*Confessions part 1… Ozone, shoes, weirdness and Turkey…*

Ok… confession time!

so like, I just came home from being with the girls and having more to drink then planned but not enough that I have to squint or close an eye to stop the double vision and so I thought, why not post a blog?

I have been a fan of this song since the very first time I heard it years ago…

I LOVE this song and found the thought of it SO uncool when it came out, I think only my Mum and Brother know about this one… LOL

This song gives me the MOST jokes and the first time I heard it and saw the video I cracked up something chronic, it was love at first sight!!!

It was a good few years ago when it was released and I guess at that time I found it too much to shout about to my friends, whereas now I actually don’t care what anyone thinks.  I love it and I will share it as whenever I hear this song it makes me SO happy even til this day. See I heard it today for the first time in years and straight away I get up and do my crazy “Numa, Numa, YAY!” dance that I love so much!

I do find it a bit WEIRD that I know every word yet have no idea what the song is actually about?!

All I know is that it is Romanian… That is all i know, so if I go to Romania one day i will simply run the streets screaming the lyrics of this song in attempt to make some new Romanian friends and hope for the best!

I guess in some ways I am a bit weird… weird to me is simply different, I embrace my weirdness as it IS a positive I am proud of and helps me meet the most unlikely of people who become great friends of mine, through our “weirdness”.

My Mum always made me sing it for her entertainment as she couldn’t even believe that I knew it word for word when it was in another language…

I also LOVE Turkish music and I am REALLY pissed that one song I heard on a boat trip while in Turkey this year I don’t know the name of to download it…

I fell in love with this song… I can sing it to people so maybe my lovely Connor that I love so much, can introduce me to some of his Turkish friends and they will guide me in the right direction so that I can find this song I love so much.


See me? Really I am just one of those “Inbetweeners” … deep down, I always had the up-most respect from my peers for seeming so “cool” but deep down I have always been very geeky and I have a seriously stupid childish side to me that not many get to see which is a shame as when I am like this… I am at my PEAK and in my opinion, that is when I am “coolest”.

That side of me I love the most but as I used to be one of those DEAD BEAT people who cares TOO much about what other people think, I never expressed it in the way I should have… luckily this time has passed!

I just copped the 50 shades of grey trilogy today… I am so late but it is just TOO lame to join the hype the same time as everyone else… it just makes you a follower. I am a leader, all the same I am extremely curious to read this over-hyped filth! = ]

So now is my time to see what all the fuss was about, I wont lie I like a dirty novel… it’s one of the perks of being an adult in my opinion!

I remember when I took one on a bus and JEEZ, the looks I got from the old woman sitting next to me!

So, OK I HAVE read a good few chapters of each book while at friends and stuff, just to get a feel of it but I do not own the trilogy, of course until it arrives next week!

hikffgbjkvbhjbvhjbvfhjbfvjhbfvjhbfv <<<< That is what I call an excitement spasm… something me and my girls do when we are really excited!


Are the 50 shades as good as I expect? Does it beat my International Erotica book? I don’t know… time will tell!

My current favorite heels, I cannot really walk in them but look how sexy they are… plus my beautiful foot tattoo, size 3 shoes… LAME!

I also have a mad stiletto platform fetish and own more shoes that I have not even worn than anyone I know…  you see, just because I LOVE them does not mean I can walk in them LOL BUT a beauty is a beauty and if I LOVE I MUST buy…

I don’t CARE, this is me and I LOVE it!

*I must point out I was slightly tipsy whilst writing this post, lets see how I feel about it tomorrow!*

As Nick said I must write about anything and everything that comes to mind… so I did!


That is all…

~Vagenda Vixen~

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