*Heart vs Mind… make your Dreams come true*




I just want to say a brief thank you to:

The Better Man Projects

for inspiring me to write this post today.

If you are reading my post right now I recommend you follow the above blog,

such an amazing writer…

VERY inspirational…

Dreams from the heart…

My hearts dream more than anything is to fall in love again,

to start a family one day and be with that man for the rest of my life.

To only love one more time, to have a love so big

that I never need to worry about having a broken heart again.

A pure love… based on trust, strength, happiness and courage.

We will fight through any obstacles together as a team,

communicate properly, be open and honest about everything

and anything and we will not let anyone or anything ever come between us.


We will live our lives as fully as we can,

remembering to keep our hearts young no matter how old we get…

remain spicy and always open-minded about new things we can try,

places we can go etc, no matter how old we get.

We will be very understanding  and considerate

of each others thoughts and feelings

and never allow life to ever let us drift apart,

always putting each other and our family first…

To raise children in the best way we can,

applying all our life lessons and even others people’s mistakes that helped us learn,

what to do and what not to do, along the way.

We will support each other’s dreams and goals…

motivate each other and be there for each other.

I dream that our home will be a beautiful…

warm and vibrant place, one of peace and tranquility,

happiness and fun.


I want to grow old with the father of my children,

I dream that one day we will be surrounded by our Grand children,

telling stories of how we used to be little shit’ s too once…

super cool in the latest designer clothes, shoes, trainers and tracksuits,

we had when we were their ages…

No doubt, just like we did with our parents,

they will think our clothes were lame and loser-ish

The word loser will probably be way outdated by then…


and make fun of the things we saved up to buy…


all the good memories I will have that I can share!

= ]

I will keep some of my favorite designer clothes and hand bags in hope that one day,

I can give them to my daughter and happily watch her,

rip the absolute piss out of me…

(if I have one which I hope)

I will enjoy that very much and remember doing the same

with some of my Mumzy’s stuff she kept to show me.

Most of the fashions come back in but …

there is only 1 jacket in particular that I loved that my Mum gave me…

It is a brown corduroy with a beige and brown checked inside and it is beautiful,

I still have it today and it still looks like it has barely been worn.

It is all about the quality…

the rest of the clothes my Mum has from years back?

Hmm… not so much! LOL

Well that is what my heart dreams…

 I hope one day I have at least some of it.

I would consider myself a very blessed and happy woman

= ]

Dreams from the head

My heads dream is one of practicality,

things I know I am capable of doing…

if I just invest more time in being me…

concentrating on the things I really love and enjoy.

Looking out for the signs of big inspiration…

to do what it is I need to do to make my mark on the world.

I want to create, I have often said one day I am going to write some

self-help books for troubled teens,

as I was once a very troubled young lady

and I worked through that

by myself after a lot of hard work and self-development.

I would also like to write a book about

how to create and allow better communication in relationships.

Lovers, friends, families etc

Despite not being able to save all of my own,

I have helped save a good few relationships…

I would also like to write an autobiography,

as I actually think my life has been so crazy so far,

ups and downs, some terrible, some great…

many hardships and losses of special people…

I have been to more funerals than anyone I know…

the first when I was 9 years old… Nan’s…

it makes you appreciate life and

helps you to understand just how short it really is…

= [

That is why we need to LIVE the best we can…

Anyways I honestly think that…

it would be a very interesting read… I have seen and done so much,

in my life in such little time… it is bizarre…

 I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried! LOL

I want to help people realize their dreams but also show them that no matter your age

 just because you may not have had an easy start in life,

it doesn’t mean you need to let negativity shape your future…

I am the living proof of that …

along with hundreds of thousands more I am sure!

I would like to write a positive rise kind of autobiography…

My journey so far, all about me…

One of passion and fight all about never giving up on yourself,

The shit I got myself into…

the fun, the tears, the laughs, tough lessons and fears…

and the huge hand I partly gave myself to get out of it…

There is so much to share and so much unspoken…

things about me that nobody on earth knows about,

not even my family or closest friends.

I can relate to so much in life and I want to be able to connect

with people on a much higher and personal level.


I would LOVE a chat show one day,

that would be amazing!

I love talking and find it so easy meeting and speaking to new people.

I have never been a socially awkward person.

Not just to “chat” and give advice…

 I would like to be able to help people and families all over the world,

with the right support and sponsors anything is possible.

The people who get ahead in this world,

are the ones that are crazy enough to believe…

that anything is possible and never give up on an idea.

It doesn’t matter if it is a book I write,

a piece of clothing I make from the designs I draw,

for red carpet dresses or something as simple as

personal customization but just on a much larger scale.

I am not exactly sure what it will be yet…

but my dream is to create,

first of all take my blog to a bigger level,

with a bigger audience and keep my writing up to scratch.

I will look for the signs,

it doesn’t matter what I create…

but I want something I create to be out in the world,

something that means something to me…

so that I can share a simple passion,

so that it is outside of my mind for all to see.

Something that represents me…

 that I can look at and admire and inspire others with,

to be able to say:

I am finally successful… I am satisfied…

because I did that!”

…and be proud of it.

= ]

So go and do you…

Never give up on your dreams!

Do something remarkable…

I believe anyone can do it!

YOU can do it…

The sky is the limit.

Dedication, hard work and patience is all it takes…

But more importantly to believe in you…

Believe that anything is possible.

Stop saying I wish, start saying I will

For now that is all…

Love always…

~Vagenda Vixen~


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