*My first blogging award… YAY, I am honored Nick, thank you VERY much!*

Hey guys, so guess what? I was having such a shitty day today when I get a lovely little surprise from my favorite blogger Nick who is just pretty much awesome! So I am at work when I get this comment: Get your ass over to http://shittalkinnick.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/the-booker-award/ and get your AWARD!!!!! I am like what the hell is he talking about?! Award?! ME?! So I go to Nick‘s blog and I see the most uplifting and lovely thing, it really did just brighten up my whole day and I honestly was NOT expecting it at all:

VAGENDA VIXEN:  I guess I am a little biased about this one because she wrote a beautiful piece that featured yours truly in it, but she deserves the recognition.  She is a phenomenal blogger and I for one am happy to see her posting again.

Now how someone who does not even know you that well can just turn your whole day around, a truly beautiful thing and I cannot stress how honored I am that little old me had a MENTION in my favorite bloggers page… I felt like I had just been nominated for a Grammy, as loserish as this sounds I do NOT care, I was happy for the rest of the day after this…

NEVER underestimate the power of your actions and words, everything you do to make others feel good is SO powerful… You never know what kind of day people are having before you come along to make it better for them.

Nick I am truly honored and if it wasn’t for you once again, I probably would not have posted today.

So… On the weekend I went out with the girls and had some fun, I don’t really enjoy clubbing anymore but I thought, “Hey… why not?!” I had a great time and re-connected with some beautiful people who really lifted my spirits. One of my lovely friends told me how she had always admired and looked up to me in School, that is a big compliment coming from such an intelligent, lovely and not to mention beautiful girl, not just outside, inside too. People like this are what life is about and boy was I glad I saw her that night, it really touched my heart!

I also went and spent the weekend at my lovely friend Connor’s and BOY did we have so much fun! It is a beautiful thing to have a TRUE friendship, someone who you share so much in common with, that makes you laugh until you cry, that looks out for you and looks after you in exactly the way you do for them. He makes me feel ALIVE like nobody else and I truly love that. We watched Due Date and a few stand up comedies but more importantly we shared hilarious and funny stories of our childhood, some not so funny but character building all the same, some of which actually reminded me of Nick as we got onto the subject of bullying. I was bullied in School in my first year and I was so innocent and calm and then one day after just taking it all, I just flipped out and lost it LOL and not only was I never bullied again in School but I actually gained a hell of a lot of respect from the older boy’s and girl’s as the girl bullying me was in the year above me and when I lost it, I really showed her what time it was and LOL it felt SO good to finally be free from fear…

We have planned a holiday for the new year and I am really excited and even more excited for this weekend as we are going to have a come dine with me type night and have a cook off, of course I am excited because I am going to WIN! I say this, but you never know, sometimes people can really surprise you, so I better get that cook book out and be on my best game as it is ON like DONKY KONG, biatch!

Haha, he made me breakfast on the weekend, to be fair we were soooo hung over and really tired but it still kind of sucked! (Bless him) The thing is, I was having such a great time, I honestly didn’t care anyway. For the first time in my life I have found a soul mate, someone who I connect with on all levels, not just one and it is not someone with bad intentions or a hidden agenda, just me and my pal, being us, doing what we want to do without a care in the world and pressure or any judgement…

It is so good to NOT give a shit about what I look like in the morning, what I have on etc, I know that even though the last few weeks have been the toughest of my life, there really is a silver lining as if some of the shit had not happened, I would not have got so close to such a beautiful and amazing person…

So here’s to blogging, to my amazing followers, please continue to blog and follow and inspire me, (the best is yet to come) to Nick, to Connor, the beautiful girl’s and boys in my life that are there for me and of course my amazing Mumzy who I really could not be without… I LOVE you guys…


That is all = ]

~Vagenda Vixen~


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