*My First Ever Top 10 Blogger Awards*



I have only been blogging for 3 months and sometimes I don’t post for a while…

so 3 months is no time at all in the blogging world I’m sure…

however amongst my “49 followers” since I first started,

I have decided to award a TOP 10 Favorite Bloggers that I have seen so far.

This award is out of MY follower’s,

you cannot buy loyalty, so I thought out of appreciation…

I would start from home…

This is actually hard even with 49 people, it seems like a lot to me…

 I follow people’s blog’s because I love the way the person writes.

So of my 49 followers ALL have a post’s I love…

But here is the TOP 10 that stood out most…




One Lovely Blog Award


The one and only Nick

Nick is a very talented writer…

he is easy to follow and easy to be interested in…

even when I know that he thinks he is not putting much effort in.

His blog is one that caught my heart and touched my soul.

His posts mean a lot to me,

I can relate to him in a beautiful way

that connects me to my own happiness and sadness.

I love and respect the way…

he talks about and admires his wife…

Not many men do that on Blog’s,

most use it as a sense of escape.

For that I will forever rate Nick highly.

Plus he was my 9th follower

(thank you)

when I was just getting started blogging

for the very first time in my life,

so obviously I appreciate that very much

and it is an honor to have Nick as a follower,

(he also gave me my first and only blogging award so far,

so nobody can compete with that shit)

: P


Patrick Latter

My 6th follower… (thank you Patrick) he is very talented photographer,

amazing work… if you are looking for a beautiful piece of art for your

home, in any room, for any theme of decor…

look no further, go to his blog and buy yourself some beauty’s…

He is one a one in a million photographer

and has the most beautiful pictures… I get lost in them!

For every mind state, occasion,

like and visual interest… 3 words!

phenomenal photographer Blogger!


Cristian Mihai

Cristian… WOW this guy is 2 years younger than me.

I find it amazing to read a blog so beyond MY own years and despite how I

may appear in the blogging world… I am pretty wise.

I cannot believe this guy likes some of my posts!

(thank you)

= ]

He is a refreshing sight… a masterpiece!

The fact that he even likes some of my posts alone…

has inspired me greatly!

This guy is so intelligent and easily admirable…

He just astonishes me… he is so young and yet so focused.

I am JEALOUS of his mind and his writing capabilities…

at such a young age… he inspires me beyond words.

Beautiful brain!



I guess I’m a bit biased about this one…

as he is my friend…

someone I know well and he was my VERY first follower.


What I can say …

he has a very twisted sense of humor in a great way…

you need to understand it to appreciate how intelligent

his jokes are… when he is ready!

= ]

Sometimes, this guy is just an out-and-out idiot.

But he is a very funny guy…

Given half, the chance and exposure his blog could be amazing for him

but he is not one to think too deeply to promote his blog…

He just helps promote everything else in life…

Selfless person who always puts others

he cares about first…

An idiotic genius in his own league.

Unique and unsettling, with a heart of  pure gold.


I love my friend forever…

My first follower…  first believer…


Scott Williams

Scott is a black belt, has his MA in psychology and philosophy,

is a licensed marriage efficient, a clinical counsellor,

 a cognitive behavioral therapist,

and writes comedy and is focused on helping people achieve real change.

He does exactly what  it says on the tin people…

This is a blog I know can help people

all over the world… he is an expert in his field!

Please follow… troubled? Need a good therapist/counsellor?

Scott Williams is your dude people…

I am so gratful this awesome guy

likes my posts… (thank you)

He is amazing… I wish I could help people

the way he has helped me..



One of the cutest blogs I have ever seen…

Honest and full of life with much inspiration and happiness!

My favorite post being “Where did the gentleman go?!”

I can relate to this in many ways…

she just says the stuff other girls are

keeping to themselves and for that I rate highly…

I love the outspoken… I am often the same…

If you already follow… you will know what I mean!

I love this blog because it reflects different

sides of my younger and adult self…

(thank you)


*Super Cute Blog Award*




This post actually inspired me to write my last post:


This guy is incredible.

His writing is every quote you love…

every word of inspiration you need…

all rolled into one blog!

But it is far beyond quotes and words…

this guy writes in a way that drew me in from the start

not only does he lift my spirits with the quotes and pictures…

his writing abilities and inspirational

influence is outstanding!

(thank you)



This girl is something else…

she goes through so much everyday and to share

that takes pure courage… to understand it requires:


It makes me mad that someone can go through so much…

yet she is always posting positive post’s and still

inspiring others despite what she may be feeling inside…

she still finds the time to help others…

always, she is so dedicated and that’s what life is all about…

the GOOD people who suffer yet use it for good

I salute you miss…

one of my bestest/closest friends in the world…

is going through the same thing as this blogger right now!

She is helping me without even knowing it…

(thank you)


Sydney Fong

Health, Knowledge and appreciation…

that is what springs to mind about this guy..

Very vibrant blog with lots to see and learn!

A very nice blog and one that you come away and know

something you didn’t know before… a loyal

“liker” (thank you) and someone who

I find interesting…

I have learned a lot from this blog!

I cannot begin to explain so just go and see

for yourself!


Estonia Otieno

A world full of things I have experienced and can

relate too… the troubled mind and feeling of loneliness…

I can tell this is a new blogger… just like me!

She shared openly and honestly about what she

has been through and like everyone else’ s suffering

from things I have experiences…

I just wanted to take all her pain away and show her


As we both seem to have come from a very

similar place…

(thank you)

A lovely blog…


I hope you like lil award from lil old me…

= ]

In my eyes all my followers are GREAT…

but these are some of the people

I can really relate to and connect to on

a personal level…

and some of the content of my blog

was inspired by you ALL!

I hope one day I receive my 2nd Blogger award…


I would be SO HAPPY if at least by mid 2013

I have doubled my followers…

yes… I will be a happy lady!

Well I hope you enjoyed the read…

That is all…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. I hope you know that you have just made my week. Thank you! <333

    1. = ] How sweet of you! Well I am glad you like X

  2. Congrats on the award

  3. Thanks Vix, do I put the trophy on my blog or something. Never win anything so ignorant

    1. Yes you are welcome, lol put the post on your blog … the bit about you! This my first blog awards but when I got a blog award the uy included what I had said about him on his page..

  4. This is so sweet of you. Thank you Vixen!

    1. You are most welcome, thanks for following

  5. Vixen, what the word you describe me, a loyal liker? Haha! I like it! 🙂 so I’ll carry on “like” you, by the way I am a “he”! cheers! 🙂

    1. Haha I am sorry, I know you are… not sure a whole bottle of rose helped me late last night when I wrote this… (blushes) that was so dumb of me! LOL X

  6. Sorry it took do long to respond to this. This time of year for me is the busiest so it becomes more and more difficult keeping up with work, wife and fun. But alas I am here now and I am humbled by you kind words. I would like to think you and I have a special bond through our blogs. Every time I write I think about you. You are an amazing person and I will be forever grateful that I have had the chance to be a small part of your life. Thank you so much for the award and even more so for our friendship.


    1. Wow… I can’t tell you how touched I was to read this. What a lovely thing to wake up too. I hope you and your wife are well… Of course we have a special bond through our blogs and I can honestly say that you were one of the only people to motivate me when I was going through a hard time and you didn’t even know, You are most welcome about your award you deserve it and you are equally amazing, thank you Nick

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