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Good Afternoon beautiful people, I hope everyone is as well as I am?

You know what? I actually tried to post this yesterday but I did SUCH a shit job, so I trashed it and started again! = ]

So, I follow this fascinating blog by a great writer called: Cristian Mihai I actually cannot believe the guy is 2 years younger then me, he is so intelligent and a very inspirational writer and it is so refreshing to see such amazing work coming from someone so young, without sounding rude it is SO rare I see younger guys doing something so constructive with there time! This is what life is about! I wish I could write half as great as he does and consider it an honor to have him liked a few of my posts. 

Anyway, moving on… I came across something yesterday morning that helped me think DEEPER about my blog, to care more about what I post, who likes it, why people like it etc and it inspired me greatly and made me want to apply these rules and the advice to my blogging right away!



Now, when I started blogging around 2 months ago, I just wanted to share random topics that have helped me in my life and see if I could help anyone else, gain any interest from my posts and hopefully get lots of followers along the way!

I was going through a tough time when I created my blog, I felt I had no outlet and not much control over my life, my blog was somewhere I could escape to and express myself properly and not only was my blog a way for me to help other people and give advice, I was also able to take other peoples advice and read some amazing stuff, some real eye openers and the kind of positive lifts that you need that help you get through the day-to-day bullshit, especially at work. I love reading peoples new posts on my lunch break. I also love posting during my break (like now) as it is so nice to escape!

I hope my blog helps and inspires people, I often read my own blog as it gives me the advice I need too but indirectly, so I can read and enjoy my own blog LOL and pretend it was NOT me that wrote it! I find writing very therapeutic and I love expressing myself and have always been a very expressive person and I am passionate about what I write. English Language/Literature was my favorite subject in School, I always gave 110%! I love Anthology, Poetry, reading and writing in general.

Hey, blogging beats a diary right? In my opinion, the best thing in my life when it comes to any kind of social networking or social media is Linkedin for my Work/Business and Word Press for my personal… Facebook and Twitter and great marketing and promotional tools but I don’t really enjoy using them! Facebook is the WORST let me share a couple of REAL statuses I have seen just now on my Facebook just to back my opinion further and these are real people I actually know as shameful as this is:

“Just off for a quick wank at work!” (Really?!) 

“Wish Jimmy Saville would fix it for me… LOL xx luv u jimmyxx” (How fucking sick?! I wish this man was still alive so he could get the punishment he deserves… BASTARD!)

“It’s a joke, not a dick. Don’t take it so hard.”(Charming!)

“All you need to start an asylum is an empty room and the right kind of people.” (Bit worrying to say the least!)

Obviously there are some amazing and uplifting ones too but the majority are just bullshit, blah blah checked in at her bed?! WHY!!!???

Clearly I know a lot of people with a sick sense of humour and in moderation this is great and I can admire it sometimes but I mean come on, really?! This is why I need a NEW Facebook before linking it to my blog LOL, my blog cant help some of these people… They need Jesus LOL

The thing is, when I started my blog I wanted to blog anonymously, no images of me etc, I wanted to blog this way so that I could say anything I liked and nobody would know who I was LOL perhaps I have some guilty pleasures I wanted to expose, share and discuss but then I just think hey, don’t hide behind a screen, I have always been one to speak my mind in person and so why shouldn’t I speak my mind in my blog too!

On my 24th Birthday I decided to change it up and reveal a bit more about myself so I posted: https://vagendavixen.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/ I must admit, I prefer being myself as opposed to SOMEONE/ANYONE in the blogging world.

I want my blog to be more successful and appeal to a wider audience but I can admit, I just post whatever comes to mind, add a few tags, post as uncategorized and hope for the best! I never really know what the hell I am doing, I just hope people care to read/like and when I see peoples likes and new followers it really does make my day and it touches my heart that little old me has people interested in what she has to say that are in different countries and don’t even know me!

Cristian Mihai said: “My advice would be to blog for a whole year before deciding whether you’re wasting your time or not. Blog traffic and follower count don’t just explode. Take your time, work on content.”

I agree and yes, this is very true but I am such an impatient person I kind of just want things to happen overnight, this of course is impossible and un-realistic. A year of blogging is a challenge I will happily accept. Anyone reading thisI would just like to thank you personally for showing interest in me and my life. I will try and involve my followers more as this is something I feel I need to be better at, ask questions etc as I don’t ask many questions for my followers and what better way to get the REAL feedback I need from the people who matter the most in the blogging world to me, the ones that take the time to read, follow my posts, support my words and express any kind of interest they have in me and what I have to say.

People really don’t understand how much a little compliment means to me and how nice it is when I get nice comments and likes, it is lovely and you people who know who you are mean a lot to me and my blog! = ]

Now in my post about self-awareness https://vagendavixen.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/self-awareness-do-not-dismiss-your-bad-bits-we-all-have-them/ I talk about constructive criticism, so here is a chance for me to take my own advice and ask people to always give me honest opinions and advice about my blog, all posts, what posts stand out to you? Favorites? When am I boring you? The ones you didn’t find to be a very good read etc… If I can’t ask you guys, who can I ask right?

I look forward to any feedback whether good or bad, happy or sad and will continue to listen to the blogging tips/advice I see from people that helps my blog to develop and grow… There are not many things I love to do but blogging is one and I want to do the best I can! = ]

Where will my blog be in a year? Who knows! All I know is I will try and make it the best journey possible for you guys!


That is all…

~Vagenda Vixen~

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