*15 powerful ways to create a good mood and transform your life*


1.  Move, Dance & Spasm

The number one tip experts give for changing your mood is to exercise.

Choose something you enjoy doing, running, walking, aerobics,

swimming or a dance video workout.

Me and my girl friends created a crazy dance move called the “spasm” and we all do this move

very differently but very much in sync. If I ever find myself brave enough to record it,

you will all be on the floor. We call it the “spasm” because it looks completely retarded.

It is exactly that… a “spasm”… a whole body “spasm”

We have a very strained facial expression when we do it…

We tense and move our whole bodies in all directions…

When there is like 6 of us all doing it at one time…

it is quite a hilarious sight…

Kicking, punching and making stupid faces.

This move was created when one of us had some really good news and became over excited…

It kind of just stuck since then so that now every time I am excited or angry…

I go somewhere private, unless I am with the girls of course…

and get it out of my system, deep breathe and then relax…

It feels great, I recommend it to anyone!

If I did it at work in front of my colleagues they may think I am having a seizure…

Or a fit and the next thing I know,

I am being blue lighted to the nearest hospital… Ha-ha


The beautiful thing about this is you look very stupid doing it.

But because it looks so stupid and is so active,

It really makes you feel good, I do it a lot when I am angry,

as it never fails to make me laugh and cheer me up,

no matter how angry I am…

Stand in a mirror and create your own spasm today and transform your life the fun way.

Or for the boring and less adventurous:

A short and fast workout of some sort can relieve stress and release feel-good endorphins.

2. Choose healthy food. Small healthy snacks throughout the day keep your body satisfied.

Eat less white rice, pasta, bread, sugar and potatoes.

Incorporate grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds in your diet.

OR… You can just pig out if none of the above is for you,

eat the things you love as long as you don’t feel guilt for being such a pig, you’re all good!

3. Speak your mind. You’ll feel stronger, heard, confident and relieved.

Withholding what you think can cause feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.




I often find that if what I have to say isn’t very pleasant…

I will use my most professional sounding voice which is often the one that confuses people,

into thinking I am somehow not really being disrespectful.

In general I ALWAYS express myself…

If I have withheld something for quite some time,

boy… ha-ha that’s all I have to say about what happens then.



4. Do nothing.  Be lazy sometimes, The less you do, the better you’ll feel.

Take one thing off your list each day.

Instead of multi-tasking practice concentrating on one thing at a time, mindfully.

If you are already very lazy, please do not see this as an excuse to justify your lazy fat ass…

Revert to number 1.

5. Create the best memories. Spend some of your money on experiences,

things you actually want to do, with someone you love spending time with!


Sign up for a dance class, cookery class, go to the museum, or a concert.

Experiences create the best memories and often teach you something.

If you are an alcoholic or a drug abuser and enjoy spending your money on that,

please skip to number 6.

6. Get out in nature. Get outside, be thankful for your sight and

try to appreciate what a gift vision really is and how lucky we are.

Go for a walk in the woods with your lover, dogs or friends and watch a sunrise…

Or… not for the alcoholics and drug abuser’s…

Ditch the dog’s and go have yourself a shit hot party in the woods,

bring some music, food and drink.

(There goes the neighborhood)

No but seriously sitting outside and getting some fresh air for as little as 10 minutes a day…

is enough to make you feel good and change your mood… Trust me.


7. Touch & Feel. Physical affection is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Give and receive a kiss, a hug, a punch for the “lads”.

Something as small as a touch on an arm or a lovely massage…

Mmm, touch is transformational.

I am a touchy-feely kind of person,

so I also enjoy showing affection wherever possible if I care about you… if!

8. Stop procrastinating. The anxiety you feel about a chore or house work,

even bills is often worse than the actual chore/bills themselves.


Get rid of dread and just do what’s on you’re to do list and if there is just too much to do,

take your time and revert to number 4.

9. Be kind to people. Look for a way to compliment someone and mean it.

Anticipate and meet the needs of the people around you that you care about.

When you bring happiness to others you also bring it to yourself.

The smallest act of caring can cause a mini-bliss explosion…

It is true! When I am down, sometimes I can do 3 small things that lift me from the floor to the sky…

Recently during 1 day…I did 3 small things and they were:

1. I gave money to a homless man

2. I gave a strange woman a cigarette upon request

3. I helped a very elderly man find the right platform for his train

After I did these things in less than an hour, I felt GREAT

Do good deeds as you never know when you will need them back.

*Create good Karma for yourself*

10. Look for good. Look for what’s good in your life.

Look for reasons to be thankful for.

Stop complaining about what you don’t have…

Concentrate on what you do have.

Focus on the positive. You can’t be unhappy and positive at the same time!

11. Recharge. Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday.

Creating a healthy routine and getting at least seven hours of sleep…



It will allow you to wake up on the bright side for a change…

If this fails revert to number 1. Until you are tired enough to sleep.

12. Stop. Look. Remember. Smile The photos you framed or plastered all over your walls,

especially the funny and shameful ones…

The ones kept in albums that you have forgotten about.

Find them, they are meant to be looked at…

Savor your good memories; re-live them in your mind.

Read the motivational quotes you love and remember why you love them.

13. Make a happy or stupid face. Smiling makes you happy even when you’re feeling sad…

yes I used to think BULL SHIT once too but it is true.


Smile at yourself in the mirror like you are crazy, then smile because you feel a bit crazy,

it takes less muscles to smile then frown… embrace it and enjoy it…

Then laugh hard!

Smile at the people you love and even the ones you don’t.

We underestimate the transforming power of a smile way too much. = ]

14. Listen to music that makes you feel GOOD. There’s not much a great song won’t cure…

Runners and trainers listen to their iPods while running marathons because it’s less painful…

It is true I am the same at the Gym.

DON’T listen to the most depressing wrist slasher’ s of the century and then say;

 “Well that Vagenda Vixen’s blog is bollocks!”

Because you did not do what I advised.

Listen to songs that bring you back to your best memories,

songs that make you want to sing and dance… I have LOADS of these.

15. Wear stuff that fits you and that suits the weather. Shoes and clothes that are too tight,

create pain and discomfort. Don’t sacrifice your health to look hip…

It really is not worth it, if it’s cold outside wear a nice warm coat and scarf,

don’t do what I did and freeze in a cute little leather jacket.


I am pleased to report I am NOW wearing the warmest coat and it has transformed my life.





Love. Dwell on love… Feel love…

Show love to troubled people you care about

or who are in pain from life’s ups, downs and hurt…

Never underestimate your kindness towards others.

Send loving thoughts to your family and friends,

speak lovingly and take loving action…


Love always people…

That is all…

~Vagenda Vixen~


What puts you in a good mood?



  1. very good….I am now happpppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy, Z


      1. Another way to feel good…read this page and start a conversation with you

      2. Aww you are too kind, I have only had a few convos on my blo in the 3 months I have been bloging so just know that has really made me smile! x

  2. thanks for such a great post and the review, i am totally impressed! keep stuff like this coming. lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails

  3. I’m all about the spasm dance. How can someone be serious and in a bad mood when they’re having fake seizures…seriously!

    1. Ha-ha I love your comment! Its so true lol its like a soul food dance ha-ha and trust me one day I will teach people how to spasm ha-ha I have to get the courage for that one though! I am glad you get it Miss Kitty X

      1. I’m glad…LOL! Did you see your nomination? I just posted it, girl… 🙂 There you are…a second star!

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  6. journeyman1977 · · Reply

    Good post V 🙂

    1. Thank you my darling! 🙂

      1. journeyman1977 · ·


      2. Im sorry I ket you down with the post I intended to write! However, I did write a funn lil rant! 🙂 Hope you are well?

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  9. It made me smile. Look! 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I am to please and make people smile… Your happiness brings me happiness! 🙂

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