*A Laughing SEX Rant & Debate! Casting Christian Grey- 50 Shades Movie*

Christian Bale



Ryan Reynolds





Chance Crawford



Ian Somerhalder


NO, NO, NO!!!

I DO NOT see it at all!


These two guys could be twins!

Plus… they look like KIDS for fuck sake!



I am more than halfway through 50 Shades Darker… 2 books down, 1 to go!

Until my break-up earlier this year

and the new introduction to the “lack of sex” kind of life…

I honestly didn’t think I would own

the trilogy… Now let me tell you something…

I will NEVER, EVER take sex for granted again… Ha-ha

The books though… Jeeze!

In 10 years, I have not been MORE addicted to a book,

then I have with this… TOTALLY hooked.

I had to see what all the fuss was about…

Now I see…


I have honestly never been so turned on by a book in my life!

It’s pretty fucked up when I am on the bus reading it…

Getting a bit hot and sweaty… 😉

In fact it’s pretty fucked up wherever I am unless I am alone.

The weird old guy on the Tube sitting opposite,

staring at the cover of my book…

You can see it in his disapproving stare… he’s thinking;

“Ah the youth of today… Fucking whore!”



All 50 shades of it!

Even though I am 24 I know I look really young…

It’s bull shit!

I’m thinking;

“It’s just a book dude, have a word!”

(Although saying that, earlier this year

I saw a guy who looked around 85,

 in a sex shop in Amsterdam…

Seeing him holding a boxed up strap on

with a load of sexy lingerie in his basket,

I had to say something so I asked him where he found

the fish net crotch-less body stocking in red,

I told him I had been looking everywhere for one…

Thought it would be a laugh, it really was!

I don’t even want to think of who he was buying for…

All in super size…


This old man was a Super freak, love that!

It was quite a surprise to see, I don’t know who felt

more awkward… me or him!

But what a priceless moment!)



I would read this on my lunch break,

on my way home,on my way to work…

It’s insanely hot, the first few chapters I

was thinking, so where is the sex… 1 book down and

halfway through the 2nd, the sex doesn’t seem to stop!

BUT! It is not JUST about the sex with these books,

it’s the story and the characters,

you fall in love with them and you feel like

you really know them well, personally…

That is the mark of a phenomenal writer,

In my opinion and  I would like to see

more from E L James in 2013…

I wonder if she can ever top 50 Shades?

I also noticed that a lot of the “scenes” created

in the stories of Christian and Ana are from

well-known chick flicks.

This is something me and my Mum noticed when

discussing the books whilst watching,

Pretty Woman(Amazing film)



Nobody really cares about who plays Ana…

Or should I say, I don’t care…

Any pale brunette is a winner, fuck it!

It’s all about Christian, the beautiful mess of a man.

The reason women are leaving their husbands…

Or the reason the husbands are happy as fuck.

Sometimes it only takes a glimpse of the possibilities…

The opportunities and introduction to a whole

new world of seduction, passion and excitement.

A door opens, marriages are saved, broken,

spiced up… All from 1 writer, 3 books.

E L James

E L James "50 Shades Of Grey" Q&A With Dr. Logan Levkoff

E L James – Writer of 50 Shades

Because after reading these books,

they can’t go back to their dull sex lives.

Hell to the Nizzo!

They can’t bare the though of that shit…

People find some of what they are missing and that’s it!

The end of life as they know it…

They want more!


Ryan Reynolds

My first thought was that Ryan Reynolds should play Christian,

for obvious reasons, the guy is SUPER HOT!

Then someone very special to me pointed out Christian Bale.

A genius suggestion, to say the least!


It is a major sign! Ha-ha…

So I started looking at pictures.

As much as I think I would like to see Ryan play the role of Grey,

there is no denying that Christian Bale is PERFECT for the part.

But is Christian Bale too old?

Is Ryan Reynolds too soft?

Who knows…

All I know is this is ONE big decision that will

MAKE or BREAK the film…

They can’t afford to fuck this up.

I would also say that Taylor (Christians right hand man)

should be played by:


Gerrard Butler

I think he would be perfect for Taylors role…

  My Mum is actually the one who

made me think of Gerrard for this role.

He has the likability, good-looking,

a man who will make any woman feel safe and secure!

Mmm… 🙂

 I think I see Christian Bale as the winner,  just fits.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale

It is one of those things that will affect

the film from the very start if they don’t get Grey right,

People will be walking out of the Cinema…

Well I am excited to see who will be the chosen one!

Sadly… It doesn’t matter what “lil old me” thinks.

unfortunately, I am not the one in charge.


(Personal note to my followers)

Sorry about all the swearing again guys…

The people I work with are really fucking me off today!

To the point where, I no longer wish to do any

work until next year 2013…

All I care about is writing at the moment!

3 days to go and I am off for the holidays until next year!




Only time will tell!

Who do you think would be perfect to play Christian Grey?


That is all…

Love always!

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. Oh, sweetie…well, hmmmm. I love you. I do. But I’m not a Shades Of Grey fan. I think what the author did for erotic romance is something to give a nod at…but apparently I live in 50 Shades Of Red or Black… I like my stories much more naughty….and could point you to some seriously hot authors. 😉

    I did like your Amsterdam story, though! Laughed as that sounds like something I would do. (BTW, did my own 50 Shades post back in September…around my anniversary)

  2. LOOOL well this is the first naughty book I have ever read… apart from International erotica which was a book an ex bought for me as a present…Me tooo, where have you been all my life… you totally need to hook me up Miss! Ha-ha… the Amsterdam story is classic… I am going to check out your post and maybe create my own soon… There is more to me then I let on… Especially when it comes to being naughty… Ha-ha… Thanks girl!

    1. Wait…seriously? This is the first naughty book you’ve read? Girl…you need to email me quick! Kittcrescendo@gmail.com. I love my lady smut and can totally point you in the right direction…LOLOL!

      1. I just sent you an email and it says email invalid??? email me and I will reply… vagendavixen@hotmail.co.uk xxxMwAhxx

  3. Emailed you. Let me know if you get it.

    1. Nope! 😦 NO EMAIL babe I think your accounts playing up… x

  4. I have never read this book and have no interest in seeing the film to be honest, (I’ve already seen 9 1/2 weeks) I just know it’s about s&m so I’m thinking Christian Bale since he’s an intense actor, I’m thinking “American Psycho” and “The Machinist” and the movie when he was a prisoner of war, that’s all I have for input lol

    1. LMAO Fair enough… I guess I need to find more books clearly not everyone as impressed as I am… Hey it’s my first set of naughty books, still waiting for Kitt to hook me up ha-ha… Im more about the act of sex and have only started reading because I have no sex in my life atm… entertains me slightly… maybe I should trash this post = [ I wont watch the film either to be honest I just want to know who will be Christian Grey! Films are always shit when you read the book… nothing beats your own imagination and creation… BUT Yes, Bale would be perfect! Thanks for your input hun! 🙂

      1. Aw, don’t second guess your post because of me! It’s a great post, and topical. I didn’t mean for it to come across as a criticism of your post or your interests at all. I apologize if you felt criticized. It’s just not for me, but clearly it’s for a lot of other people otherwise it wouldn’t have had so much success. Maybe I’m missing out on something. In general, hype tends to put me off in many venues. When the hype dies down, then I start to get curious. Anyway, it’s a great post, because even though I’m not interested in the book or the film, you got me interested enough to read an article and comment. That’s a compliment to you, don’t trash it! 🙂

      2. Aww you are such a sweetie, wasn’t because of you hun, I just know I over-hyped 50 shades a fair bit, ha-ha you are far from the only person I know who isn’t into it… You are too sweet… Honestly your words didn’t make me consider trashing it! I only read these books now, same I didn’t want to be part of the hype either :)… You are truly lovely, no need to apologize and thanks for the lovely comment!

      3. lol ok, thank you 🙂

      4. Well, this Santa’s helper got you your list…and I think you’ll find them fun and a bit educational. You’ll see what I mean about the maturity in writing. Good observation by you, by the way, that many of the “hot” scenes seem to be stolen from popular movie scenes. Guess they inspired her, huh?

  5. christinasparxisnotawhore · · Reply

    I enjoyed reading 50 shades… Bale? Perfect casting!

  6. I vote for Ian. Christian Bale second.

  7. I haven’t read the book and tho I looovee Chace Crawford I agree he’s too young, but what about Ed Westwick? We know he can play dirty–Chuck Bass might be young but he’s sooo sexy.

    1. I love your thoughts there sweetie! Didn’t think of Ed! Very true and yes god damn he is sexy I agree x

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