*Inner beauty and the lack of it…*

I have been thinking a LOT about beauty & inner beauty recently…

& the lack of it!


How do you personally define beauty?

Every day I hear people talk about beauty like anyone

that looks good deserved to be called beautiful…

Well being honest! (Whether I agree or not)I am grateful, blessed and flattered

to say I have been called beautiful many times in my life…

= ] (blushes) i.e. surface and inner beauty… very lucky for me!

 But when a guy has said to me;

“You are so beautiful!” if I don’t know him… I simply reply with;

“Thanks but say that again in a few months when you know more about me!”

I have never taken compliments very well…

That is of course if I want to get to know the guy in question… = ]


See, ever since we were kids, most people have known of the above story.

We were all taught it from a young age with the important message to:

Not judge a book by its cover!

Some listened… Some didn’t.

Well I listened and can honestly say I have never been like that.

I say we were taught but of course, we can only be shown a door.

Nobody can make us walk through it…

It is important to remember and pay attention to life’s little lessons.

Good looks don’t mean anything these days… Some of the most “Beautiful”

people to look at can be the ugliest of people inside.

I believe true beauty comes from within, from the heart and mind.

If you are blessed enough to be beautiful inside as well as out, you are very lucky!

Inner beauty is something that can make anyone beautiful,

this and confidence go hand-in-hand…

Not over confident though… Too cocky can be a big turn off for anyone.

I say you have to be beautiful inside for it to really radiate outside through to the surface,

I would say everyone is beautiful in their own way but this is not true.

Murderers, Rapists, Bullies and Psychopaths are NOT beautiful…

Haha… NO! But seriously…

Every good person with a pure heart is very beautiful in their own way,

despite how they may view themselves or their looks…

What you may not like about your looks…

Others may find very attractive.

Imperfections make perfection because nobody is perfect…

Let people see your imperfect beauty… perfectly!


I know so many guys that have learned the hard way,

Let me tell you a story about my good friend Dan…

So Dan has his eye on a girl, he is excited to tell me all about it;

“Ah, I have met this girl and she is so beautiful, I am so lucky,

we are going on a date next week, I can’t WAIT! Forget that other girl!”

A few weeks later he calls me and says;

“That girl is a fucking bitch,

She is sleeping with 3 people I know and she stole money from my wallet,

what a gold digging slut…

I wish I had listened to you now and met up with

the other girl who fancied me instead… I am such a dick!”

Beautiful is as beautiful does people LOL…


This bitch totally screwed him over and left him bitter and angry.

“She is so out of my league!” my friend Dan said before all this happened.

My response afterwards; “Ha-ha out of your league you said yeah Dan?!


I am actually one of the few people who don’t enjoy telling people I care about;

“I told you so!” BUT… I can’t help feeling that what happened to Dan

was linked with slight bad karma from how he had treated

the other girl who really, really liked him for him…

He said that because she asked him

on a date, she had made herself too available, despite her being

a lovely person, he said he did like her but that this other girl

was much “hotter” and he liked the way she

was playing hard to get… What a dick!

I said to him, “Dan, you will soon learn that beauty is not

something that can be defined until truly knowing someone!”

His response was, “Though I know your probably right,

I don’t care because she’s too hot for words!”

Again… What a dick! = ]

Would you say it was Karma?

I would… He is lucky the nice girl gave him a second chance!

He was so sure about this hot mess of a woman,

That he actually told the other girl;

“I am seeing someone else, sorry!”

Before he had even got to know the type of bitch she really was.

The nice girl told a mutual friend how upset she was that

he had met someone else. This girl was kinder beyond what Dan deserved ha-ha.

She gave him a second chance, what a sweetie!

See how the tables turn? Now DAN is the lucky one…

I am pleased to say these two are still together now and happy in love.

Back to beauty, I HATE plastic surgery, you were born the way you were

for a reason… Is the image above really beautiful?

Of course it’s not! It is extreme insecurity at it’s very best is what that is!

What I am trying to show you is that the media is just there to cloud

all our minds by trying to trick society into thinking beauty is something it’s not.

It is very sad, as it affects many, especially us women of course.

You need to find a beautiful heart and mind first, then assess the looks,

looks fade eventually but a beautiful heart and mind lasts forever.

OBVIOUSLY you need to have the initial attraction to the person physically…

(for sexual reasons of course wink, wink),

Just don’t be as shallow as some people are…

never judge

The happiest people are usually the most beautiful people inside.

The most beautiful people usually have interesting stories and are very wise.

You have to go through a fair bit in life sometimes to get to the point of inner peace and happiness…

That is why it is important to not let “outside beauty” blind you…

I also hate it when guys are intimidated by how attractive women can be…

Everyone is just a person, whether male or female I am never intimidated by anyone’s looks…

If I want to talk to someone, I will.

I have often met guys where they don’t speak to me until they need to.

When I ask why they have never spoken to me before I hear things like;

“I am quite a shy guy and you’re a very pretty girl,

it’s quite intimidating and I am scared of rejection!”

When the whole time I am thinking something must be wrong with me…

Why doesn’t this person want to talk to me?


I also treat everyone the same, whether attractive  or not…

I only give the best of myself to people when I see their inner beauty first.

People make stupid decisions based on looks, very stupid!

To the point where the most beautiful girl a guy has met is the one

that has given him an STD for life… It is disgusting, but true.

So I ask all you men and women to give people a chance before

you decide they are not “right” for you.

Be and see beauty the right way, the way that doesn’t involve,

money, clothes, make-up or surgery.

You will thank me in the long run if you do!


If you have not heard the song below, listen to it.



That is all my beautiful bloggers!

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. Your post is dead on

    1. Why thank you very much! = ] I really enjoyed writing this… After the Dumbass Colleague Rant I think I owed it to you guys to do something nice LOL

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