*Naughty VS Nice… Do what makes YOU happy!*

Hey beautiful bloggers!

So… I am back again with my latest brain wave…

Have you ever just had quite a tough time in life and throughout it been really nice, sweet, kind, considerate and thoughtful of others and then realized despite it all, it really has not paid off at all?! Started to wonder why there is no fun in your life and why everything keeps going wrong when you are doing all you can to be good?

Well I have… I am always being so good to other people, I forget to be good to myself…

I mean, I am never gonna stop being a good person as this is just stupid however, I am just going to be careful about who I give my kindness to, who I care about, am nice to etc.

Sometimes you just need to be a little naughty and bring a little excitement back to your own life…

Now I dunno about you guys but I have done things at times that I look back on like hmm, did I really just do that??? Like FOREAL???!!! : O

It is not often I honestly do things that shock even myself but sometimes I do and it gives me a fucking THRILL that I love, thrills I have not felt since I was a little shit teenager sneaking into Cinema without paying with a good 15 other kids via the Fire Exit LOL, funniest thing is we always got caught but sometimes we had already watched like 3 films before they got us… Haha! The days when you were too young to be arrested, the BEST times, good old days, it’s funny how BRAVE you are when you are a kid, I would never DREAM of doing anything naughty like that now, I would absolutely shit myself! Bless me… It really does show how much life and growing up changes you! I could reel off a billion other different things I have done when thrill-seeking but there is no point, as exciting as that would be for my followers, some things, I am just simply NOT proud of LOL if you get my drift! = ]

Sometimes you need to do what makes you happy, keep certain things to yourself and trust your instincts! At the end of the day just because people may frown upon things you don’t, if it is not hurting you or anyone else, damaging you in any way, shape or form then why the HELL shouldn’t you do it? I am taking my own advice on this one, so I wont go into what I am doing at the moment that has brought a little excitement back to my life, lets just say I sometimes enjoy being a bit naughty and I LOVE having that thrill back in my life, a new energy that takes me away from all the bullshit and things that I cannot control, makes me smile, makes me happy and more importantly give me that THRILL we all need sometimes… 

Life’s pressures can often get us down, that’s when I like to live a little and be a little wild, I work hard and I am a good person so I figure hey, sometimes you just need to do YOU and to be honest I have never felt more comfortable with making a decision alone then I do right now. When people say all you need is yourself, it is kind of true… If you are WORRIED about what other people might think about a decision you have made, don’t tell anyone LOL it is VERY simple. As I have said in a few posts now, sometimes you just need to take a risk and not be so scared of your own instincts. Trust yourself a bit more instead of frantically running to other people for advice all of the time. I love my amazing best friends and their advice and support when it is needed and my family that are there for me equally and I would not have got through life without them but there are just some things that those people cannot help with, relate to, things and feelings they cannot give me, sometimes all you need to do is ask yourself as it SOMETIMES doesn’t matter what other people think, if it makes you happy and is in no way harming anyone, illegal or a problem and you are happy and comfortable with it, like Nike… *JUST DO IT!*  (If you are a mental patient, suffer from any mental health issues, or just any severe issues in general, my advice is to GET the advice first as I am not trying to inspire any crazy shit here and would NOT like to hear my Blog name on the news as to why someone just did some crazy shit inspired by, yours truly!)

I been doing a whole lot of thinking recently, I am one of these people who is genuine, what you see is what you get, I am real, honest, loyal, trustworthy and I would never turn my back on someone who needed my help and for the people who MATTER, I am there whole-heartedly and that my friendly bloggers is a fact. I have cut a hell of a lot of people out of my life recently because I had to, what is the point in acquaintances and people who are fake and do and say things they don’t really mean? Even family recently have let me down a lot… People can really shock you sometimes, you really need to lower your expectations to be honest as if you don’t expect too much, so much, you can’t be so disappointed, I used to expect too much from everyone, this is DUMB as you are just setting yourself up for MORE disappointment, when people let you down, you feel TERRIBLE LOL and that is just DUMB in itself as you are now a hazard to yourself like Pink says: You are your own worst enemy…

I now just take each day as it comes with an open mind, an open mind and a new sense of balance. No part of me expects too much or too little, “hope for the best but plan for the worst!” as my Bestie says… You need to be prepared in life for anything that may happen, so stay calm, don’t expect too much, have an open mind, think positive and do what makes YOU happiest!

 *THAT IS ALL* = ]

~Vagenda Vixen~


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