’s suit!

Check out the dancing! He is proper getting DOWN! Ha-ha…

That’s the tickles so far!

So these are my X-factor bestest tickles!

Biggest laughs…

My Christmas present to you guys…

My present from you?

I just wanted 100 followers before x-mas…

December 10th I had 1600 hits, 55 follower’s and now only 15 days

later I have 2632 hits and 93 followers, I wanted to hit 100 before x-mas

So thanks people… Much l<3Ve

I got my present… well almost LOL so hope you like yours

I got…  love, support and lots of

new beautiful blogging friends and filthy

new reads from Kitt… 😉

I am slightly drunk, I won’t lie! 🙂


Merry x-mas people’s…

Love you guys!

That is all…

Ahh… the embarrassment of the UK!


L<3ve it…

Have a lovely, safe and happy time with your families!

Love always…

~Vaenda Vixen~



  1. Believe it or not, I have trouble watching bad or embarrassing auditions. I get embarrassed for them.

    1. Aww thats sweet hun! Well I don’t I am a person who loves to laugh at myself… I am sure all these people love the fame they have got and making others laugh is a beautiful thing even if they are a lil embarassed 🙂 I would expect someone to laugh at me if I was any of the above LOL X

      1. I think you’re right about many of them…but I also think there are a few out there who believe they are genuinely talented (sometimes friends and family don’t have the heart to step on someone’s dreams). I think for them it’s probably pretty devastating. :-/

      2. I totally agree but as I always say you gotta be able to laugh at yourself! 🙂 its true that family and friends DO do that and it sucks… Same time shame on them and maybe it’s for the best to have dreams crushed sometimes, it usually makes us rise higher or helps us to create new ones based on things we are ACTUALLY good at. We only fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up!

  2. I just had to say this . . . I actually love your blog; it’s hilarious! Think my marj is a bit worried about me – I keep laughing out loud …

    1. Aww that is very sweet of you to say, I always wanna be able to make people LOL I am like that in person so I try to put as much of my personality as possible into my blog! Thanks and keep laughing! 🙂

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