(noun) A frequent insult principally aimed at a “waste of space”
that boy larry’s a wasteman, bruv!

Hey beautiful bloggers,

Welcome to Wasteman Weekly.

For those who do not understand UK slang as much it means, jerk, jack-ass, bastard etc

So now you have established what a Wasteman is…

lets see one Wasteman Crack Head in ACTION!

I KNOW that made you laugh, that clip is too funny, such a WASTE!

*Anuva Hood* Brilliant film, by Adam Deacon

Ok… so you have a good idea of what a Wasteman is.

Now granted these WASTEMAN guys come in every

age, color and race and in NO WAY shape or form would I want ANYONE to EVER think that

WASTEMAN only relates to Black guys as this is BULLSHIT and I have met WASTE guys from every race as I am sure

most of you have too  BUT the video below which is made by

Jason Lewis, a very good UK comedy artist is also a good way to explain the WASTEMAN.

So enjoy… I love it!

These Wasteman dudes are everywhere…


In the clubs, working in Tesco’s, working in Mac D’s

Local bars, everywhere! On the buses, on the tubes, in your local shops!

I have met many Waste dudes in my

years so far…


There is a funny side and a nasty side…

Nothing stands out more to me RIGHT now then what I saw yesterday!

So… I am at work, in a state of calm and concentration, just doing my

“day-today” duties and follow ups When…

 I suddenly hear some CRAZY shouting outside… the kind where you KNOW the man is shouting as loud as he possibly can… I mean it was kind of scary how angry he was but it was SOO angry, like he was as angry as he could possibly get, I could not help but laugh my ass off at first as it was quite a site for the Business Estate to see and something I had NEVER in 3 years there EVER seen!

Such a WASTE GUY. So he is standing outside on the street outside a Business Estate full of offices SCREAMING at his girl AND his child of roughly 3 years of age.

Whilst at my desk typing away and in a focused state I hear out of nowhere: “Shut your fucking mouth you fucking bitch! Hurry up! Oiiiiii! Oiiiiii!”

At this point I just thought WTF?! I had not yet even SEEN the child was there! He was twitching badly as well and looked VERY angry, I am not sure if he was on drugs but it looked like he had turrets or something… Now I am not one to make fun of this as I know someone with it and it’s not easy… It just sadly does look funny to watch when the man in question comes under the WASTEMAN category.

But for some reason when I shouted “That guy has blatantly got turrets!” Everyone in the room cracked up with laughter and found this hilarious…

I am not sure what was wrong with this WASTEMAN but he was standing there after this first sentence just looking angry and twitching further…

So where do these people come from?


I then hear: “Fucking hurry up you FUCKING BITCH!!! We’re gonna miss the FUCKING BUS!!! HURRY UPPP!!! For FUCK sake!!!”

Now at this point I am laughing in a uncontrolable manner as it was just so crazy to see anyone that super angry about a bus!?

I found the whole act of this man  HILARIOUS as did everyone in the office. Wastemen can be funny in films like the above… but in real life? NO! As much as the angry act of this man tickled me badly. Until I saw the child and woman of course. I see the woman and child emerge from the Pizza Place next door to our building, I am instantly disgusted and angry this guy could ever speak to anyone like that, let alone with an innocent child standing there! Where do these people come from? I couldn’t help the guilt I felt for that poor little girl and woman. The woman as calm as a cucumber, not even speaking… you could tell she was scared of her. It was upsetting to see. I was honestly shocked as I expected a man for some reason, it didn’t even add up that he would be speaking to a woman like that, IN FRONT of a child!!! I was so angry…

It broke my heart to know that those poor people were left with that guy, it made me laugh when I imagined what it must have been like when he got on the bus, he didn’t seem like he was stopping that madness anytime soon. These people should not be allowed to be around children, be let outside on the streets for that matter! I really wouldn’t be surprised if he got arrested that same day! In fact I HOPE that he was arrested that same day! It makes me sick… So the Wasteman award goes to that guy!

I wish I could have been brave enough to step outside and throw a stapler at his head and tell him to

learn some respect and ensure the woman and her child would be safe…

Even then… GOD only knows what he would have done to me!

Plus I was at work so I am not sure that any of that would have gone down well…

despite how much I wish I could have helped them! = [

I ask you…. What is the world coming to, seriously?

Compared to some things I have heard on the News in the last 2 weeks, this is nothing right?

So what kind of world is this?!

I ask you…

What a WASTEMAN! What an absolute waste of space!

That is all…

~Vagenda Vixen~


  1. Great post as always! I remember being 19 years old and working for a SAM’s Club. I was in the parking lot when I heard this guy screaming. I walked to where he was and saw him screaming as his child. The kid was in the car crying and the guy just kept yelling and cursing at him. It pissed me off so much that I walked up to him and told him stop yelling at his kid. His reply was to push me and tell me to mind my own business. My reply to that was grabbing his shirt and throwing him to the ground. I was so enraged that I never even notice the kid crying even louder than before because he was scared. Luckily some other people heard the guy screaming and called the cops. The showed up before things between him and I got really nasty. I wish I would have kept my cool so the kid wouldn’t have seen us fighting but then again it felt really good throwing the asshole around for a bit.

    1. LOL it sounds like he deserved it Nick to be honest, it is hard to keep quiet and I for one KNOW that, sometimes trying to do the right thing can get you into a whole heap of trouble… I admire you for standing your ground and standing up for what you feel! Some people are just assholes and there are many in this big world, so the little we can do to prevent it is good, we should try not to fight though! LOL

    2. Thank you so much for your comment, means so much to me X

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