You know when you have a serious problem with your job, when you feel the way I do.

When every day you are fighting to hold back your true feelings about your colleagues…

When you find yourself unable to concentrate because you would rather be writing about

what absolute assholes the majority of them are and how many times you have secretly

thought about sending a Hit-Man to deal with them for good…

Now it would probably appear that I am pretty bitter and twisted about all this…

Your right… I am!  = ]


I am also not being serious, just extremely frustrated after the last 3 years of shit here.

I worked my ass off in my company to become a respected and credited member of a fucked up team of people.

It took a long time to get to where I am now in the company,

where nobody can really tell me anything and I just do my own thing.

I have nobody on my case to report to,

apart from my MD and the Director below him, who acts more like my friend.

The worst of the people I work with are overpaid,

stupid and absolutely shit at their jobs, if I didn’t work so hard I wouldn’t mind.

I work hard because it’s just how I am.

I am a perfectionist at what I do and take pride in all the work I do….

BUT it is becoming impossible.

There is one woman here that is so old,

I just don’t even understand how she got a job here to begin with,

why doesn’t she just retire for fuck sake?

She comes in and just chats shit all day,

I wouldn’t mind if she worked while she spoke but she doesn’t.

The thing that’s bad about this, is she speaks really slowly and her life is SO fucking boring!

Now let me share something important,

I work with a woman, who is around the same age as this scumbag

but she is young, because her heart is young.

She works hard, she picks things up quickly, she is kind, caring, bubbly and full of life.

She is also the ONLY female in our company I like and can trust.

Old is what you are in your heart and mind…

NOT your age on paper!


I don’t believe it can be defined by age…

Sometimes it is true, age is a just a number!

My Mum is more like an older sister to me sometimes (apart from when it matters)

and she is over 50, although she doesn’t look it, which is great for her, me and my future kids,

I am very blessed with the genes I have, my Dad looks young too.

Anyway… I find it a mockery to know that I work with people so dull and stupid,

employed by a dull and stupid woman, of course.

I was pretty much bullied for the entire first year and a half at my job by this dull, stupid, bitter, old bitch.

She would constantly talk to me like I was a backwards child and do anything in her power to make me

look stupid or incapable whenever the Bosses were around… Luckily this time has passed.

But because she was such a control freak, She actually trained me

 in a way so that most of what I needed I would have to ask her help for.

So she could make it seem like she was very capable and I needed her help.

Obviously I taught myself what she wouldn’t teach me and got help

from the brains behind our company which changed everything.

She is like one of those fitness freak type people and would always comment and criticize

me if I happened to be eating something at lunch that she didn’t find as healthy as what

she would eat which is fuck all… She used to say things like:

“A moment on the hips, remember a lifetime on the hips!”


I wouldn’t mind if I cared or if I actually gave a fuck about anything she has to say!

She is just such a bitch all the time, even though I rarely let anything she said get to me,

it was grinding away at me. These days (after I put my foot down and told her how it is a few weeks back)

she doesn’t say shit to me. Because she now KNOWS I don’t like her,

don’t take kindly to her bull shit and will not tolerate it any longer.

Almost 3 years it took me to blow… I was so proud of myself when I stood up to her,

I was so angry I was shaking. I did it in such a professional manner and it made her look so small and pathetic…

At one point I thought she was going to cry, I loved every second of it… = ]

She apologized again and again as if she thought I would say it back… NEVER!

The satisfaction I got from her apology and her looking like she was going to cry and how belittled I had made her feel,

did not compare to the torment and suffering I had endured over the past year and a half…. Not ONE bit.

BUT it is only when you find out about people’s lives that you truly understand why they are so vile.

This makes me furious as despite what goes on in my life, I always try to be as kind, helpful and

considerate as possible towards others, why should anyone be treated badly

just because my life may not be going as well as I would like it to be???

The woman in question is about 43 years old, she has no man,

no kids and she still lives with her Mum.

I also found out that this bullying bitch used to be a very big girl once…

 This made me even more angry as she gets pleasure out of

Making fun, of bigger people on a day-to-day basis. She would say things like:

“Look at that fat bitch outside trying to get in her car!”

Little did I know that she used to be a size 24 herself before she got into her Fitness Freak crazed lifestyle…

What a hypocrite, I don’t understand where people get off making fun of people who are what they once were?!

But I get her now… she is just a bitch and nobody can change that.

The reason she used to pick on me in particular

Was firstly I am the youngest in our company, she sees me as a threat in every way I am sure, I am kind, considerate, warm,

everyone gets on with me better, I have a personality that she could NEVER match,

Our customers prefer me and I can do her job and mine and the other idiots with my eyes closed.

I mean I can do fuck all at work for the whole day and I have still done more than these two woman put together.


What a fucking JOKE!


I have always been very fast at picking up anything and everything

and I know my company and products like the back of my hand.

Why wouldn’t she be a bitch, her life is dull and boring,

she has no man or children and still lives with her mother.

I would be pretty bitter and twisted to,

I guess at some point she was left jaded by a man who broke her heart.

The thing that is sad is that people would actually feel sorry for her and be

nice and actually respect her a bit more if she just wasn’t such a cold, heartless bitch!

What amazes me is these women and one of the men here are like two-faced, snaky kids…

I just don’t get it! They talk ill of each other and every one else all the time behind each others backs,

yet all these people are over 40 and in my opinion are old enough to know better!

I would never say something to anyone else that I wouldn’t say to the persons face…

It is just NOT my style at all. I cannot STAND fake people, suck-ups or people incapable of doing their jobs.

I know I am not alone with my feelings in this post… every office has a Wanker or 2…

In my unfortunate case I have 3 to deal with…  Well 2 and one suck-up dumb guy! LOL

Ahh I feel SO much better now, do you understand why it is important to get shit off your chest?!

I am now able to go back to my peaceful place and get on with looking for a new job…

So there we are… Office politics, some total bullshit!!!

I am REALLY sorry for all the swearing guys… BAD ass day…

If you have any work rants to share, feel free to below:



That is all…

Love always people… = ]

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. People like her make the workplace so much worse. They think everything needs to revolve around them because if not than they become obsolete

    1. You know it… You pretty much hit the nail on the head, she is a real attention seeker and it is so pathetic and I am not the only person she is a bitch to, I just get the worst of it! I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with people like this and for 3 years I was strong enough to not let her drive me out of my job, I now see I can’t do it anymore so will be looking for a new job in the New Year!

      1. It is a shame someone like her is driving you away, but it’s great you had the strength to stand up to her. Good luck in your job search.

      2. It is a shame but I have been there 3 years now… unless a dramatic turn of events happen… I don’t see another way forward, plus I have learned a hell of a lot in this company and know I can earn at least 6-7 thousand more a year then I am currently on… So it is not all bad! Who knows… Stay tuned and thanks for your support! = ]

  2. Sayantika Adak Ghosh · · Reply


    1. Thank you so much… I love that a venting session fuled by anger can attract new people to my blog LOL thanks for the support

      1. Sayantika Adak Ghosh · ·

        I do it too… which is why i loved it 🙂

      2. Lol well I am glad you can relate… stay tuned I am sure there are more rants to come ha-ha I will check yours out! 🙂

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