*Loyalty & Special Thanks in 2012*


Hey guys…

So, yesterday was my 3rd house move in 3 months… I try not to dwell too much on the

negatives in my life but to be totally honest with you guys this year has

been so shit for me…  LOL dear-oh-dear!

How was it for you?

I know many people close to me that feel the same about this year…

My Mum lost her job of like 15+ years; me and my ex broke up,

and even though I now see it was only for the best I also was heart

broken for a short while… I should have been prepared for the worst…

I was far from prepared though…

Lesson learned the hard way!

Though I can’t say this year has all been terrible.

Something very good came from a terribly tough time for me.

I have also been to way too many funerals this year.

Very sad times…


My blog has been a BIG part of my life this year.

I started it at the beginning of September when my life

started taking a turn for the worse…

It became my outlet, my “sweet escape”.

In 3 months I have: 1600 + hits 55 followers,

222 likes on my whole 28 blog posts to date

 and 1 blogging award from the wonderful  Nick = ]

That is 43 followers more then Jesus had! (my friend pointed out)

I am not trying to blaspheme or offend anyone but I thought that was a pretty

cool observation, I can’t be doing too bad!

While some may think I am making a big deal out of nothing,

I don’t take anything for granted at this point in my life.

Any support and kindness I get from anyone is really appreciated.

I never expected people would actually be interested

In what “lil old me” has to say about life and the world.

I am extremely grateful; you have all been my motivation

and inspiration to keep going, every comment, every like, every follower.


I wish more people would comment on my blog though as I

would like to develop stronger personal relationships with my followers

during 2013… I have a few already but not as many as I would like.

HINT: So if we all live to see 2013 ha-ha please bare this in mind!

I will also continue to do my best when writing for you guys.


I just want to take this opportunity to thank every single person individually

That has followed, showed interest and liked my posts over the past 3 months

Now I am a person who has always taken loyalty very seriously.

NOBODY has been taken for granted.

I AM a loyal friend, lover, daughter, sister and person.

I always have been and always will be.

My first move this year was to a close family members,

(well we were close) and for personal reasons,

sadly, I couldn’t go back to my Mumzy’s…

It is pretty shocking when you think or should I say I wrongly assumed

that just because they were family…

They would be loyal to me.


My own family members shit on me from a great height…

It was not the first time this has happened either.

Another story for another time…


I won’t go into it but to abbreviate the situation…

I will share two small valuable pieces of advice:




Be wary, hope for the best… Prepare for the worst…

Sniff out the BULL SHIT and remember LOYALTY & TRUST is everything!

I am still very grateful they let me stay at all, I just wish my these people

were the people I thought they were, before living with them.

It is pretty shit when you spend most of your life thinking people

close to you, in your OWN family are amazing people…

Then they turn out not to be… What a JOKE!

I didn’t want to be there, I had to be there…

HUGE difference…

Anyway, what I am trying to get at is

when your own family let you down, when you LEAST

expect it… it makes it even harder to trust anyone else.

That is why I am so grateful for all those that have helped me this year.

This includes: My Parents, Bro, soul mate and quite a decent sized list of other

close male and female friends…

Every true friend that actually gave a fuck and was actually there for me

 when shit really hit the fan… They know who they are!

When it all falls down, you really find out who your true friends are.

Who you need and who you don’t…

 I thank everyone that made my 24th Birthday special this year…

Everyone that has helped create good memories in the last few months…

Every Blog supporter I had through the worst times…

I am still shocked I managed to go through all this,

Without taking ANY time off work and not letting on,

on single thing that was going on in my life at the time…

I kept my personal life way outside works door.

Because I am a pro… = ]


So after the family member gave me not much notice to leave…

A very special person I know took me in when all

this happened… This person had their own problems

and yet he still found it in his heart to help me, when I needed help.

I loved staying with this person; it was the best month of my life.

He helped create some of the very best moments in the worst

few months of our lives… I loved it and love him for that.

I forgot I had all these problems when he was around.

He made me feel alive again, made me feel happy again.

Which I thought at one point was impossible…

It is true what they say…


Usually a miracle is just around the corner… So keep fighting!

We looked after each other in ways most people don’t.

We had fun, happiness, laughter, tears, sad times and peaceful times.

But not one of these times did we have any problems or conflict with

each other… It was great! Meeting, getting to know,

living and having this person in my life…

has changed my life for the better.

I now have a beautiful new relationship ahead of me

As a result of this… who the hell knew?

I certainly had no idea things would go this way…


Without the ones named  and mentioned, I would not have got through this year.

I would def be lost without my Mum who scraped the pieces

of me up off the floor and gave me the push I needed to “man up”

and come back to reality a few months ago…

So I guess there is nothing more to say then Thank you everyone.


I really cannot stress that enough.

I really do love you all so much…

You have added value to my life and made a huge difference.

That is all…

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. It truly sucks when family member let us down, or turn on us.

    1. Your not wrong hun, I know many of us have been through this, it is pretty shit and hard to take in when it happens = [

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