*Blogging, Social Media a tired rant & Tips*


Hey beautiful bloggers…

So I have decided to stop using my normal Facebook as much and have created a new one for my blog, close friends and family only.

My reasons for this are simple, I rarely see anything of real value on there

apart from blogs I follow and the people’s lives I actually take interest in.

I have a mobile phone?!

BBM?! (Blackberry Messenger to the non BB Crew members)

Surely that’s enough???

Even though I slack now and again with post’s, I love blogging.

I love reading others blogs too, connecting minds and relating with people

on the other side of the world is  beautiful thing.

Now thats loyalty.

Having someones that doesn’t even know you sharing interest in your life and your thoughts. = ]


Why do I keep hearing about children at the age of

6 are getting IPAD’ S this Christmas???


I had a Game Boy!

That was my only gadget, along with a Sega Mega Drive…

Game Boy? …Compared to an IPAD?

Technology on crack!

How I loved Sonic though and Super Mario… sickest games!

So back to Facebook!

I only go on there when I am super bored or when I am on a rare

rant with some kind of significance.

I would usually complain about what I have seen.

When I see at least 5 or 6 similar statuses in a few minutes it saddens me…

predictable, unoriginal, boring and non interesting…

= ] My most recent rant:

“Why do so many people insult/talk big indirectly on Facebook?

Hiding behind a screen is not very big nor very adult,

lol so annoying,

got something to say about someone say it to them,

simple, or shut the fuck up!”

This got a fair few “likes” I will have you know…


That made me feel like society was not doomed for a few

minutes of my life until I realised I had just wasted a

few seconds of my life too…

You have to laugh right?

I have so many people on there that reading Peoples day-to-day statuses when I occasionally sign in,

has become a mockery in itself and to my own life.

These are things I have just seen whilst writing this post… real Facebook updates…

Fresh from my home page:

“Jelly bean factory, jelly beans! Da one”

A great use of a few seconds of your life… I so NEEDED to know that, thank you.

“Watching Erin Brockovich … Not my best move :(“

So change the fucking channel!

“I’m Single Now Yes But Don’t Go Asking Why, Is Everything Ok Etc Can’t Be Bothered With It All.”


“The Most Romantic Line EVER: Girl you are like my big toe the way you move I might bang you on the table!”

The look of DISGUST on my face as I read this… I did laugh though… but REALLY?!

It all just seems a bit… retarded?

I cannot relate…

I just don’t understand there banter! = ]

apologies if I offend anyone with the word retarded…

I blame the film The Hangover personally.

I have just connected my blog to my twitter:


So you can follow my blog on that if you use Twitter…

Working 10 days straight with late nights is not cool…

I am SO tired!

BBM… kills me!

Anyone that wants to shed any light on the whole 3 way party…

Facebook, Twitter and Word press combined be my guest… = ]

(sleepy laugh, thumbs up, kissing face, demented down face!)

That is all LOL

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. very seldom sign in to facebook now. boring already to see the tasteless status.

  2. Exactly my point Ina! They never fail to dissapoint me LOL every single day… is your blog linked to your Facebook?

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